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  1. I posted re my experience with Murray in the past and wasn't impressed either. Couple years on I am still getting niggles fixed I paid them to sort out. Always meant to write a follow up post as it provided some comedy gold, the flannel I got from Craig - not that I was laughing at the time. I wouldn't go back, wouldn't touch 'em with a barge pole to be honest. Communication was great though, I got an email just about everyday...whether any work was done on the car or not. This "great attention" to detail they're much vaunted for, I didn't see it, and I really wanted to have good things to say
  2. @ hedgerley: I don’t doubt your experience with Murray, likewise I’m only relating my own. I’ve owned an Esprit since 2002 (S4 2002- 2005, V8 2006-present) so know what money pits they can be and know no amount of work undertaken is guarantee against something else going pop! However as can be seen from cross referencing the work Murray undertook, and my MOT failure two days ago and its accompanying advisories, many of those items should have been/were paid to be addressed, or at the very least brought to my attention. That is inexcusable. @ LooseCannon: Yes, I have noted the glowing review
  3. Been a long time coming but I’m returning to this thread to give my review of Murray Lotus, and the assessment of the service and work I had completed. It’s long but I want to be as detailed as I can be so I fairly relate my experience with Murray. I have a friend who’s a mechanic that I trust and I initially asked if he could do the belt change. He investigated the process and said it was beyond the equipment range of his garage and advised going to Murray Lotus as he believed them to have an excellent reputation. So I contacted Murray and the car was booked in for June 6th for A servic
  4. T-Man

    Black V8 GT

    That was me. Weekend to Edinburgh, and that was how we came back to Aberdeen. The strut that holds open the boot cover had been playing up, getting a bit stiff and I knew it was needed replacing, but with a bit of 'jiggling' I could still get it to hold. Was getting stiff though so care was needed opening it. My mate of course didn't know this. He was getting the cases out the back and just brute forced the boot open popping/snapping the strut at the base. Was mildly miffed but what can you do? Anyway come leaving time at the hotel the car wouldn't called road side assistance
  5. Hello, I've a yr 2000 Esprit V8 that's due a cam belt change. Is there anywhere in Aberdeen or surrounding area that you folks know of, or could recommend, that'd be able to do this job? Or is it Muarry Lotus Edinburgh for this? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  6. ...told I need to replace the two of them plus any connectors etc. Or at least that's what a friend of mine who's a mechanic who took a look at an oil leak I have on my 2000 V8 told me. No idea how much these parts cost or where best to source them so thought I'd ask here first as the advice I got on my brake parts last year was top notch. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  7. My 2000 V8 is fitted with AP brakes and I'm told I need new front & rears - coming in at around
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