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  1. 1.wife lost your fob 2.fob loss ruled as act of god therefore: wife = god. ~ use this logic to avoid a future tech post involving imobilizers and orrafices! congrads on getting it running again btw !
  2. with all of this talk about gas prices and new emissions standards threatening the existance of v8's in the U.S. and so on, (hopefully i don't sound like a typical ethnocentric american, as i'm not sure what the situation is like abroad) , does anyone know if there are any plans in the works for a possible return of the much loved 4 cylinder Esprit?
  3. yea, i probably should have put dangerous in quots. i used the word primarily to adress a stigma against it that i myself feel exists, based more on the conitions of the environment than on the practices of the driver. to drive beyond one's limits on a public road is certianly reckless and irresponsable, and perhaps the topic of another post. clearly my post is ambiguous in that respect, and i apologize for comming off as such. thanks for pointing that out!
  4. lately i've been engauging ( i can't spell btw) in the dangerous practice of driving like a mad man in the wee hours of the night along back roads just outside of a town near my house. i was wondering if anyone else has any experiences similar to this. i feel like i can let loose more, no people walking, no traffic in my way, no cops arround, mist everywhere, crisp night air, but of coarse lots of deer. and i keep hitting moths!!! i feel bad for the little guys.
  5. hey man, I love the blue with creame + "no airbag" steering wheel! good luck with her, she's a beauty
  6. sounds good man, i'll def let u know in advance b4 i head up there. i work at 11:30, so time-wise i'm good till like 11:00. i usually cruise arround saturday mournings anyway. 282 west is one of my favorites. so how long were you a z owner?
  7. would anyone mind if i show up in a twin turbo z? my (future)esprit is 6 months to a year away, but i'd still like to check out the scene here. i'm coming from exton. as a side note, did anyone get a chance to check out the two black esprits they had at 202 motors? one 87 turbo, and i think the other was an se, but i could be wrong. the guy was kind of a dick to me.
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