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  1. OK a lovely sunny summers day in Swansea so got the Esprit out of the garage. Thanks for all the responses I checked all HT leads cleaned and put them back. Coil looks new but could still be suspect checked all coil connections checked distributor cap looks like a hall effect type sensor fitted instead of the points (not optical type) checked Flow check valve, connection seemed suspect and connector actually snapped off when i moved it. I crimped on new connector and replaced. I also noticed that the 1st carb, bottom bolt looked loose, so tightened it and tick over was a lot less l
  2. thanks will have a look tomorrow if this damn rain ever stops
  3. My N/A S2 lotus has decided not to start after a run. It got stuck outside Halfords last week and today stopped to get petrol and the damn thing wouldnt start. It will start straight away if Bumped. after one turn. will also start if left for an hour, i suspect carbs, fuel problem but has anybody got any tips where to start looking. thanks Steve
  4. Just checking through the registry and i notice that i only have seven numbers instead of eight 7809475G On my log book it is written as 7809/475G should it actually be 78090475G this would match with the rest in the series Will check the VIN plate when i get back from India probably August unless somebody out there can confirm what it should be. Keep up the Good work Regards Steve Steveh Swansea UK
  5. Steveh Series 2 Yellow 1978 Swansea UK Chassis Number 7809/475G
  6. wuhan98


    funny you should mention heaters, mine is blowing cold air, not sure if it's valve or the matrix did the one in the stag when the dash was out, like you say easier to wrap up warm. Cant remember about the bolts in the gearbox, but i removed the engine and box together so probably did it on the floor
  7. wuhan98


    Hello Simon I am living Near Swansea, Pontarddulais when i am home, which at the moment is not very often Talking about the fuel pump on an S2, where is the pump positioned ? looks like i am going to have to remove it
  8. wuhan98


    Thanks everybody for the welcome Have added a picture taken when i got the car in August. Been away for 3 months working so have spent most of my free time over the last month carrying out checks over the car driven it a little when weather allowed fixed a few small problems, but seems now that the fuel pump is playing up. Engine stopping at the worst moments ! same design as the all BL cars SU i think Only other pics i have are the ones from Ebay, I will post them if required but they are still available on ebay at the moment see link My previous history of "classic cars" is ownin
  9. wuhan98


    Yes Its mine i bought it off Ebay sorry to all you guys who think it's been butchered have to try and trace it's history i think it's been reshelled, may have been in an accident ? Drives well and i like the look of it each to his own !
  10. wuhan98


    Hello I am a new Member bought my first Lotus this year Not a Cop work abroad a lot of the year but spent some time with the car, and the wife and kids over the last month will be spending a lot more time on the forum over the next year Happy New Year to everyone Steve
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