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  1. So since I'm not around anymore to sacrifice flesh and blood to the car gods you have resorted to attacking your own family just to provide offerings
  2. i think the best proof that there is intelligent life out there is that they havent tried to contact us. they just watch us from a distance like a bad reality show and wonder what wild and crazy scheme are we gonna do next week
  3. welcome to the forum from down the road in medicine hat
  4. is it just me or does it look like theres always someone else working on the cars while your making the documentary mark?
  5. hes a dealership owner from calgary mark-t-c has gone on a road trip with him. bit of an idiot though from what i hear
  6. 25th would be 2002 v8, im assuming calypso red, would you know the vin or the limited edition number?
  7. well he is already here but you sold one esprit so that rules that out so i guess we have to resort to rope and duct tape to keep him here till the tour
  8. just checked the eurodrivers site and the are doing the pre planning for euroquake right now but so far its looking like it will be in red deer of course on august 19th-21st how many lotus enthusiasts can we get this year? edit: just checked and the site is all up and running again so it looks confirmed now
  9. i guess that extra gold didnt prevent the inuagural flight of renault airways. passengers might complain about the rough landing sure hope the pilot is ok
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