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  1. I would not spend any time / money on engine diagnostics, compression tests etc until you have read out the fault codes that have caused the engine warning light to come on. Almost any workshop will have a scan tool / code reader and should charge $40 or less. If you prefer DIY then a cheap code reader should work (I dont have a V8, but 1996 cars on should all support OBDII although Lotus may have been a bit late to the party - can a V8 owner confirm the cars have a standard connector?). Things like should suit if you dont want to use a laptop. This requires a laptop with bluetooth but there is lots of software available
  2. As above & does the MIL / engine warning light come one (& if not does it work - ie come on when you first switch on the ignition for a few seconds).
  3. Normal operating temp just means the engine has been run & has been warmed up in the last 20 mins or so. To be honest if you see >100 on all cylinders with a cold engine then compression will be OK & not the cause of noticeable issues. When doing the test, make sure you have a fully charged battery. If the engine spins over slowly there is more time for the air to leak out and compression will drop. As above, make sure also the throttle is open - if the engine can not suck air in properly there will not be enough to compress. This is often a mistake where the engine has electronic throttle control that people in the trade who should better make. BTW you mention problems with the car - what are they (misfire, lack of power etc) & when do they occur (hot,cold, first starting etc)
  4. Suspect Nissan / Infinity have to sell a few more units to be worth it doing than Lotus? Tesla is now worth $27 billion selling electric cars, how much is Lotus worth?
  5. Lotus do have the tech to do this - see the Evora 414E The Lotus is slightly faster from 0 to 60. I like the i8 a lot but personally (as Tesla owner) I think electric only is the way to go for a supercar. The Tesla Model S with up to 7 seats out accelerates the BMW i8, image that drive train in a lightweight 2 seater body. Actually styling aside this is pretty much the result & it leaves a Veyron standing at the lights.
  6. OK thanks for that - the Roadster is worse than the Evora or Elise / Exige in terms of speedo visibility. Due to the position of the speedo & steering whee someone 6ft tall can only see <20mph or over 100mph. A big speedo is as you say good for average speed cameras.
  7. Just fired up the Parrot for the first time so to speak. Pretty impressed - seems to link to iphone well, wifi when at home. Waze & a few other apps installed. Not sure yet whether to leave the OS as is or root / install later version of Android. TBH I think its probably fine as is - just need to find a big speedo display and also a better way of changing the volume.
  8. Thanks to all for the feedback! Parrot system on its way - will post some photos & probably annoy Thomas asking endless questions about how best to update the software / which apps to install etc.
  9. alan

    Ride on Mower

    Its perfect for 2 acres & even has a cup holder. Best time to buy a mower though is Nov / Dec when the dealers are desperate rather than now when the grass is starting to grow.
  10. alan

    Ride on Mower

    How many acres of lawn do you have at Chateau Bibs? I have been happy with this one It saves a huge amount of time compared to my old mower - its fairy fast (V twin engine), has a wide 48" cutting deck & mulches the grass so no bag to empty. At some point in every blokes life you need to own a sit on mower..... difficult to explain / justify so just trust me.
  11. Hi All, I am converting my Tesla Roadster to accept a double din head unit (the last few made has this as a factory option). They "factory" unit is the same as the Evora, but every time I have driven an Evora with the Alpine I quickly want to put a hammer through its screen I am tempted by the Parrot Asteroid Smart as I can load apps such as Waze etc. The main thing that puts me off is that its now rather old / runs on a old version of Android. I have also heard good things about Pioneer models. Requirements are radio / mp3 via hdd or sd card. Nav, handsfree, stream / charge an iphone. Any suggestions? Thanks Alan
  12. Great you are back in a Lotus. S1 is one. of the few cars you can enjoy & know they will hold there money. Nice move!
  13. Agree with the above, already have one Tesla (Roadster) and Model S on the way. Looks good on the drive.
  14. That sounds cool, not because they are electric cars, but because you are going to have a lot of talented drivers in near identical cars (without traction control). Setup and driver ability rather than who has the best car.
  15. Guy - not sure that lack of independent dealers will be an issue, you could argue that selling direct through stores has worked OK for Apple. Test drives are not a problem (daft US legislation aside), most of their stores are in big shopping malls and the demo cars are parked in the car parks. I also actually rather like the fixed pricing model (both for Apple and Tesla) - I know what I am being asked to pay and know that everyone else pays the same. I do not have to worry that I got a worse deal than the next customer.
  16. A good article showing the state by state situation It does seem crazy to force a manufacturer to sell through middlemen, suspect it will backfire on the dealers in the medium / long term making them even less popular. Those who are interested in buying a Tesla can view on at the shops and will then either order online or buy out of state. Main downside will be if you are not allowed to test drive. In a few weeks we will be a 2 Tesla family!
  17. As good as the film, actually I think I enjoyed it more.
  18. Might not be possible as you dont own it but ... If its misfiring when cold, try waiting until its warm then spray the ignition coil module with lots of WD40. See if it still misfires when cold. If not then the issue is with the ignition module - sometimes they go porous and absorb enough moisture not to work properly. WD40 will fix it for several months, but it really needs a new one.
  19. How can you take his views seriously on Scotland when he is a tax exile from Scotland? One thing you can be sure of, independence is not going to reduce taxes (unless there is a clause to reduce taxes for ex 007s in the manifesto) Michael makes a great point - vote no then Salmond has to resign and we will no longer have his annoying presence on TV & Radio. Best argument I have heard yet.
  20. Sat down to watch this last night & thought wow, that was a short episode. No news, no star in the reasonably priced car. Later realised I had nodded off when they were messing with old hatchbacks and woken up again when they were doing the same. Hopefully says more about how TG is a bit past its prime rather than me!
  21. Good luck with this - wish I had the time to do the same! I read (possibly here) about a college in the US who converted an Esprit to electric power. What sort of kWh pack capacity are you going to fit? Can you fit less cells to start (200hp) and then upgrade for more power (400hp) and range later? One boring, practical point - depending on which Esprit model you choose the rear tires can be very expensive. I am on my 8th set of rears on my Tesla. 100% power from 0 RPM and a heavy right foot combine to make them only last about 5000 miles.
  22. alan

    Evora fire...

    Is this the same car -
  23. alan


    Almost the same here - just no pool and its 28C colder at the beach for the fireworks in Southwold....
  24. Cross posted from the Tesla forum. Esprit 100% Lotus (ignoring any bits from GM etc!) Tesla Roadster 50% Lotus (Elise in drag) Tesla Model S 5% Lotus (They have lots of ex Lotus staff)
  25. alan

    Alan Turing

    Agree with both the above, about time for the pardon & also how whilst the UK invented the electronic computer we kept it such a secret that we did not benefit from it. What could have been. I was lucky enough to spend some time / do some work at Bletchley park in 2000 and the story of the people who worked there & the place itself gets under your skin. Its really worth a visit. Edit - found this article I wrote in about 2000. Remember Mick Jagger turned up one day hoping they could fix the Enigma machine he had just bought..
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