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  1. If I'm right how big a job is it to replace. Can you just slide the tranmission back and change the clutch like an S4 or is it worse?
  2. I recently got a 2000 V8-GT with 15,000 miles on it. The cars drives great except the clutch doesn't feel quite right. It does not start engaging until the pedal is almost fully released (high pedal) and just as it starts to engage you can feel a slight shudder. It almost acts like a slightly warped pressure plate or an abused clutch disc.
  3. My floopy, shakey, wobbly inside mirror is driving me crazy. I have never driven a car with such a poor design for a rearview mirror. Has anyone tried another OEM's mirror that bonds to the windscreen, or is that a bad idea? I searched the forum and saw someone used a Peugeot mirror instead, but those aren't exactly on every street corner here in the US. Any Ideas ????
  4. Here is a photo of the Buick temp sensor and my old broken Esprit (assumed OEM) temp sensor. The new one is about 1/8" longer but is otherwise dimensionaly the same as the OEM sensor. I also check the resistence values at three test points with an industrial grade Fluke multimeter and the two sensors have very similar readings at each test point. So make your own judgments but I would say this is a suitable substitute for the Lotus OEM ECU temp sensor. And it only costs $12.00 US and is readily available. The PDF document shows a temp sensor with a different style of connector but the resistance cuves and dimensions seem to match the Lotus sensor. coolant_temp.pdf
  5. According to one of the forum's cross reference lists this should work. The store down the street from me has one in stock. I will pick one up and check it against my old one that has a broken connector shell. temp_sensor.pdf
  6. The same thing happened to me. I retightened the the clamping screws and the whole thing was loose soon after. It turns out one of the plastic ears had cracked and would not hold the tension anymore. I purchased a new stalk assembly back in Dec 2007. It was in stock, but I was told it was the only one in the US.
  7. Thats really odd I just ordered one from Fox Valley Motorsports three weeks ago. No Problems 888-339-1166. Fits up underneath the intake runners on my 1994 Turbo Esprit.
  8. Are you referring to the coolent temp sensor that is located on the under side of the intake runners?
  9. Everytime I look in the engine compartment and see the plug wires routed down and around the back of the engine, I think that the plug wires are living in a very unkind environment. All sorts of rough edges to rub on, heat from the turbo, oily, lots of other wires and sensors nearby. I think it would be better to bring them forward and over the top of the engine. Sure the length might be a bit longer, but the isolation and visual exposure might be worth it. Any other opinions or experiences?
  10. For everyone's information I spent 2 hours on the phone searching for a Bosch AL49X alternator. Every parts house told me they did not carry Bosch or it was discontinued. Finally I tried one of the part number cross reference links and found my alternator on the next call. I called O'Reilly's and asked for a part number 14812 (Ultima brand) I opened the box at the store and inside was an alternator Part# Bosch AL49X stamped right on it. It was $119.99 with a $40.00 exchange (net price 79.99) for a remanufactured unit. Swapping out the pully and rotating the housing 180 degrees was a snap. I did need a 1.00 longer drive belt, which seems to be OK. I had all the signs of a dead or dying alternator --> dead batteries, Freescan low voltage, and black "goo" leaking on th A/C compressor. Also no dash warning lights to indicate a problem. Thanks to everyone who has figured this out for the rest of us.
  11. I recently got this 1994 Esprit Turbo, but it has had some pretty poor upkeep from the last owner. I found this connector loose in the engine bay but can't find a plug in for it. It has two wires Black/Brown and Yellow/Brown. Any ideas? --------------------------- Update --------------------------- I have looked everywhere. Removed the air filter intake, intake casting, and the oil filter. Directly behind the starter I have an oil line to the turbo with two sensor wires on top and one near the base coming off at 90deg (I presume oil pressure). Behind that assembly there is a sensor with a single conductor blue wire. I also checked the coolent tank and it has a single conductor wire hooked up to it as well. I ordered a new coolent sensor and it fits the plug and looks like it should be installed just behind the oil pressure sender behind the starter under the intake runners. If so then where does that blue wire go? ------------------ Found It The coolant sensor for the ECU is located on the underside of the intake runners. I hope the engineer who thought that up got fired! New sensor installed and the idle improved right away. Thanks for all the suggestions and ideas.
  12. A co-worker found this great download for me. MegaSquirt is a popoular aftermarket Fuel Injection System and Fuel Managment system. You can use their viewer to graph the FreeScan CVS logs. Change the file name of your .CVS logs to .TXT and change the file selection box to <all files> and load and view. The software can be down loaded at: Happy Data Logging
  13. I need to replace the overhead interior bulb, and it looks like the housing should just pop off. But it seems really tight. Is there a trick to this?
  14. Hello all; I am working on a friends newly purchased 83 Esprit Turbo. First of all this forum is great! I have already fixed the bad gas fumes, sloppy shifter, and some other gremlins. Because of your help and knowledge he thinks I'm a wizard (I did reveal my sources). This car has several amateur repairs, but I think we got it before something was really fouled up. My question relates to the fuel pump operation. Every other car I have driven or owned with an electric fuel pump starts the pump for a few seconds when the ignition is turned on. Then the pump turns off until the car is started. This car has had an aftermarket relay installed and some extra wires spliced in to run the fuel pump. However, once the key is switched on the pump runs all the time. Take a look at the photo and you will see what I mean. How is it supposed to operate. Also in the picture: What's the little green light for? Is that connector the On Board Diagnostic Interface; OBDII? And finally what was bolted to the 4 studs on the electrical panel cover?
  15. I am new to the Esprit world and would like to know how to remove the front seats. I presume everyone knows how to do this because you can't work on much without some extra head & should room. I searched the archives but nothing showed up. - Thanks
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