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  1. Ok this is a far more involved job which means romving the cam belt, cam carriers and refitting them with new seal.

    My workshop doors are now open so if you need any help woth this let me know.

    Thanks for the info, it's probably a bit beyond me at the moment and it would be a shame to break it so soon after getting it, do you run a garage? or know of any in East Sussex that would do this type of thing?

    Thanks for your help


  2. Now are you talking about the cam covers or the cam carriers to head joint.

    The cam covers have a gasket which can be replaced quite easily and I would recomend using a gaket sealent on these as they always seem to leak. The cam towers however is a more involved job.


    Hi thanks I really appreciate everyones help with this, unfortunately I am talking about the lower seal where the whole unit bolts onto the engine and not the cover - sorry I did'nt explain it too well.


  3. My oil leak seems to be from the lower side of the cam tower, unfortunately it drips straight onto the pipe going to the turbo, I did'nt notice it driving only when stationery, I dont think there is a gasket, it looks like theres just some red sealent and it is seeping from that - I only bought the car a couple of weeks ago, I was kind of excited at the prospect of buying an esprit and any mechanical checks wre pretty much forgotten once I'd driven it - I think I'd have bought it even if I'd had to push it home, oil leaks aside it's a great car! Does anyone know the torque settings for the five allen head bolts that secure the cam tower, I was hoping rather optimistically that it might just need tightening - unlikely I know



  4. Hi, I have a 90 Esprit turbo SE and oil appears to be leaking from the lower cam tower seal onto the exhaust, which then burns off, has anyone changed this seal and is it a job for an amateur? If anyone knows of a step by step guide on the internet I would be really grateful. I am in Rye East Sussex - if this is not a job for me can anyone reccomend a good garage near me. Thanks in advance. Brian

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