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  1. Don't get it as a daily driver.
  2. Hey I was right, sad for the car though. ugh my signature is gone and i am now from a strange country, hard to tell what it is.
  3. Hmm, its possible I think that is the Esprit that crashed on track in colorado at the Lotus gathering last year. The pictures looked pretty rough, but not sure. Maybe its a different one but so far thats what rings my bell. What is the extent of the damage that you were told?
  4. It will be Lotus ecu tuned and I think it would be a fine choice with no ill fallout.
  5. I want this DVD very badly. It has bonus footage as well. But its no where to be bought, such a pity!
  6. Anyone in the states know if its legal to take out the airbag wheel and replace it with a steering wheel like this one without a bag in it?
  7. A special car or edition "Chapman" would be cool. But it is true ACBC is displayed on every car Lotus produces these days.
  8. Sorry to hear, there are so many jerkoffs around.
  9. Nice, good luck with the respray.
  10. The looks on everyones faces. No one smiling? The end of the speech just sounded terrific Brakes gave out on that CC crash vid?
  11. Thats terrific! Great story and what a great Esprit! Beautifully done!
  12. Thanks for the pdf. Good article. Some brief history for those that do not know and some positive comments and outlook.
  13. Anyone get the latest Octane mag with the Esprit spread in it? It was supposed to have every generation. Was it a good article? I am waiting for it to show up over here at the local borders, so was wondering if it was worth it.
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