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  1. The LF mount on our '88 TE has looked like your second pic for many years, no issues. Now, if you had an S1 or S2 without rear upper control arms, I'd worry. <<DUCKS>>
  2. True, but the yearly 'exercise' strategy works 90% of the time. Easy, too. Only problem is, I run out of fingers trying to count to 15. ðŸĪŠ (Can't tell you how many indicators start working, at around the 12 mark...)
  3. Thanks for the picture. See the little slot visible on the lower switch? There is a U-shaped, flat blade screwdriver-type tool that is designed to straddle the black push button. It is used to unscrew the tiny bezel on the switch. That is the Theory...but in Practice it is usually just as easy to use two very small screwdrivers to unscrew it. I've attached an article I wrote in 2006 about refurbishing the switches. They are still working fine on our Esprit today, tho' I have gone to LED interior bulbs now. ++++++++++++++ Regards the hazards and turn-signal indicators: On older British cars, it is wise to actuate and de-actuate the Hazard switch 15 times, once a year, to 'clean' the contacts. Solves all sorts of electrical gremlins. Door switch repair.pdf
  4. The relatively thick 20W-50 (or 15W-50) oil needed for the generous engine clearances DOES need about 15 minutes of easy driving before you explore the limits of the tachometer.😏 But one thing to remember, the original oils specified were mineral oils, not synthetics. So unless you visit a few racetracks en route, a synthetic oil shouldn't need that idling period before shutdown (to avoid 'coking') Our '88's turbo is still 98,000 miles. +++++++++++++++ One instrument to pay attention to is the voltmeter. ours reads about .75 volts low, but it still charges the battery up at an indicated 13.5 VDC after a start, settling down to an indicated 12.8 V after 15 minutes of daytime running. The original alternators (if still equipped) didn't provide much amperage during low-RPM running, so check that the battery is strong, otherwise you will over-tax your alternator in stop n go/nighttime traffic. (The voltage regulators overheat, and drip black potting compound onto the alternator.) Look at the top of the A/C compressor for 'black goo'.
  5. What does the trunk floor look like? Does the battery stick up, or did you substitute a smaller, lighter battery?
  6. IIRC, the G-car removable roofs were usually glassfibre, like the bodies. (not glass or plexi) Removable roofs were not fitted as standard until the Stevens-bodied cars (1988+) Dig through the statistics here:
  7. Before checking the rack, it is worth checking and re-packing the front wheel bearings if front wheel play is detected. These days, inspectors are not used to the wear effects of the 'open' tapered bearings Lotus used. They are supposed to be re-packed and checked periodically. The Service Notes show how...although the specification of a certain resistance when pulling with a spring-loaded scale isn't any easier than other maker's methods of tightening the axle nut to a certain torque, then backing off a little before re-fitting the cotter pin. At least with 'newer' cars (85+?) Lotus used Toyota Celica front bearings and seals, easy to obtain.
  8. I heard this, too. I've driven Carb'd tiurbos, but who knows how well they were set up? (jetted) I think that the K-Jet Esprit is fine!
  9. Join Lotus,Ltd, the US national club. They have a Travelers Network of folks who are willing to help other owners out if you encounter difficulties en-route. Comes with the Member Roster. See if you can get that expedited to you. That said, I'm the Esprit Technical Focus so I'll PM my phone number to you. "I KNOW GUYS" 😁
  10. Post a picture...if they are the same as a Stevens car, they are retained from the outside. In that case I have an article on removal, disassembly, and contact cleaning.
  11. By all means, take your friend and DRIVE the 1987 HCi back. (North American cars used Bosch K-Jetronic FI) Do a shakedown trip or two first, storage/inactivity can cause issues. If you trailer the car ðŸĨĩ position it front-forward, airflow over the rear hatch has been known to unlatch it! ðŸĨķ There is a knowledgeable Esprit group willing to help on on several FaceBook groups too. We are a tight-knit community!😍
  12. We have a magnetic holder on the driver's side quarter window, positioned as in the post by Gjk. Works well, supports the phone up to extreme G-forces. 😇
  13. It is always worth it, to verify the fitting of the dual-contact relays and the single contact relays. The two types of relay should NOT be swapped. If you have replaced any of the dual-contact relays just as Good Practice, be aware that the commonly-available ones don't work the same (as indicated by the diagrams on the case). Aside from buying direct from the UK, the Usual US Parts Suspects are your best source...they will give you the correct ones. Here is a discussion of relays (from 2015) but unfortunately the links are no longer valid.
  14. It seems commo0n for late Esprits (SE, on up?) to have the brake switch loosen. That can be fixed with a stout zip-tie. Get in the habit of looking back to the car whenever you exit. 1. To admire the beautiful styling. 😍 2. To assure the brake lights are OFF. 😁
  15. The puller tool in this (and similar) videos is great. It is corrosion on the tapered spline underneath, that is thwarting you.ðŸĨĩ Of course, soak everything in penetrating oil (or Armor-All, NO JOKE)
  16. THIS is why I call the early Esprits "G-Cars" and don't try to pronounce the actual name. 😇 I learned a few years ago that Lotus' new parent company GEELY is pronounced as a soft J. 😏
  17. If you do not have green-dot cam wheels (look it up) on both input & exhaust, DO IT when you replace a timing belt. These cam wheels help with low-end torque. One green dot CW was always installed on the auxiliary pulley (oil pump/distributor).
  18. @JTJackson where you from? If North America, you already have FI...but it is Bosch K-Jetronic. A FINE systen as long as you keep it up (drive regularly). Otherwise it can be difficult to is a speed-density mechanical system FI after all. NA '88 retained the 'weaker' Citroen transmission. If you are UK or ROW (Rest of World) you have carbs and a Renault trans. Many owners (and Jensen-Healy guys) have modded the engines with more modern controls... @snowrx for one.
  19. @DrieStone Local owners who installed the Alunox exhaust on their G-Turbos ran into several issues in fitment. (Yes, they were due to differences in the UK and US markets) Go to the Esprit section of, and do an advanced SEARCH for Alunox Exhaust. Weed out the Stevens cars... Here is a place to start looking. If you need any one-on-one advice, PM me.
  20. I left ours out after refreshing the engine, 8 years & 25,000 miles ago.ðŸĪŠ No issues so far.
  21. Likely on an older car, the battery has bad/shorted diodes in its voltage regulator. An auto electric shop could test for parasitic drain or bad voltage regulator if you want to troubleshoot before buying a new alternator. Google Bosch AL49X for Lotus Esprit...seems to be a popular choice. (Some fettling required)
  22. But But But... It was already painted 'Resale Red'.ðŸĪŠ More seriously, I agree with those who say 'Its YOUR car, do what pleases you"
  23. I KNOW there is a difference, so following. The LH frontmount takes a LOT more torque from the drivetrain. The thing is, did SJ wrongly mark them, or do theirs have a different rubber L>R?
  24. Lou got advice from another USA owner in Florida. Helped to get them together.
  25. You had me going, thinking this was a USA Bosch FI question.😙 Turned out to be a GM MPFI SE.ðŸĪŠ Any possibility that those connectors enabled the heated rear screen on the hatch? Verify with the wire colors. If that is the case, the gas struts should have terminals incorporated. (Although some owners had eliminated the connectors by using aftermarket gas struts) If a North American spec model, some might enable the CHMSL. (Center High Mounted Stop Lamps)
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