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  1. I had Mintex 1144 pads fitted on my Esprit for years (stock brakes, though) without squeaking. What have you done to reduce the squeaking? Proper bedding? You should always apply a coat of high-temp brake grease top the back of new pads, or a product like this: CRC 05016 Disc Brake Quiet (Available from Amazon)
  2. On the turbo G-cars, cabin air is exhausted through the b-pillars finishers just aft of the doors (notice the slits). You correctly spotted the interior air path. The finishers contained open-cell foam to reduce wind noise. Unless it has been replaced already, that foam is surely disintegrated by now. On Stevens cars the cabin air is removed through vents in the doors. There are holes in the bottom of the door cards, and a vent on the trail edge of the door skin (above the latches). On our Stevens, I've found that it is necessary to keep the interior fan ON for the system to work. (There is no high pressure area at the base of the windshield, as on more common but less sleek vehicles).
  3. What happens when you switch it? (Don't have anyone in the Ejector Seat when you try it..) How long have you owned that car? Assume that it is in OZ since it is RHD and an HCI.
  4. Aren't the mats the same shape whether RHD or LHD? If your present mats are wearing at the heels, could provide some rubber pads to cover those worn spots!
  5. The second link is to an aluminum (aluminium on the right-hand side of the pond ) radiator. (Can't tell from the description in Cooling Solutions link) Just a warning...seems as if the mounting style of the Esprit rad reduces the life of aluminum replacements. I know of at least two owners who went back to brass (recored) units after experiencing failures within two years. If you DO replace your radiator, hold onto the old one 'just in case' you need to recore it later.
  6. Old issue... That black 'mask' is the primer for the BetaSeal sealant. Requires removing the quarter windows, re-finishing the mask, and reinstalling. Here is an old topic I found from 2004 I found these descriptions in an Elise document (newer materials? from 2001) Glass Cleaner: Betawipe VP 04604 Lotus part no. A082B6150V Primer: Betaprime 5001 Lotus part no. A100B6009V Adhesive: Betaseal 1701 Lotus part no. A082B6281F or Betamate E2400 Lotus part no. A082B8415V The quarter windows can be removed with dental floss to cut the old sealer.
  7. CarBuff

    Tool kit

    Here are pics of our USA '88s contents. If you can find 'Heyco' tools you might be able to make your own.
  8. Not sure about specific fuel stabilizer blends that are available in the UK. Stateside, Sta-Bil is well regarded. Have you checked/renewed the internal hoses on the fuel pump assemblies? Here is a recent Topic on LotusTalk that addresses this issue: Nice picture in Post 35.
  9. You can get the same indication by observing the sight glass at the right-front corner of the car. Bubbles (after 5 minutes running) indicate a somewhat low level of refrigerant. (Hopefully the original receiver/dryer hasn't been swapped out when the R134 conversion took place. New ones don't have the sight glass...)
  10. A question for the UK owners: Can you use "HC-12a" in your systems that were designed for R12? Lots of discussions here in the USA
  11. I had bad vibes with the original DexCool (on Lotus & 'Vettes) when it first came out in the 1990s. I heard they changed the formulation, but the big issue is, if you (or past owners) mixed any other type of coolant, it would tend to clog up in the system. Perhaps someone else wants to comment. I DO believe that DexCool was installed until the end of the Esprit run.
  12. Dexcool was the original fill.
  13. PLEASE protect the environment, and fix the leak! The Sanden 508 compressors used by many companies (including Lotus) are known to leak on the pulley side. Here's how to replace the seal: PS: The 88's have charging ports on the hoses underneath. Remove the undertray (10 bolts) and have a look on the right side of the engine bay. Easy to reach with the rear wheels on ramps.
  14. All three fans should come on at the same time, either with hot coolant temps, or with the A/C selected. Check for bad relays; also make sure you don't have any 'melted' plastic in the relay sockets that could result in loose connections.
  15. In this case, it SHOULD be a 'visual'. Just assume the Lotus position, look at the central heater area under the dash, and assure that the 'dryer hoses' are attached. As noted, the ones that come adrift are often kicked asunder.
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