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  1. I see that you memorized part of the the last step., but don't forget the second line: "Making all necessary adjustments if needed"
  2. No. And Yes. Often, you need BOTH service manual and parts list to get an idea of how stuff fits. Other times, the parts are just shown 'floating in space' so that you don't have any idea where in the car they attach. And there is no procedure for fitting in the Service Notes. (Says right in the FORWARD the 'Notes are for the Journeyman Mechanic...) I'm sure someone will give you the details of the bonnet/pod hinge combination. I've not needed to touch ours, as my yearly maintenance routine includes dripping a drop of oil onto the pod pivots...
  3. If you remove the body you could remove the gas tanks...even if to see how much easier (?) it is then! <DUCKS>
  4. The door card simply 'hangs' from the upper sill. There are screws (like sheet-metal screws) that fix the card, front & rear. The receivers have been known to strip. There is a two-piece 'collar' that clips around the inner handle, too.
  5. Pressing the Hazard switch was a 'thing' for older British cars to assure that turn signals worked. Not so necessary, for Stevens cars. ++++++++ You need to troubleshoot with a VOM meter. Got a short to ground (earth), somewhere. I'd inspect the wiring in the boot as a first step, look for pinched wires.
  6. Either too cold, or too humid, or too dry, or too warm. More seriously do the buttons have a backlight at all when presses, or wiggled in the ON position? If not, its not likely the switches.
  7. At one point in time, Lotus sold a baffled oil pan for the SE and later Esprit 4 cylinder. The local track-day drivers also recommended to overfill oil by 1/2 qt at the track to lessen the chance of starvation.
  8. I can't tell size from the picture (our car only has the composite roof). But, Ian is correct, they DO get looser as they age, and judging from the rough, 'worn' contact area at the peak of the seals in your pic, yours is ripe for replacement. According to the parts book, 3 meters length is required. A082U6123F PS There is not supposed to be a gap where the ends are joined. If you buy bulk rubber seal as a replacement, cut it a few mm 'long'...also, put a dowel in the hole of the seal where the join is, that serves to keep the ends aligned and in place. ++++++++++++ I mentioned greasing the 'tongues' first, as they can squeak and creak as the roof panel moves around when the body flexes. In fact, if that DOES quiet the noise, Lotus issued a TSB recommending (first) greasing the tongues, then (second) filling their receivers with RTV (Betaseal), then (third) fitting the roof into place. After 24 hours, the roof can be removed and the tongues can be cleaned...they will be much more secure then. The sealant will not stick to the tongues.
  9. First thing I'd try is a bit of lubrication on the front 'tongues'. Does your Esprit have the bespoke taller weatherseal fitted for the glass roof?
  10. You can't just assume that is the case. Lately, we have noticed: WIX's Esprit oil filters are no longer made in the USA, they are made in China. Same with Mann and ACDelco filters (fitments for the wife's Jaguar). Still, if a company changes its point of manufacture, that plant should be producing to the OEMs quality specifications, so "Made in China" isn't necessarily an automatic disqualification.
  11. A vendor versed in the application of PPF (Paint Protection Film) should not have any issue with those scoop edges. IIRC the original Lotus bits were simply pre-cut pieces of 'Helicopter Blade Tape'. The HBT turned yellow and cracked after a few years, so today's PPF should do MUCH better. I would think that applying PPF to the shape of rearview mirrors would be MORE challenging!
  12. This is, indeed an issue. Makes the practice of sealing the joints with non-hardening Hylomar a MUST. A couple owners in the USA reported silicone hose failure (leaking in the MIDDLE of the hose length)! Turns out these were eBay 'specials' Buyer Beware. If you are in the USA, the silicone hoses sold by Esprit parts specialist JAE Parts are robust. My engine-bay silicone set from JAE is still going strong after 10 years. (Had to tighten a few clamps ONCE.) I just used rubber hoses up front, as the temps at that end are not as severe.
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