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  1. FWIW, I replaced all the '194' size bulbs in our '88s binnacle in the mid 1990s, and they are all still working. Removing the binnacle to service the bulbs and instruments isn't that difficult IMO, the 4 bolts, speedometer cable, and plugs... A few minutes in the 'Lotus Position'. Job Done.
  2. A CEL (Check Engine Light) is probably a code 26, which is a bit generic.
  3. Some Esprits had leather around the rear window...some had cloth headliner material. The leather is straightforward to clean. The cloth a little less so (because it is foam-backed and you don't want to suck the cloth away from the foam). Ours is cloth, and I achieve acceptable results by vacuuming the material. I use a crevice tool held against the cloth ('laying down', with the nozzle sucking 'across the grain'), the tool holds the material in place and the suction does its thing.
  4. Have you set up the fast idle as the Service Notes spell out? (Section LD or LF in the 'Notes) In a nutshell, take a warmed-up, properly running engine. Connect together the two leads on the high temperature switch (two black right-angle connectors next to the Warm Up Regulator). Your engine should RACE because the throttle jack capsule is now engaged. Adjust the collar on the throttle end of the TJ Capsule to lessen the idle a bit. It is a finicky adjustment...half a mm makes a big change.
  5. Apparently, they moved the sensor location around over the years.... Here is a picture of one on an 89 SE. (Thanks Travis) Yellow arrow. Looks to be about the same position as the orange arrow, above.
  6. ^^ Common issue. Good preventative maintenance. Don't forget to check the coolant level for 5 - 10 drives after the t-stat replacement. You will need to add some as the air purges.
  7. Can't a paint shop match one of the other wheels? They can analyze such things, these days.
  8. Having tried that rear size ONCE, I would not go back. The car wants more rear grip IMO. After that set wore, I fitted some proper 235/60 - 15 and it was as if the car was reborn. But, I could not find matching fronts in the original type summer tires. Only 'all season'. I know that availability differs on our side of the pond...
  9. The right-angle drive on the Ciroen 'box is worth checking. I know of one owner who repaired his by seating the 'freeze plug' looking cap on the trailing edge. Removing the speedo drive is can fall into the extension housing..
  10. Look up 'durometer' of poly...this refers to the hardness, or resistance to flex (twist). Different vendors use different types. You never know. I habitually spray my bushes (EDIT: with spray silicone) while waiting for engine oil to drain. Until I discovered the subtle perished bush in my pictures, I have not felt the need to replace any. All the rest on my car are original, checked every B service. Regards wider wheels: I felt as you do until the 15" rubber became difficult to source. PS: A nice penetrate (believe it or not) is Armor-All....
  11. Your pictures are of the right side arms. The left side, upper bush (closest to the exhaust heat) is most likely to fail. Pictures of my old LH upper arm is attached. Some poly bushes are less tolerant of heat than the rubber. If you think you would ever consider fitting wider wheels & lower profile tyres, it is a good time to fit adjustable upper links. Since the proper working of the rear suspension depends on the twisting of the bushes, many owners advocate sticking with the rubber. Do your shop a favour, start soaking all the hardware NOW with pene
  12. Sorry, the G Esprit bulbs with the fibre optic system are different than our Stevens cars I think. Make sure the LED bulbs you buy are dimmable. I'll defer to other owners regards size.
  13. So, UK G-cars have separate running lamps and brake lamps? None share a 'normal' brightness (running lights)_ with 'intense' brightness (when brakes are applied)? Sorry. Are the fitments you mention LED? +++++++++++++++++ All you need to know about the Pektron Inverter is that it was Colin Chapman's secret method by which they sucked the car to the ground...
  14. All the binnacle lamps in our '88 were '194' if I remember correctly.
  15. Did you put dual-brightness LEDs in the brake lamps? That could be the source of the interference. We had to change bulbs for the same reason. Both our noisy & quiet bulbs were made by Diode Dynamics, and they were nice about exchanging them. PS: If you find the Pektron Inverter, don't EVER remove it...
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