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  1. Thanks Peter, I will take a look at the sensor tomorrow - thanks for the help.
  2. Hi, I just found a pic of where the o2 sensor is, also I've just looked at the car and the CAT has been removed - could this cause a problem? Thanks Brian
  3. Thanks, how do I tell if is an original part, is it obvious with lotus stamped on? I take it the o2 sensor is mounted on the exhaust downpipe? sorry I'm not that technical. Brian
  4. thanks for the help, I guess it would be good to know the correct values and see where mine is out, how could you tell I had 70% acceleration? Brian
  5. Hi all, I finally got round to connecting up freescan, my car is a 1990 SE, it always starts and drives well as long as your right foot is down in the carpet but lower speeds/ sensible driving/pulling away etc its really lumpy, I thought I'd connect freescan and try to sort this out then I looked at the excel file and realised I didn't have a clue what I should be looking at, so I wondered if anyone be prepared to have a look at the excel file for me? Thanks in advance for any help! Brian lot.csv
  6. thanks for the help everyone - something to do at the weekend now!
  7. Hi, I have a clunking noise coming from the engine bay, sometimes when I pull away or go over a bump, we have had the car up on a ramp and can't see anything obvious but I read somewhere on this site that the bracket holding the plywood bulkhead can cause a noise like this, does anyone know if a 1990 SE would suffer from this as the car in the article was a much newer model. Thanks in advance for any help. Brian
  9. Hi I have a leak on my 1990 se chargecooler, I have found someone who will replace the core for me, does anyone know the dimensions of the original core so they can price it up for me. I could guess from the outer dimensions but thought I'd ask here first Thanks Brian
  10. Thanks for that - I'll give it a go in the morning Brian
  11. Hi, I got one recently from , it was about
  12. Hi, I don't know if anyone has any ideas about this, my inner headlights did'nt work at all so I checked that there was power going to them which there was and then removed the surrounds - which was fun and took nearly two hours and changed the bulbs - result they now work - hooray but all the time, even with the switch off and the pods in their down position, the only way to turn them off is to remove the relay. As far as I can tell with my limited technical ability there is only one live at the relay regardless of any switch or ignition key position, as I understood a relay has a permanent live on one pole and another live switches the main current on? so I think I'm missing a live from the switch - or have I got this totally wrong. The outer lights are fine and the pods come up correctly. As usual any help would be really appreciated. Even with all these problems I still use the car pretty much every day and it's a great drive. Nice twisty roads on the way to Rye each day for me.
  13. Thanks Marcus, the previous owner had already fitted an electric pump - but removed the fuse - I found out why when I tried to use it.Thanks for the advice. I have been offered a new chargecooler for
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