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  2. I have a 1986 hci turbo does anybody have an aftermarket thermostat part number?? and what are the spec for the oem one?
  3. have a 1986 hci anyone have the aftermarket part number for the cv joint boots
  4. i also need this all 4 are bad and need to replace them
  5. acording to the service notes the rotor guset should be pointing to about 7 o'clock so the rotor arm points to 1 o'clock that beeing at tdc and the cam dots fasing each other and the ignition sproket having the dot pointing to the crank.
  6. cold engine i guess when it gets worm it should get lower as the metals contract but should still be prety good happy new year to everyone
  7. yes i found it the car has now 150 in all pistons my theory about to little overlap was rigth , wath hapend was that the mecanic change the cam sproket around so basically wath I did was rotate the sproket around and walla 150 on all pistons my engine seem to have the compresion of a new engine jejejeje. It was hard to make my mecanic understand about overlap but when i should him that both pulleys said intake on one side and exhauste on the other side he notice something was wrong , as you all know it has to say intake on the intake and exhaust on exhaust so basically it had about 4 thoot ju
  8. the mecanicn told me he did this and the results where the same i dont know mutch about bore washing but I dont think that would change the compresion numbers by about 90 lbs total fo all pistons
  9. this is the first time that it has been started since the engine change, it was a used but its an original engine no work done to i before what do you mean by bore washed ?
  10. I have a 1986 hci turbo that will not start, it has spark, and fuel. the only thing i notice was when we did a compresion test was that all cylinders have 48-50 lbs only. To my understanding it should have at least 130 or more. What could be causing this. could the timing of the cams be so off that it would cause this problem. could puting the cam sprokets on the wrong cams cause this(intake on exhaust and exhaust on intake). the thing is the the compresion even though its way low its very even betwen cylinders. I would realy apreciate if somebody can help me with this problem thanks Gu
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