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  1. mine is the same. it dosn't start when its hot but if I give it full throttle its fine.I think its because the fuel in the carb sort of evaporates because its so hot in the back.I can only put it down to this as I have checked every thing and its always been the same Mark
  2. Hi guys sorry to be a numb nut but this will be the same fitment on my 1983 S3 hopefully ? Do they have a ball park figure on the price yet Bibs
  3. This saturday 23rd and 24th october any one going
  4. Hi guys has any one tried toyo T1Rs on their G car.The reeson for asking is that I had a set on my 205 pug and they where great.I need a front set of tyres before next week as I am going down to le mans for the classic , or can any one suggest a diferent tyre that has been tried.
  5. yep i'm going with Ian May and some of his mates.3 weeks to go and counting yipeeeeeee
  6. Shame we don't have more time Andy cos i could come up and give you a hand .I still havn't got around to having a look at your car yet as I was going to come up last july when you were home. If you need a hand any time just p.m me.
  7. mark p

    white excel

    saw a white excel on the north devon link road going towards J27 at 7.30 ish this morning.I was on my way to exeter in my van which has Lotus Tiling splashed on all four sides' hope he notised as I was exeding the speed limit a little.
  8. See you at the usual at 7.00 mate why no esprit Andy
  9. sorry its a bit late boss but I hope you have had a great from me and Vonn
  10. yep usual meeting place then Ian.
  11. thanks john thats the ones But I have seen them for £200.00 for the pair and the top ball joints for a tener each
  12. Hi guys I have been looking for the uprated replacement part for the trunion on pre 1984 cars.I have seen it but cant seem to find it now can any one help please mark
  13. Firstly hi .. I would take the spark plugs out and then try to turn the engine over by hand(Not by the starter motor.)If their has been water in the engine all that time it may have rusted the water pump.But If all is turning ok then you will need to put a new cam belt on and I would put some new oil and filter ,also drain the coolant out and renew. If it doesnt turn over it will need to come apart ,good luck and hope it all goes well Mark
  14. next saturday the 27th is a sprint at castle combe run over 2 laps of the track.some interesting cars their, my mate kev is entered in his noble and james is in his exige 2 realy good drivers.
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