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  1. CarBuff

    Oil Pressure Oddness

    Make a note for next time.... Our USA Esprit guru always says he always paints the A136 or 5188 on with a brush. You don't need much. Yes, it IS an anaerobic sealant, it sets up in the absence of air.
  2. CarBuff

    Oil Pressure Oddness

    ^^^ That is fine for the intake valves. Are you using the same specification for both intake & exhaust? Because the exhaust specs are 0.010 - 0.012, and they will tighten over time. I set them to the .012 end.
  3. CarBuff

    Sudden loss of oil S2 - Advice needed

    If it makes you feel better, about 25 years ago a branch blew across the road I was driving on. Like a straw through lumber by a hurricane, it poked a hole through my front oil cooler and caused a sudden loss of pressure. (Not a scratch on the car otherwise!) Drove about 90 seconds with no pressure, and a meter-wide puddle appeared under the car when we found a safe pull-over spot. 20 years and 50,000 miles later, when we refreshed our engine, the con & main bearings were found to be in excellent shape. So no harm was done.
  4. USA cars do have that module. On our '88 it delays pod retraction by only a second or two. Can't remember if the delay module keeps the lights on, though. Still, worth the time spent to reseat all the colorful modules and relays under the bonnet. (Always support/hold the wiring underneath when doing this to ensure that socket connectors are not pulled away.) Some contact cleaner might be worthwhile to use as well, since Tim's car was sitting dormant for a time.
  5. CarBuff

    Time to start explaining

    Barry is probably using the picture on the bottle to re-assemble his 'box. 😉
  6. CarBuff

    Oil Pressure Oddness

    Sometimes your initial readings of valve clearance are affected by worn spots on the shims. I needed 3 tries to get the clearances where I wanted them. That is why you measure it 'dry' at that you can take it apart several times. Practice makes perfect as they say.😁
  7. I don't know if an S2 is the same as my Stevens turbo, but the latches DO require regular lubrication. Is there a single, center latch or the two at each rear corner, as on the Turbos?
  8. CarBuff

    oil pressure gauge shows backwards

    This Topic shows the location of the sender and warning switch, on the LR side of the engine block. I bet someone installed a VDO sender instead of the proper Caerbont type. The senders rely on a good ground-path so perhaps assuring a proper earth will resolve your issue. (IIRC there is also a relay involved that prevents the Low Oil Pressure lamp from illuminating during hot idle...)
  9. CarBuff

    New owner starting and idle issues

    Or, you could just DRIVE the car. Run at least two tankfuls of gasoline (with a cleansing agent like Techron in the tank, use according to directions) and post back.
  10. CarBuff

    How smooth is your v8 tickover?
  11. CarBuff

    New owner starting and idle issues

    Often, Esprits from 88 - 89 are listed for sale as SEs, although they are not. SE referrs to the Chargecooled (intercooled) 4 cylinder cars. First, run the engine a short while (30 secs) then shut it down. Pull the plugs, post pictures. (They should be V-groove NGKs, .35" gap) Fuel pump check: worth it. You need to check pressure of both pumps and the VOLUME of fuel. You also need to check the Warm Up Regulator pressure, and the air metering vane/flap. (Should be easy to move and should open all the way with constant pressure.) Freescan and EspritMon only work with GM fuel injection, 89-up. "Bosch cars throw fits, not codes" 😵 EBPV (Exhaust Back Pressure Valve) operation is a is located just left of the muffler.
  12. CarBuff

    New owner starting and idle issues

    Tim, saw your post on FB. (It is a Bosch FI car, US spec, not an SE) What specific repairs were done? Who did the work?
  13. BTW I've just re-read the original post. Your off-idle issue would seem to me, to be a lean running condition. A low idle (in this case due to electrical loads) would make the situation very noticeable! Just a thought.
  14. The Bosch alternator (used in 80's BMWs) sometimes requires 'clocking'...that is, you remove the case screws and then turn the front VS. back to match the orientation of the OEM Lotus alternator, so that the wiring will reach. It's easy, as long as you are careful to move the pulley side only so that the rear-mounted brushes don't fall out of place. You will also need to acquire a longer lower securing bolt (the one on the tension adjusting strap). Some folks use a carriage bolt with two of the flats ground/filed to fit the slot; I had a welding shop lengthen my OE bolt. More info (with pictures of the swap process) are in several places here and on The All-Knowing Google will find them.
  15. How have you set the idle? With older engines that don't have some kind of load compensation (like the Esprit before '89), you should be setting the idle with some electrical loads in place. On our Bosch '88, I set warm idle to 850 RPM with the interior fan on high, and the headlamps on. With those loads off, my idle is a shade over 1000. That said, the original alternators (you have the 70 amp version?) don't provide very much amperage at idle. This results in the car 'running off the battery' at low engine speeds. Then when the RPMs increase, the alternator must provide extra amperage to replace the power that was lost during the idle period. This is hard on both the alternator (causes the voltage regulator to 'cook' it's potting compound) and the battery (the compensating charging amperage at higher RPM will tend to 'boil' the electrolyte). The above scenario is the reason many of us have switched to the Bosch AL49X alternator which provides a LOT more 'juice' at low RPMs. ++++++++++ PS: the loose alternator belt is a good possibility. BTDT. They can be a PAIN to properly tension. 😣