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  1. Hi Tobi. Hows things? Havent seen you around for a while!

  2. Bibs - we are well behind the power curve here but if you can accommodate 2 adults and one (not really eating) 18 month old we'd love to join the group. If not, slap my hand for waiting until the last minute and we'll just drink with the group after dinner! - Tobi, Sell, Calypso
  3. Simonf food required newt2c (aka the real colin!) food required Buddsy food required Andy clements food required Ralph food required Tobi food required (likely coming solo)
  4. The Thistle looks to have (on the aerial photo) a semicircular parking area with space for 20-25 cars... how nice would that look for a photo full of Esprits?
  5. 1) Alex --GT3-- 2) Paul C 'n' Vicki 3) Ian - mayesprit (Sunday only) 4) Mark B (Sunday only) 5) matk 6) Kimbers 7) GGHC87 8) Yasuo 9) Robert Crooks 10) Ade & Gina (not sure when yet) 11) Paul & Sarah Fri/Sat/Sun 12) Martyn 13) OwenGT3 + One (Sunday only) 14) Hopo + some floosy (Sat or Sun) Maybe both 15) Dan +1 (Sat evening & Sunday) 16) Sparky & Tracy Sat/Sun 17) Matt & Jo (Sat evening & Sunday) 18) Rocket63 19) Tobi, Sell, Calypso My goodness what timing... I think it's the only weekend before summer that we don't have swim lessons, I don't have a hockey game, and Sell won't be going away to racing or testing anywhere. See you all there! (And hopefully you'll see US coming... Sell's out working on that rusty headlamp bucket as I type...)
  6. I own a `88 comm. edition no. 49 presently doing cosmedic restoration. need left rear tail lite assy . good luck with no. 5 ,geno akron ,ohio U.S.A. EMAIL [email protected] .COM

  7. I'm afraid I don't have Owen's artistic abilities, but I've posted all my photos from the day at: If you click on any photo you can get the high res version. We managed to line up four white Esprits at the end whilst waiting for the departure queue to die down and got some great pics.
  8. Laura - I don't know if you are looking for any more cars, and mine is certainly not the cleanest of the bunch, but there is a gap of 8 years in the Esprit timeline and I'd like to offer to fill it with my 1988(89) 40th Anniversary Edition Esprit Turbo. I can have the car there on the Thursday and won't need it back until the Sunday. We'll probably attend the show on Sunday so I could also provide help that day if you needed it. (I can also stick around on Thursday to help with setup / whatever you might need.) For those of you looking for hotels, talk to gghc87! But barring that, Coventry is about 15 minutes away and you can take the train there nonstop from the NEC in 10 minutes with no changes (for those of you giving up your Esprits or just not wanting to deal with NEC parking). There is an IBIS hotel in Coventry centre (;t=h&z=16 ), walkable from the train station, with rooms for 46 pounds, and if you really want to rough it, the Formule 1 next door has rooms for 26 pounds. (Reservations for both at Yes, yes, I know, it's Coventry, but even Coventry has its gems (Spon street, Browns, InSpire) and if you've got time the Transport museum is fantastic and free.
  9. I've got a white Stevens (pearlescent white) and would love to attend with the Lotus. What do I need to do to get a 'white esprit invite'?
  10. Not to wait to the last minute or anything, but my husband and I should be there as well. Since we didn't book in advance, if there's room for us to eat then great! And if not we'll just have a drink with the group and hover around, coveting your dishes. :-)
  11. Andy it will just be the two Esprits in front of the house then, if you're still coming! I've attached our invite but obviously you don't need to RSVP other than perhaps posting on the forum, but either way you AEG folks please feel free to come along and join us. I put 2pm on the invite but we expect the BBQ to just kind of wander on through the day from that time until the wee hours. We're having a pig roast so plenty of food (and beer) for everyone.
  12. I think we're the only ones out in our area, but just in case - Brendan and I are meeting at the Milton Tesco parking lot (just off the A14 at Cambridge - junction with the A10) at 7:30am to carpool to Dunston Hall to meet up with the bigger group convoying to the event... in case anyone else wants to join us! Hopefully we'll run into some others on the A14/A11 as well.
  13. Rescheduled for the 20th - really, we're having a do on the 20th to celebrate Calypso's first birthday. More of an excuse to have an adult birthday party, really. Perhaps I can redeem myself for my absence of late, eh? Anyway, the same things apply as before - you are welcome to crash (provided the entire LEW-F doesn't decide to come...) or stay down the road, etc., etc. I'll be reserving the front drive for Esprits should any of you come. We're going to have a pig roast, bought the beer and wine today. It's actually going to be something of a luau - a Hawaiian tradition when your child turns one - so wear those Hawaiian shirts.
  14. I'll see you all at Dunston at 9am on Sunday for the convoy over.
  15. I am indeed alive but have been traveling like mad since May - Number 5 and I are still here. I'll put a separate post in the BBQ section but we're having a shindig on the 20th of September to celebrate Calypso's first birthday (more of an excuse for the grownups to have a party) and you're all invited. (No cancelling this one - the pig's been ordered!)
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