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  1. Thanks for the imput, Jon. I'm not sure if I'm going to use a new shroud or leave it off. Small animals??? Ya know, I haven't seen our cat lately. Dave 90SE
  2. Jeff, Dan......Thanks for the imput. I kinda knew you guys would suggest to keep the shroud. I'm ordering a new alum. radiator and maybe I can piece the old shroud together as Roger did. Nice job on that, Roger. If not, I'll have to spring for a new one. New fans??? Mine all work, but while I'm under there............ Dave 90SE
  3. With my ongoing chargecooler problems solved, thanks to Tony, I'm back to ordering parts for the engine radiator. I've noticed cooling fans mounted directly to the radiator using special plastic wire ties, thus eliminating the plastic fan shroud. Mine is in many pieces and I'm thinking of not using it. Good idea or should I spring for new one?? Dave 90SE
  4. Thanks Tony......That looks like just what I need Dave 90SE
  5. I removed the radiator from my 1990 SE today and found the air conditioning / chargecooler radiator to be from an non-chargecooled car. No chargecooler rad. From the shop manual, it should have two radiators sandwiched together. Nope, mine's got one flat radiator for the air and nothing else. Looking at the 4 coolant pipes through the body, the 2 on the right side have a u shaped hose connecting to each other. The car does have an 1989 front valance, different style than what should be on there, which I assumed meant the car had been hit in the front. Must be the rad got replaced also. The chargecooler always seemed some what cool, elec. pump works so I thought all was well. I could buy a correct chargecooler /air cond. radiator, if I could find one. That would be big $, on top of the price of a new engine cooling rad. Or I could hook the chargecooler up to the air rad. I never use the air and have always thought about removing it. What do you guys think. I'm open to suggestions. I'm going to the pub and think about it. Thanks Dave 90SE
  6. Hi kids...I've seen this question before, but never have gotten an answer. Is there a paint code for the 1990 OZ wheels. My Dunlop SP 9000 's are worn out and its time to repaint the wheels before mounting new tyres Dave 90SE
  7. Amen, Marcus...Teigan, I don't think a career at Walmart as a greeter would suit you. You would have to be friendly toward all people, including auto engineers. "Good morning Colin, welcome to lousy, engineering jerk". Sorry, Teigan....Your fired!!!!! Dave 90SE
  8. Teigan..I'm kinda sick of your complaining also. Half the fun of Lotus ownership is working on them. Go buy a Honda. Dave 90SE
  9. Bear with me...this is my first post on this forum. My new Spax shocks [front] are junk. Has anyone tried Protec shocks from Steve at SJ? My new Spax raised the front about an inch and wollow like crazy. I hate them. How about Leda shocks. Are they pricey? Thanks for the imput Dave 90SE
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