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  1. Someone did snap my arm off within the hour, and bought it for
  2. They've offered me approx 2/3 of the car's market value (as opposed to all of it if we go down the write off route). This then leaves it to me to get it repaired myself or sell the car and avoids any sort of classification of the car or any right of the insurance company over the car. Cheaper for the insurance company, hence offering me this option. If I take the full value and they write it off then the car will always be classified as a written off vehicle and is most likely to get "disposed of" this weekend apparently.
  3. My insurance company have given me the option to declare the car a write off but because the guy who drove into my car can't be traced it would go down as a write off as my fault and make insurance of the porsche I have my eye on almost impossible (i'm 26). The alternative is for me to get a cash settlement from the insurer (less, of course) and be left with a bruised Esprit and a better insurance profile. I'm planning on giving it 24 hours or so and if nobody wants to get the Esprit back on the road then i'll tell them to write it off and go crush it. But what a shame.
  4. ps. what a shame for my Esprit owning days to come to an end like this. The guy who hit my door had cloned numberplates so the police can't even trace him.
  5. Hi Someone drove into my door whilst it was open and my insurance company are in the process of offering me a settlement rather than writing the car off. The car is currently on the market for LE.pdf
  6. 9.30 South Mims works for me. Is that the motorway service station on the M25?
  7. Many thanks for all the replies! The leather is generally not in bad shape, but just around the gearstick and the handbreak it is all torn and shabby. What I need to do is get those bits of leather replaced I think, I wonder whether it could even look OK with different colour leather? I would be very interested in any recommended (and cheap!) trimmers anywhere near London. The three buttons to the left of the stearing wheel could do with replacing, as could the backlit panel that says "Esprit" just behind the gearstick, behind the heating buttons.
  8. The interior of my 1988 Esprit NA is a little shabby, particularly the leather around the gear stick and the handbrake, and the sun visors could do with replacing. Also, a couple of the buttons (the headlight button mainly) could do with replacing. Any recommendations? Cheers! Richard
  9. I certainly wouldn't be put off by high mileage, I did quite a lot of research before buying my 1988 esprit in October (92k miles), and 90k on the clock rather than 30k can mean that it has been used relatively constantly and has less bugs than those that have stood for months/years at a time, apparently.
  10. WOW!
  11. Would the glass roof clip on just like the current one? How much to purchase it (keen to keep the original one with the car)? cheers
  12. That's very aircon in mine so i think i'll stick with my removable roof panel, took it off at the weekend and it was nice and airy without it on. Still have the original strorage bag in the boot which is handy. Any ideas for a cheap re-lacquering option?
  13. My 1988 Esprit NA HC has a removable roof panel, but the lacquer is peeling off in patches and rather than get it resprayed and relacquered I wondered whether it would be possible to replace the roof panel with a glass one that I have seen on some Esprits?
  14. Keen to join in a convoy heading up North on the Saturday. Staying with family near Newark on the Saturday night, and heading to Donnington from there on Sunday morning, so was planning to leave London early Saturday to miss some traffic, but very flexible and a convoy sounds fun! Richard
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