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  1. Simon Everyday you amaze me more with your endearing qualities.......I'm very proud to be your wife to be And the allowed driver of 2 esprit's ( when they are fixed) LOL!!!! Apparently it's in the vows these days!
  2. simon ...only person that has caused and made any damage is you ....youv'e done it all by yourself.....bibs is just telling all the truth!! deal with it and move on!!
  3. Troys personal life simon is up to him to tell the whole of the forum should he feel it necessary not you to blurt it all out ...enough is enough now think you should log off now because you are making an utter mockery of what this forum is about!! and also making a fool of your self!!
  4. hiya... I don't post on here very often but feel I should say something..... As I'm engaged to Simon 350. When I first met Simon350 he was so proud of the bigsi project..... The work they .. As a group had done on the car, and the great bunch of people that simon350 had met during it. I must say I'm glad I have met them and I'm very proud to say that you are also my mates now!! I'm very saddened at you bigsi and can't believe what I'm Reading! You should take a step back and actually see what people have done for you by taking some pressure off you by HELPING you out with your car... If they h
  5. Our next date is 25th April which is full - following dates 14/05 and 05/06
  6. 1&2. Bibs & Laura - Black SE Turbo 3&4 Rog & Sam - Faster Red SE Turbo 5&6 Kimbers & Daughter - Newer sexier looking Red S4 7 Martyn - White SE Turbo with flame throwing exhaust 8 PaulG390 - Black SE Turbo 9. Chris - Steel Blue Turbo rocket 10. simon-turbo esprit 11 & 12 Simon and Lisa - err..... Volvo C70 (forgot about the free tickets...... D'oh)
  7. fab work dude, Looks ace and loving the bath mounted taps Simon
  8. happy birthday mate Simon & Lisa x
  9. hi guys thanks very much for the birthday wishes, as most of you know my day was the best ever!!!!! Not only did I get the best prezzie ever (oh yes I got an iPhone) my fella proposed woooo hoooo! See you all on the weekend x x x x
  10. Lisa Ward

    Summer Ball 2008

    Bibs & Laura, have been really looking forward to the ball.....just wanted to show my support and let you know that Simon and I are 100% committed to both events. so should you decide to go ahead with it count us in's not as though deals like this come around everyday! Lisa xxxx
  11. Hey Sexy lady.... Spank my bum.... :) Loves ya xxx

  12. Awesome night guys!!! in all fairness you really know how to party and theres me thinking you would all be geeks (just joking) so nice to meet troy and caroline and their friends jim and kev looking forward to the next meet ......just one observation......sniffer dogs...... in bars ...never seen that before ....and im from the welsh valleys!!!!! oh and simon you have a cheek.....tired... you didn't get up till 12 today should try doing a HARD days graft like most people lol
  13. oooh i fancy that seen them in cardiff twice was thinking of taking simon to introduce him to proper music ..........instead of Kylie and the spice girls!!!!! i will see what commitments he has with his new job and will get back to you. lisa x
  14. so thats why i had i had a massive was the baileys!!!!!!!!
  15. Lisa Ward

    Summer Ball 2008

    whoop whoop I get to buy a new frock! who knows maybe we will be traveling there in something other than Simons Vectra!!!!! .......................prob be my Ka!!
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