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  1. justinboyd

    Gearbox spares

    Hi to all the Lotus gang I have a Lotus esprit 2.2 Turbo and have a damaged crown wheel and pinion and would appreciate it if someone could advise me where i could get these parts. Thanks ---jussy from south africa
  2. Hi and thanks for the valuable info. I am using 20w50 oil and it is hot here in south africa with a average temp of 35deg c I am reading the pressure off the instrument pannel and will search for a calibrating instrument to make 100perc sure thanks. I only here rattling noise on the cam box after driving hard and the temp is fairly hot but nothing on start up . Thanks for the help Hi ,i rev the engine to 5000rpm when hot and get 40psi and i luckily dont here any rumbles or knocking yet but do get a rattling noise on the cam box when the engine is hot. i have a mechanical pressure guage. Thanks for the info
  3. Hi if u only get 12 volts most likly your voltage reg has popped and is easy to replace ,it is the little black box facing u on the back of the alternator if it is a motorola,be careful not to mix the wires on reinstalation as u can pop the alernators rectifier.
  4. Hi all lotus dudes i have a lotus esprit turbo Lc and have a oil pressure problem. oil pressure on start up cold is 60 psi and after 15 minutes of idling with water temp at 80 degrees c oil pressure drops to 20 psi,at idle 1000rpm i rev the car to 3000 and oil pressure is 25 psi Do the esprit^s have a oil pressure relieve valve hidden somewhere and does anyone have suggestions on this problem . Thanks jussy
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