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  2. Now I know why i haven't posted any pics yet. Give me some tools in my hands and i will be fine. But this F*****G computer sh*t Sorry can't spend more time on trying to get my pics on here. This will end up with me smashing the computer.
  3. Never posted pictures before. If you give me a quick update how to do it. Then no problem Gertjan
  4. I'm almost done with mine. I could send pictures of the conversion, to who wants them. Wasn't such a difficult job, but you should have all the parts before you go on with it. Cheers Gertjan
  5. Welded a 20cm rod on a drill. And drilled them out from below And finally the front bumper is removed
  6. Impossible to reach Andy The bolts are in the right of the car,just beside headlight pod. I just barely can get my hand in the opening. At the front i can flex them of, but on the side i don
  7. I thought that removing the watervalve was quit an operation. That was till I started to remove the front bumper. It still hangs on to a few rusted bolts,that i can
  8. Gefeliciteerd Mat hope you had a good day. What did you get, an Esprit????
  9. Got the little bugger out. And replaced it with the electronic one from the V8. Going to see my physiotherapist now to get my back straightend again.
  10. I need pointers to remove my watervalve under the dash. I
  11. Yep, Im converting my old dash into a newer type,and have some wires to much. But i can
  12. Who can help me finding the following pages? Section ML sheet 11-12-13-14 Gertjan
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