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  1. Great meeting you Renn! You're welcome to stop by any time for another drive or to look at the car as reference. Keep at your S1, sounds like you have an excellent job underway!

  2. Welcome! Glad to see it's possible to have several rare sports cars AND a happy marraige at the same time! My ex girlfriends always asked why I spent more money on cars than on them. I've apparently never given a good answer yet...
  3. Hi, my name is Clark and I have a problem with buying project cars. Exhibit A: Despite laying claim to 3 cars already, I bought myself another one as a sort of belated birthday present. She's a 1959 (AMC/Nash) Rambler Six Custom, a compact (in those days) inexpensive economy car...the kind where everyone says "oh, my grandmother had a Rambler!" This car ran 10 years ago, but the carburetor was flooding and spraying gas, so the previous owner bought a rebuilt one, slapped it on, and the car wouldn't run. After a day of tinkering, he gave up and retired it to a field. Fast forward a decade to today. She is still an extremely complete car with just a single spot of bad rust on one of the doors. Floor panels are solid, no rust there either. 99% of the chrome and all of the glass is present and intact. Interior is sagging but complete and not terrible for 50 years old. Unfortunately, my Esprit is getting out of the shop for a timing belt change and it's a whole lot more than expected. So now that I bought this car, my restoration budget for it is dollars! Still, it's a neat little car and I'm well pleased with it. Will post resto updates here, but it may be a while...
  4. Has my S2 now for 3 years, 2 weeks and 2 days! And of course, no interest in selling it any time soon!
  5. The Palo Alto Concours d'Elegance in California usually invites this Turbo Esprit, and one or two Lotus race cars. I've seen the Turbo at a few shows (black tape under the "Turbo Esprit" badge is unique), but damned if I can remember the owner's name: Picture is darn big, my apologies...don't know how to resize!
  6. As much as I'd love to help turn a wrench and motivate you on your project, I'm up near San Francisco which is a bit of a drive! Don't know of any Lotus clubs down your way, but I'm sure there's something. I'd reccomend going to local car shows and charity drives and looking for Lotus cars and talk to the owners. Here's a good place to start: And of course, this forum is an awesome community and quite helpful as well!
  7. Robert - having owned and loved 2 Elites, I'm absolutely thrilled to see your progress! The interior looks just stunning, and now you have the "new car smell" to remind you of your accomplishments! And the exterior looks very good for a once-mistreated car. Best of luck lifting off the body. I've always wondered how that process goes. Keep up the amazing work and keep the updates coming. Looks like you'll have an amazing driver before very long!
  8. Richard - that's not an Eleven is it?
  9. Had an awful day yesterday: New roomate fell through and didn't sign onto the lease, found out I won't have the Esprit back from the shop (timing belt change) in time for my birthday, and a girl didn't show up for our lunch date. The only remedy: Going to a friends and watching "Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus". Definitely turned my day around! And no, I won't tell you which creature won...
  10. I love driving around looking for neglected cars in driveways! It's almost a hobby for me, and I usually bring a camera! There are dozens of groups on Flickr or other photo sharing websites dedicated to neglected cars, plus there's It's amazing what people find. Dave - have you talked to the S3s owner? I'd love to hear a valid reason for letting a car like that go to waste!
  11. Very sorry to hear, but glad you're okay. My mom complains that the Esprit is dangerous (no airbags) but your story thankfully proves otherwise. Try not to beat yourself up over damaging the S3. They are called traffic accidents for a reason - they're unintended and unexpected! I hope the insurance works out and the car can get another shot at the road rather than going to the breakers. Good luck sorting it out and keep counting your blessings!
  12. Pyropolymer, he is in Simi Valley. Are you familiar with this car? I'm not sure what the gray car is. The taillights look like those from an Elite/Eclat, so you could look up whatever cars also used those lights...not like that'll be a very narrow list!
  13. UPDATE VIN number 76/100103E Any interest in it now? It is a LHD car despite the Euro plate holder. S3 Turbo frame is spot on Wolfrace wheels from "the 1978" are available. Don't know if this car was sold as model year 1978 or if that's a typo, but according to the VIN this is an early one! He is showing the car on Saturday to prospective buyers. If anyone wants to get their hand into this, email Jack at [email protected] or call at 805-522-1443.
  14. Ah Tony, I was going to PM you soon in case you missed this thread! Are you in the market by any chance...? Hahaha I told the seller I couldn't buy the car, so I feel a little guilty pestering him for more info and pics, but for the good of the forum, sure! I'll update you on whatever info I can get. Gavin and Gordon: Agreed, he's fairly optimistic. I hope the price doesn't lead to it rotting for eternity... Giorgio, Jean, Hilly: the wealth of knowledge on this forum never ceases to amaze me! I could barely determine between S1/S2 and you're identifying the chassis by the gearbox mounts!
  15. Well, I sold mine last month but if duty calls, I suppose I can buy another one! Is the part just for S2 Elite/Eclats or does it work on S1s?
  16. I keep the Esprit keys on a keyring identical to this, but with the black badge: There's no shame in it for me. In fact we have 5 cars at the house, so it's quite handy to have the keys labeled!
  17. As stated, a conversion would involve more adaptation and improvisation than simply rebuilding the 907. I would put the effort into the Lotus motor, especially with it's relatively low miles. And no offense to anyone, but I'm usually underwhelmed with the hp/torque gains in the Rover V8 conversions that I've seen, for all the effort involved. Hilly - note that I said Rover V8s
  18. Best of luck with the sale, Simon. Though I must say, Kas always make me think of this advert: And there's another one with a cat that I won't post!
  19. She could well be, but it's hard to tell. I could barely determine that she was an S1 in the first place! One odd thing is the Domestic/Euro license plate holder. The car could be an imported RHD...?
  20. Clark

    Eddie Murphy

    Here we go again! Paul: The Eddie Murphy Fan Club heard about this topic and they've gotten you a present!
  21. Saw a local posting that listed a "Lotus project" among others, figured I'd drop them a line, and found that it's an Esprit S1 (far as I can tell)! Car is located near Los Angeles, CA. She's beyond my budget and skill level, but I thought I'd share the info in the hopes that she'll find a good home. INFORMATION (from seller): "The Esprit is stripped down for painting new frame lots of parts 907 motor 5 speed gearbox originaly read 30,000 miles clear papers Price for the $6000.00" Contact Jack at [email protected]
  22. Very brave of you to jump into it and stick with it when it seems overwhelming. I'm so glad it didn't end up a horror story, but that you kept at it, didn't give up and came out with a nicely rebuilt engine! Hopefully the Car Gods will reward you with a few sunny days so you can get in a proper drive!
  23. Congrats to the both of you! Excellent proof that you don't need to be the priciest, newest and fastest to win an award. Glad these folks decided on good taste rather than the numbers game.
  24. Gunter - You lucky man, I am now looking into transfering to your University! Steve - Must be a marketing thing: "Buy an Evora and we'll throw in cookies!" And for my random picture, a beefed up Pantera I came across: The license plate says "RAPID" and I believe him!
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