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  1. In our smog-encrusted locale of New Jersey, USA (NYC metro area), we have run E10 since the late 1990s. The key is to drive your car regularly so that the fuel circulates and does not cause issues from sitting in one place. (It's a tough job, but a task that is worthwhile!) 😇 Whenever you do a repair, replace all the fuel lines you can reach with modern rubber lines.
  2. That's why, after removing and cleaning our ROV, I vowed to be 'busy that day' if any of my Esprit friends wanted help with theirs. 👀 Despite placing a magnetized blanket under it, I must have lost 10 kilos of washers into the bodywork while doing the job. Should have realized that this needed to be yet another Engine Out Job! 😅
  3. I have to ask (again) Do ROW GM MPFI Esprits have a roll over valve in the RH sail panel? I KNOW that USA models do. I have seen the ROVs get sticky from long periods of Esprit dis-use. That can cause the type of intermittent issue you are experiencing. (Our car had an idle issue on hot starts and that is what the issue turned out to be.) I was fighting the issue (which only happened maybe one a MONTH) for over three years...
  4. I know, right? A true PROFESSIONAL would have smoothed that RTV with a wet finger. 🥴 Not to mention, putting the sealant in the correct spot...LOL
  5. This is tongue-in-cheek...🙄 But why not take the carpet padding that Lotus installed on the top & bottom of the gas tanks, put it under your new carpet. If you need more, I'm sure other owners would be willing to donate! Fix TWO issues, all at once. 😂 Colin would be proud of you.
  6. Where is that connector? Would a thin zip-tie hold it together temporarily (and enable the fans)?
  7. William, Trying to look at the simple things first, You might have one or more bad connections to the ECU socket. Either the 'input' side (that transmits the signal from the temp sensor under the intake) or the 'output' side that sends the voltage to the relay. Seen that regards the speedo signals at the ECU, on a friend's S4s. Speaking of that sensor, maybe that is what is 'heat soaking' and is preventing the fans from turning on. Tell the CAR WIZARD he disturbed the wiring when he replaced your head gasket... 🥴😇 LOL Can't wait for the video.... PS: What injectors are you running? Improper injector impedance can set the code 26, and if the resistance is marginal, that code can come & go. Ask JAE if they can recommend a place that can test/repair the GM ECUs, post back here if they know of one. I know that SOME owners just needed to re-solder components.
  8. Verify that the connectors to the fan relay are still tight and not backed out of their plastic base. Current draw and loose connections can result in heat, which softens the retainers. Also, verify that your fan relays have not been switched around. Some are single contact, some are dual contact, and DON"T sway the two types.
  9. You seem to be correct, JAE suggested I use McMaster for the broken ones on our Esprit but I hadn't got A Round Tuit. I looked at SJ, Lotus used them in newer models like Elises. Found Lotus OEM vendors that sell them in several countries, too.
  10. I'm from the 'other' coast so no direct experience, but the large amount of 'squiggles' on the map's roads indicates a good time to me. Hopefully you won't get stuck behind an RV. 😡 If that route is from a motorcyclist website it is SURE to be good. On the East Coast, we always look at motorcycle routes when we leave the Interstate...
  11. Many of the B service items are checks & observations. Your shop should look at that stuff while the car is on the hoist, while the oil is draining. The more intensive parts of the B (valve lash checks, brake & clutch fluid replacement, suspension torque verification) can be done on a TIME basis. Say, every two years for the hydraulics, on a street-driven car. We change oil just before our car gets laid-up for the winter; engine oil can become corrosive due to normal blow by.
  12. Post pictures of the other side of the terminal, please. Commonly, there are little locking tabs that hold the terminal into the plastic. On high-amperage circuits (fuel pump & cooling fans) the current draw could melt the plastic and then the terminals get pushed back when the fuses are fitted. Or, the locking tab could be broken off/bent. (Reminder to all owners, always support the wiring side when plugging in fuses or relays on Lotus cars...)🙄
  13. McMaster-Carr in the USA sells the plastic clips (called P-Clips) A bit of Googling for sources near you would certainly find some replacements. You can buy them in all different sizes.
  14. Can't that left side bolt be withdrawn high enough to fit the mounts? Also, be sure to check the security of the three bolts fixing the long mount to the engine block. Have seen some of them pulled out of their threads. 👀 Each job has additional consequences...
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