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  1. Hi guys, my throttle cable snapped at the footwell end in the good old Cumbrian wind and rain last night, and was looking for any advice from anyone who may have replaced the cable. I know you can by the inner cable and thread through the outer sleave on the 4cyl cars I am presuming it is no different on the V8? Presuming I manage to feed it through ok from the footwell and it is pre crimped at the footwell end (I have seen this for sale at SJ Sportscars) How do you go about finishing the other end off at the drop link linkage as I can not see how you could terminate it at what looks like a ball and socket joint? As ever any advice from those far more technically advanced than me is much appreciated AAh I am now discovering that apparently the cables are different and that you have to replace the entire cable (inc sleeve) does anybody know how this cable is finished and how it fits at the engine again, on further examination it looks as though the ball socket maybe seperates?
  2. Just tp update, replaced the Oxygen sensor, and had the diagnostic read by a snap on unit at a garage instead of my handheld unit, and all seems to be cured...for now!! Thanks for all your help on this one
  3. Hi guys I have tried all combinations of ignition in position 2 with immobiliser clicked on, also with engine running, both times the backlight comes on so it is receiving power from the plug, but thats it. I have checked the pins also and although the reader does have more pind it does have the corresponding pins 4,5,7 and 16. I fear it may be a case of returning this unit and going back to the garage with a Snap On unit which read the codes fine last week
  4. Ermmmm....I am sure to most educated people that makes sense......I am not one of the so well do i do this? Oh just checking on my reader it automatically scnas through all protocols including ISO though still does not register for some reason
  5. Hi Dan I am actually up in the north lakes nr Keswick, I have just received a Geniscan GS400, which should give readings, though typically the unit can not be recognised by the car for some reason..AAAaahhhhhh!!
  6. Thanks for that, Which leads do you check across to check nominal voltage? do you know what page of the manual these codes are on, as I have just bourght the copy of the manual on CD (for V8 and S4), though I seemingly can only find the listing of codes against the 2.2 I know these are pretty stupid questions though I am only just getting into this tinjering myself thing Thanks again to all that of helped, I had not appreciated how efficient and knowledgable these forums are!
  7. Hi Dan Thanks for comments, I realised Mike suggested switching them though though I would just cut to the chase with replacing the sensor, though as you guys reckon it best to switch them over I will give this a go first, I have a OBD 11 reader arriving ( I had to use a garage last time) so will be able to check if it gives a new code. Out of curisoity does anyone know what code it would give for a fault when replaced to the post cat position (presuming it is the sensor of course) Cheers again for the info Dan
  8. Hi Mike My god that was a quick response, I have only just worked out where the answer to my post was, here I was thinking that nobody was going to reply, then I see you only took 11 minutes!! The advise is much appreciated I will order one new sensor a try it at the weekend (if it ever stops raining here in the Lake District!!) Once again many thanks, will let you know how it goes by next week Cheers Dan
  9. Hi to all, first time asking on here, though you guys all seem pretty clever so thought I would give it a go. Have just read the code P0134 sensor circuit bank 1 sensor 1 from the diagnostics. Reset it and the car drove for about 20 miles before returning. I've worked out Bank 1 is the drivers side, is this code for pre or post cat, is it likely to be a dodgy sensor (fingers crossed) or a dying cat (hopefully not!!) Any help much appreciated Cheers Dan
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