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  1. Thanks for sharing, will watch all of them for sure Attached links to two old articles from the vehicle dynamics magazine. The first one is more positve, the second one a bit less, so the balance is right :-) Enjoy ! Matt Becker John Miles remembers Colin Chapman Cheers Marc
  2. interesting subject attached link to an article with some details on engine additives more links at the bottom of the page Cheers marc
  3. Hi Thread on G-car fuel filter with a few cross references May be helpful Cheers Marc
  4. Many thanks for organizing this excellent event ! really enjoyed it. Cheers Marc
  5. Hello Marco Find attached a picture of the fuel pressure regulator (85 turbo). Connection underneath goes back to the right fuel tank Cheers marc
  6. Hi I will be coming from Frankfurt Hahn with Ryanair, but only on the 18th. Can't make it earlier. Plane should arrive at 6.50am on London Stansted airport. Have reserved a rental car and will come to Hethel asap. If anybody wants a lift, let me know. Cheers Marc
  7. Simon Have balanced mine a while ago and the effect was pretty significant. Engine was running smoother afterwards . I posted a few pics on how to balance the carburettors with a MAP sensor on the forum back then. Cheers marc
  8. Hi Wayne Think you don't have to bring it up to date, imho the S3 is really nice and timeless in its original form. like the title "purists beware" :-) Cheers marc
  9. Steve I actually did some tests with closed throttle. All I can say is that readings were significantly lower (80-100) , and not at all repeatable. There's nothing wrong with an enquiring mind :-) Cheers marc
  10. Hi Here are my compression readings cold vs 1/2 hot (+/- 45 deg) cyl. cold (PSI) at 45 deg (PSI) 1 120 122 2 118 120 3 116 120 4 115 120 measured with Motometer compression tester range: 250 PSI ( Open throttle is essential to get a proper reading. Cheers marc
  11. on an turbo esprit you can change the filter without "cutting" holes. you'll have to remove the underbody for better access though. as the fuel filter is a part that "is meant" to be replaced I would be astonished if you had to cut holes in the bodywork to do that. Would assume that Lotus has thought about that - but you never know. Cheers marc
  12. older cambelt tension thread Cheers marc
  13. Hi Have tried to balance the carburetors on my 85 turbo Esprit recently. A carbtune II borrowed from a colleague somehow allowed me to do something, but fluctuations were pretty significant. I wasn't really confident with it. This is why I tried to do something with a manifold pressure (MAP) sensor. Conclusions In combination with an analogue voltmeter this setup gives a stable reading, thus allowing a precise balancing of the individual carburetors. Having balanced the carburetors the car's response has improved significantly. Cheers Marc
  14. very sorry to see this, especially on a G-esprit same fate for my cousin's speedster - but that doesn't really help you
  15. hi I can really understand your problems - but that doesn't help Have been working my way through the ignition system recently as well. You can buy the gunson flashtest to get an approximate idea about the HT voltage, or try the setup with the two "modified" spark plugs. Guess you should be able to determine if the ignition is faulty or not that way. The pressure of the fuel will also drop if the voltage at the pump drops - maybe something to check as well. Cheers marc
  16. Update Yes ! the car reacts better now, I am not yet fully satisfied, but it's a lot better. I'll open the front carb. if I have time, to check if the fuel level has really changed. Finally a positive experience :-) cheers marc
  17. thanks for all the info guys ! also checked the float level in the second carb. It was exactly 27mm ! readjusted the floats in the first carb. slightly and first impression was that the car reacts a better. as the roads were wet yesterday I could not test full throttle. will keep you updated ! cheers marc
  18. Hello Have been working further through the labyrinth. Checked timing of ignition pulses, they seem to come regularly, HT voltage checked earlier also seems to be correct. HT check setup Timing advance advance values measured with timing light are the following at 800 rpm +/- 10 deg at 2000 rpm +/- 20 deg at 3000 rpm and above +/- 25 deg picture below at idling (+/-800rpm) So it looks like the ignition side is ok - I dont' see anything special. Started to dismantle the first carburetor, to check the float level. It is around 25mm from the top. Is 25mm from the top enough ? Difference between float lever and cover is 15mm. (vertical position) Ideas, suggestions ? Thanks marc
  19. Graham thanks for your input I have the impression my fuel pump is always running, think it never stops, have to check that. Marc
  20. Thanks for the hint. I better check that then. The smell is pretty obvious inside. Have a feeling I will dismount the carburettors soon :-) , access to the dizzy is also easier then. Cheers marc
  21. Andy just come back from another test drive I can smell fuel from time to time, engine is juddering, but not always, that would indicate ignition is faulty - wouldn't it ? cheers marc
  22. thanks Andy ! the bad thing with the dizzy cap and its advance mechanism is that it is impossible to get to. maybe I'll have to remove both carb. for that. attached the pics I could not post yesterday the self build setup to get an estimate of the ignition voltage is based on the gunson flahstest, the calibration values as well. I still have a spark at 12mm electrode distance - that should be something around 20kV have to figure out a way to check the advance setting then.
  23. Hi My 85 Esprit is still juddering under load, even when revving up the engine without load it is obvious. The rpm is not perfectly stable at a constant gas pedal position. It feels like there are minor interrupts from time to time. Have been fiddling with the idle jet settings and with the ignition for a while. Have measured the ignition voltage today with a home made setup. Looks like I have something around 20kV for each cylinder. - Guess that's ok ?! Have also tested CO level, but only with car standing rpm CO(%) boost (psi) 900 2.5 0 2000 0.3 0 3000 0.4 0 4000 0.5 0 5000 1.5 2.5 6000 2.3 5 Can you derive anything from those values measured at idling? The car doesn't seem to be running lean, and it also looks like I have an ignition that is strong enough. Still problems. :-( Any ideas ? Cheers Marc
  24. Trevor thanks for your feedback Think the manual says something about 4.5psi for the fuel pressure at idling. The pressure regulator should then compensate for the boost pressure. I do not exactly know what my boost pressure was, but increase in fuel pressure was clear. I measured the pressure with a pressure transducer and a digital multimeter - that's not the best to register short peaks. Guess my pressure is ok, I'll continue to look elsewhere. Will try to measure CO level vs rpm, see what that gives. Cheers marc
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