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  1. As long as the date is OK count me in (plus 1). Alan
  2. I suspect Lotus will pay the most attention to those who have put their names down at a dealer for the new Esprit - after all if the car does not live up to expectations the dealers will be handing back the deposits. Of course this all assumes that its not too far down the design process for existing Esprit owners to have any influence on the final product. Alan
  3. Jason / Martyn, Thanks for organising the day - great fun. Was impressed when my S4s blew away the exhaust extractor! Jason - as mentioned really impressed with your SE - now has the same power as a S4s. I now need to spend some money to upgrade mine to keep ahead of you! Hope to see you guys soon Alan
  4. Spot on comment - if you are on a twisty B road the Elise is the best car in the world. If on the other hand you need to drive from one end of the M1 to the other, leave it in the garage and take the Esprit (or almost anything else). Handling, economy & looks are superb. Noise (vibration etc, not the exhaust), lack of ANY creature comforts and the sheer impracticality mean that its not an ideal everyday car (unless you are slightly insane). Alan
  5. Mostly C++, C# & .NET. We are based in St Neots near Cambridge UK. For hardware designers we are looking for both analogue and digital engineers (design, board layout, VHDL - all at high clock speeds). Details at (end of job advert!). Alan
  6. Hi, I own a company that makes automotive diagnostics equipment & PC based test and measurement equipment (oscilloscopes, temperature data loggers etc) - We supply equipment to lots of different vehicle manufacturers so once in a while I get a chance to play with some nice cars. Currently recruiting software & hardware engineers if anyone is interested....] Alan 96 S4s
  7. Everything you wanted to know about lambda sensors but were afraid to ask.... In short it sounds OK. Alan
  8. I totally agree - the work that Lotus do to keep us all on the road has to be seen first hand to be believed. When they run low on a spare part, its often years since they last ordered it. Sometimes the company that used to make it has gone out of business, other times they are unwilling to make the part in the small volumes needed by Lotus. I had first hand experience of this when a pipe broke on my power assisted steering, Lotus went to the trouble of re-tooling and remanufacturing the part. If they had not done that I would be buggered as no specialist I tried could make the pipe. Although Lotus still have a legal obligation to supply parts for the V8 and GT3 they do not have to do so for the S4s models and older. Its the same for other discontinued models, they do all they can to keep owners on the road - the guys at Lotus have a passion for their cars and we are lucky that this translates into the fact we can still buy properly designed / tested / engineered spare parts. If someone wants to fit aftermarket suspension, it might if they are lucky appear to be better than what they have replaced, but this will only be because the suspension they have taken off is knackered. I was lucky enough to have my car used as part of the suspension development program. Before they had the car I thought the handling was pretty good. It now has new spings and dampers - of the original design and has been properly aligned and set up by Lotus. Its like owning a new car - I can not put into words how good it is. They tell me that the new suspension is better still - I dont know what the final price will be, but in terms of the improvement it will make to your car its going to be money well spent. Lotus have put huge amounts of time and money into developing and testing the new suspension (with different settings for each car) and lets not forget that they are one of the world leaders in suspension development - you are kidding yourself if you think you can slap on some aftermarket suspension and its going to be better than the new Lotus developed suspension. Alan
  9. Hi Nigel, If you are about to change the front suspension, you would be mad not to wait for the new suspension to be released by Lotus. This will be an improvement over the original and also last a lot longer. See LEW for details if this is not what you are already planning. I think Lotus are also planning on testing some new bushes in the new year as well so its probably worth checking with them about this as well. Lotus know a thing or two about suspension and I think it would be a bad move to mix and match bushes and suspension from different suppliers. Alan
  10. Thanks guys - really enjoyed last night, must do it again soon. Got back in half the time it took me to get there by ignoring the sat nav. I think my Tom Tom needs some minor surgery with a club hammer..... Alan
  11. Hi Erik, I think the first thing to check is whether the heater controls are moving the flaps that control where the air goes. Open up the (front) bonnet and with the engine running have a look at the air intake vent. When you move the heater controls from external air through demist through to recirculate you should see the flap move. If not then you need to sort this first - its probably a vaccuum pipe loose. Not sure about the S4, but the S4s has a vaccuum pump in the back that can cause problems. Regards Alan
  12. It sounds as if the default parameters are OK, but its getting some duff data from one of the sensors which is either causing the ignition timing to be set wrong or the mixture wrong. Possible things to check are the knock sensor (assuming it has one - not checked) - see below for an explanation of how they work Or the lambda sensor Its more likely to be the knock sensor as its difficult for the ECU to tell if anything is wrong with this sensor so it can end up gradually advancing the timing too much. Hope that helps Alan
  13. I am the guilty one who swapped my Esprit for the VW Polo - to be honest it was not a random swap - the Polo owner is a mate who lives down the road so I knew it was in good hands & only for a week. The paper paid for petrol & insurance costs etc. I had hoped that the article would be good publicity for the Esprit, but of course it had to break down - typical, in the 3 years of so I have had the car it has never actually left me stranded anywhere. Still at least the journalist did not go on about Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious etc Alan PS we did the swap over a year ago so it looks as if the telegraph are not very fast to the press..
  14. Last time I checked there were 12 Esprits & the more the better. There are also now 2 live bands, a hog roast & a couple of other BBQs. Applications are online at if you get a message saying the show is full, let me know as there is a area set aside for Esprits. Alan
  15. Hi Cliff, I have a similar problem with my S4s so went over to espritfactfile - I can find a reference to the vent hose - but no details on what to check / do. Any pointers either to the correct bit of the web site or some guidance on checking/changing it. Thx Alan Whoops - ignore the above. Just found it
  16. I had a chat about 4 cylinder reliability with Barry from Lyte & Wakefield when I picked up my car from a service yesterday. He has been working with the 4 pot engines for longer than he cares to remeber.... In his opinion the later cars last a lot longer before rebuild. This is partly down to gradual improvements made to the engine over the year and also due to better oils (fully synthetic). The big difference however is with the ECU controlled cars these never run rich or lean and always have perfect timing etc so the engine runs in more optimal conditions. I guess its also possible that the charger cooler helps as well lowering the intake temperatures. I hope I am not tempting fate by saying all this! Alan 96 S4s
  17. Hi All, This years Buntingford Classic Event is on Sat 3rd Sept. For the last few years we have had at least a dozen Esprits in the show, the roads in the area are also good fun to drive so its a good excuse for a hoon on the way. For those of you who have not been before its a car / bike show held in a old historic high street with lots of pubs & places to meet. Usually there is live music & things to keep the kids entertained. There is a good mix of cars from modern supercars through classic to vintage & veteran. Normally the show is oversubscribed so a lot of people who apply do not get places. Although I am not helping organise it this year (too busy at work), I should still be able to twist a few arms to make sure all Esprit owners get a place. If possible I will try and get the car park area that last year had the James Bond display reserved for us so that we can all park together. You can apply online at Regards Alan
  18. Hi - what kit is this. To be able to re-charge your own AC for $27 seems like a bargin to me! Thx Alan
  19. Hi All, Some of you may know that my S4s is off the road due to a broken hydraulic pipe that goes into the power assisted steering pump. The pipe is not currently available from Lotus & no one seems to have it in stock. The only options seem to be to get one of a scrapped Esprit (any 4 cylinder with PAS) or to get one made up from a sample. My pipe got fairly messed up when taken off the car so was not suitable as a pattern to make up a new one. Fortunately Adam Gumbier very kindly offered me the use of his pipe as a sample whilst his car is off the road. Anyway Adams pipe was couriered to Hatfield Hydraulics this morning to get a new one made up - they took one look at it & said "its off a Lotus, sorry we can not help". The pipe is made up of a flexible section and a fixed ridgid section, apparently pipes are normally made up from combining different standard parts and the ridgid section is not available as a standard part to make up a new pipe. Sorry for the long winded post, but does anyone know of a suitable specialist where I could take the pipe tommorow to see if they can make a new one up. I live in North Herts (halfway between London & Cambridge) so would prefer to find someone less than 50 miles away. Thanks Alan
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