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  1. Here is my selections.... Pekka Warling Pekka Finnish Nightmare Team DRIVER SELECTIONS Group A - Pick 2 Drivers Fernando Alonso (Scuderia Ferrari) Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull Racing-Renault) Group B - Pick 2 Drivers Felipe Massa (Scuderia Ferrari) Jenson Button (McLaren-Mercedes) Group C - Pick 3 Drivers Nico Rosberg (Mercedes Grand Prix) Robert Kubica (Renault F1 Team) Pedro de la Rosa (BMW Sauber) Group D - Pick 2 Drivers Adrian Sutil (Force India F1 Team-Mercedes) Heikki Kovalainen (Lotus-Cosworth) Group E - Pick 3 Drivers Jarno Trulli (Lotus-Cosworth) Sebastien Buemi (Scuderia Toro Rosso-Ferrari) Jaime Alguersuari (Scuderia Toro Rosso-Ferrari) TEAM SELECTIONS Group F - Pick 1 Team Ferrari Group G - Pick 1 Team Mercedes Group H - Pick 1 Team Torro Rosso Group I - Pick 1 Team Lotus Best of luck.....
  2. Team Boss: Pekka Team Name : Finnish Nightmare Team DRIVER SELECTIONS Group A K Raikkonen (Ferrari) L Hamilton (McLaren) Group B H. Kovalainen (McLaren) R Kubica (BMW Sauber) Group C J Trulli (Toyota) M. Webber (RBR) N. Rosberg (Will) Group D J. Button (BGP) Group E G Fisichella (Force India) TEAM SELECTIONS Group F Brawn GP Williams Group G Ferrari Group H BMW Sauber That's my small list for now..... Pekka
  3. Finally I got some good news..... My S4 engine is finally ready. They had to replace all the valves. The reason for long servicetime was that exhaust valves were very hard to find. I should be getting the car on the road next wednesday, so few weeks I will sure spend behind the steering wheel
  4. I finally got the verdict from servicew gyus. Not good but not a total disaster..... The cambelt had lost its grib, slid and lost many teeth. The result was some bent valve shafts - I will get the exact number tomorrow. So the whole thing will cost about 3500 to 4000 euros....... Sad to miss good driving hours Hope I still get some kilometres during the fall......
  5. Hi there, It was serious (and expensive also....) . The cambelt lost its grib, slid and you can guess the rest. So my new car will be at service till august. And I will be a lot poorer . Pekka
  6. Hello there, I have a small (hopefully) problem with my S4. I was driving and turned away from motorway and just let the speed go down on its own. When I tried to accelerate again, the Check Engine light turned on and the engine turned off. Electrics are OK, every cauge functions normally. Any ideas - alternator?, something else ..... As far as I could see all the belts are intact. Any ideas and help welcome..... Pekka
  7. Kyusho


    Hi there with a very big grin on my face I took my S4 to its first ride. The car really handles well and has plenty of power in reserve. And I also got some heads turning....... Pekka
  8. 1993 black S4 SCC082920PHF41050 Pekka Seppanen,Finland
  9. Kyusho


    Hi there in the Lotusland..... This is my brand new Esprit.... The pictures are from the seller - I get the car next week (Monday or Tuesday).... I will post more pictures when I finally get it to Finland and in my garage. Pekka
  10. Kyusho


    Hello again..... I finally found a suitable car for me. I will buy a 93- S4. The car comes from Germany. I hope to get it in couple of weeks. Guess who has a big smile in his face....... Pekka
  11. Kyusho


    Hello again to all... It seems like my longtime dream is finally becoming true. I am byuing a -97 S4S, and it should be at my door in early April Can't wait to get it on the road...... Pekka
  12. Kyusho


    HI you all Lotus owners, Finland calling Just joined to the forum and mailing my first post. I am planning on finally buying my long-time dream car - Lotus Esprit. I have in mind the S4, S4S or V8 - what ever comes my way. Any hints on each car will be helpful. Hope to be a proud owner before next summer...... Pekka from Finland
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