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  1. beagleair

    s2 on ebay

    It is with a very pained expression that i have finaly had to put my car up for sale. I put it on ebay for want of a better idea? It is a good all round car that is very presentable and in daily use. i have asked
  2. Lotus Part Number not sure Description engine mounts s2 Originated/Alternative bedford van Price
  3. The bit that bug's me about all the cost of oil and Opec claiming the cost of extraction is high, is the amount they loose. Hundreds of gallons of the stuff leaks into the north sea on a daily basis and is deemed 'an acceptable loss' due to the cost of repairing the pipe lines. I dont thing it is too acceptable to loose this amount claiming its cost effective whilst the oil is becoming more difficult to find and we are bending over and taking it from behind in the petrol stations. The amount that is 'lost' is staggering!
  4. i used to get a hell of a bang from my pod's when they moved, turns out they were catching on the bonnet and the gaps all needed sorting out??
  5. just a daft one, where would you shove the hose to back flush the system? I assume the thermostat needs to come out?
  6. Just toying with an idea that someone has put into my head. Does anyone know the changes made over the yearws to the chassis on the stevens car, from '88 to the latest v8?? Just wondered if the basic dimensions were the same??
  7. Go for it! I have a corvette and an esprit and i gotta say they have very simular qualities! The esprit is as reliable as the vette and gets driven more and harder (the cost of fuel here is a little higher) My esprit though is an s2 though so there isnt much on it to go wrong, unlike the vette that has needed plenty recently and rewarded me with a head gasket on one bank go duff, never mind. Anyway, thats my opinion for what its worth, and for sure the esprit must have some european class to it in the states in the same way my yank stands out here!?! good luck with the decision B)
  8. I use avgas! 100 octane and still has lead. Engine seems to love it, but i cant help but wonder if its doing any harm?? time will tell i guess
  9. I had my s2 rolling around with the gearbox and engine out, but needed to make a brace for the driveshafts to stop the wheels doing their own thing. didnt have to move it far though!
  10. have you tried ?
  11. 1. Tony K 2. Esprit S2 (Paul Baxter) 3. Troy 4. peteyg (Pete Gentilli) 5. yeller77 (Eric) 6. matk 7. ghe67 (Giorgio) 8. dwil 9. Mattwatts 10. Mark p 11. beagle!
  12. it was the switch! the little rockers in the back of the switch were not making a good contact, so as i drove at the correct and legal speed limit down the country road the bumps were knocking the contacts!! canx the next priest, my car is blessed!
  13. the priest just ran away screaming something about damien??? i guess it must be an earth fault. I feel totaly safe now!!
  14. hmmm, old car phone? I have an s2 and it doesnt have anything there, fabric, padding anything!!!
  15. this would have had me laughing myself silly, if i wasnt friving a little fast down an unlit country lane at the time my headlamps decided to put on a little show for me, how very kind. They started by switching off, and then one by one came back on and off again. the pod's were popping up and down like the car had just come alive and was trying to get my attention. funny thing is, when i tried full beam they both stayed up, but with only one side lit up!?!? Would i be close to guessing that i have a relay fault here, o is the car trying to tell me to leave it alone? Even more bizza
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