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  1. I just cut mine up and eliminated the overhangs on each end.....and then re-arranged the wiring (so kept all the original wiring...just had to reposition) see Car Binnacle Modification?sort=2&page=1 dean
  2. Does anyone know what happen to all the pics? I just came across this interesting posts but all the pics seem to be deleted
  3. I have a 2001 V8 and a 1986 that I am working on. The 2001 will fit into the 1986 G car. There is more curvature to the Steven's, so in the middle (left to right of the car) it is proud by an inch or so. At the extreme ends (left and right of the middle) it is a little low....maybe 1/2 inch
  4. While I know the fittings are all different, I am wondering if the V8 tanks would fit into the G series turbo car I have a G series turbo that had an engine fire....and rather than part it out...I replaced it with a non lotus engine. Since I have to run custom fuel lines anyways, I was wondering if the V8 tanks would physically fit. Mine are very rusted and it seems that the V8 tanks pop up all the time. So having different fittings would not be an issue, given that I have to make custom ones anyways does anyone know how the dimensions on these tanks compare?
  5. Trying to figure out how to take the lower spat off. This is the item that follows the wheel arch extension down to bottom of the car. I can see one bolt that is coming thru around the mid line of the car. Looks like I would have to take the door off to get access to it however, I do not see any other fasteners. So before I take the door does one get these spats off?
  6. had not thought of the engine mount or transaxle mount. However, from the location of the noise I think it would be the front transmission mount. Will check it this weekend when I put it on the lift thanks
  7. I am looking to change the side something more modern that has an indicator and lights on it. I am in the USA, so I only looked at cars available here. The 2008 Lexus 250 and 350 are candidates. So is the 2015 ford fusion and well as the audi a6. These all mount on the side of the door (like the ones on the lotus). Expect to do some fiddling to get the profile match between the door and the mirror. Will be doing some more research before choosing which one
  8. When I go around a corner I get a "thud" or "clunk" once in a while that appears to be coming from the right rear. It is not all the time...but seems to happen more when the cornering is spirited I have checked the battery, shock, mounts, radius arms, bulkhead bolts, ecu, siren, etc and tried to move them around (and could not). Did not see any evidence of movement on either of them I had done the bulkead repair....but this did not change anything. I looked at the hub and bearing retainer...did not see anything here THoughts? hey are all solidly mounted
  9. I put a 2004 ford zetec into a lotus 7. Use 4 Yamaha r1 motorcycle carbs and got the intake manifold made by Boggs Brothers in the uk. Was a sweet sounding engine. made about 180 hp my present project is similar to yours. mine is a 1986 esprit with engine fire that sat outside with no windows up in Conn USA. I have put in a 2006 cobalt lsj engine and upgraded to a tvs supercharger. so I am guessing about 300 hp. you might want to also look at the cobal lnf turbo motor. this replaced the supercharger version I used the citroen sm bellhousing and just had to weld on some tabs and machine them flat can post some pics latter (did a posting under lotus talk and engine transplants)
  10. I found a Toyota fits. I forgot what year car went to pep boys and got proline cv joint boot kit 42-62227
  11. The VEG For the gas strut that you purchased, what was the vehicle that it was listed under? What this the 1993 Honda Civic with 3 dr hatchback?
  12. I'm in the process of putting a 2.0 L ecotec LSJ supercharged engine in. From the factory it was 205hp w/ 205 ft pounds of torque. This are modified by chevy stage 1 and 2 accessories, which essentially go to a smaller pulley for the supercharger (plus larger injectors). People get about 250 hp with this. I went further and got the larger TVS probably something like 270 hp or so. This is going into a 1986 turbo Esprit that had an engine fire. The bellhousing for the citroen sm had a better I ended up using the Citroen transaxle, instead of the lotus. Did a front mount engine plate as a cradle to bolt the engine to the chassis. Required no chassis modifications and the engine and transaxle sit nice and low (I did need to swap the oil pan for a latter year turbo LNF motor, in order to clear the frame crossmember). The engine looks like it belongs in the car I have rebuilt the transaxzle with cyro and RMS finished gears and quaife LSD Next step is to figure out how to run the engine management
  13. What is a "Gold Excel"? Never heard of this car
  14. I'm in the midst of using a 1989 Nissan 300ZX 4 pot aluminum caliper. These will fit to the existing uprights and will take a 11.11 inch OD rotor. Got these for $50. The will take a 21 mm thick rotor (or thereabouts). Am trying to find a suitable rotor (vs going to the custom 2p units that are expensive). When I get it all worked out I will post it online
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