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  1. Hi all, I finally got round to connecting up freescan, my car is a 1990 SE, it always starts and drives well as long as your right foot is down in the carpet but lower speeds/ sensible driving/pulling away etc its really lumpy, I thought I'd connect freescan and try to sort this out then I looked at the excel file and realised I didn't have a clue what I should be looking at, so I wondered if anyone be prepared to have a look at the excel file for me?

    Thanks in advance for any help!



  2. Hi, I have a clunking noise coming from the engine bay, sometimes when I pull away or go over a bump, we have had the car up on a ramp and can't see anything obvious but I read somewhere on this site that the bracket holding the plywood bulkhead can cause a noise like this, does anyone know if a 1990 SE would suffer from this as the car in the article was a much newer model. Thanks in advance for any help.


  3. My blue Turbo has an SE wiring harness, and I cannot remember if the wire simply goes form one relay to the other, I can't see any reason why it would be split into two any further back, after all the current to drive 2 relays isn't great.

    Just check there isn't a short on the existing wire, and it's clear jump from one relay to the other, it should be fine.


    Thanks for that - I'll give it a go in the morning


  4. Yes one contact of the relay has a permanent positive, and one is switched.

    You note they're on permanently, so I'd guess that relay is shot.

    You don't specifically state the switched positive isn't working, but if that's what you mean, it should really just be the same switched positive as for the relay for the outer main beam, maybe a wire has been dislodged.


    Thanks Andy, no the switched positive is not working, I did wonder whether I could link the switched positive from the outer main beam relay, rather than try to find the fault - or maybe I'm being lazy.

    Thanks for the help


  5. Hi, I don't know if anyone has any ideas about this, my inner headlights did'nt work at all so I checked that there was power going to them which there was and then removed the surrounds - which was fun and took nearly two hours and changed the bulbs - result they now work - hooray

    but all the time, even with the switch off and the pods in their down position, the only way to turn them off is to remove the relay. As far as I can tell with my limited technical ability there is only one live at the relay regardless of any switch or ignition key position, as I understood a relay has a permanent live on one pole and another live switches the main current on? so I think I'm missing a live from the switch - or have I got this totally wrong. The outer lights are fine and the pods come up correctly. As usual any help would be really appreciated. Even with all these problems I still use the car pretty much every day and it's a great drive. Nice twisty roads on the way to Rye each day for me.

  6. Oh ...... :)

    That means your c/cooler has a leak somewhere in the core inside. Its not repairable, unfortunately.

    Please also check the c/cooler pump. I'm quite sure this one is dead. You should take it out and restore it using a new impeller.



    Thanks Marcus, the previous owner had already fitted an electric pump - but removed the fuse - I found out why when I tried to use it.Thanks for the advice. I have been offered a new chargecooler for

  7. Erm don't mean to sound funny but did you also block the overflow pipe in this experiment.

    Hi, yes - thanks for asking though, when i first got the car the chargecooler tank was empty, with the engine running i started to fill it up and the car started putting out white smoke, i stopped straight away when i realised what was happening - i always wanted james bonds car just did'nt expect to get the smoke screen gadget as well.


  8. Hi everyone, I have a leak coming from my chargecooler - it's a 1990 SE, I disconnected it and with the outlet pipe blocked could still easily blow through the inlet pipe - has anyone managed to get one repaired or have any suggestions as to how to fix it. Or does anyone have one for sale and if so how much? I did'nt really want an aftermarket one but maybe this would be easier?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks Brian

  9. Hi all, I don't know with the crack - it does look pretty old, I guess the garage could have rubbed some crud into it but I reckon it's been there a while, hopefully I've uploaded a pic showing where it is in red. On the plus side I have just succesfully changed the bearings in my translator as my gearchange stopped working yesterday, a bolt was loose and the arm that attaches to the gearbox came away. I then noticed the bearings had broken down completely I took the boot floor out and it was not too bad, by the way the bearings are the same as fitted to a ryobi printing press.


  10. i would say , if your rad fans are on all the time, your otter switch has stuck on.

    by the front of the drivers side front wheel , the bottom hose has a switch unit on it, while the fans are running ( should not be a problem if they are running all the time) disconect one of the wires, if the fans stop, its the switch, if not, its probably something else like the relay.

    Hi, thanks for that I will give it a go in the morning, be nice if it was that simple - fingers crossed.


  11. Hi everyone, I took my 1990 SE out today and noticed that the fans were running the whole time, the temp looked to be sitting around 40 - 60 so I can't see they should be on. Is there anything obvious for me to check or is it back to the garage?

    Thanks in advance for any help


  12. Hi, once again, I am having fun with my new Esprit - just when you think you've got one problem sorted another one pops up, I went to collect the car from the garage after having new shocks and a huge oil leak from the cam tower caused by the previous owner threading two bolts (they have now been helicoiled or something) and they pointed out a crack through the bottom shock mount of the rear hub, does anyone have a passenger side rear hub that they want to sell? That aside apart from the faulty coolant sensor and chargecooler that leaks water from the matrix I love the car, also if anyone has a chargecooler or coolant sensor for the ECU please let me know.

    Kind Regards


  13. Brian,

    What coolant temp sensor are you talking about ?

    Your car has two sensors for coolant temp. One for the ECU and another one for the dash temp gauge.



    Hi, it's the one for the ecu, thanks

    According to the EspritFactFile, they recommend the Lotus temp sensor for the sensor that goes on the water inlet pipe (ECU I think).

    Did Lotus give you an idea of how long the wait will be?



    I spoke to Sjs sportscars - they said they were on backorder and had no idea when delivery would be, it's the ecu one I need, I hoped that there would be a part from another car that would fit.


  14. Dont be tempted to simply tighten the 'screws' It will not work and you will risk stripping the threads.

    Unless its a flood, I would wait until your next cambelt or tappet service.



    Hi, it's not a flood but it drips and smokes quite a lot when it's stationery, it can't be too bad as the level has not dropped noticeably. I'm just a bit concerned about the fire risk


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