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  1. When we helped fit the Alunox header to Jenna's '83 turbo, we used the nuts supplied, no locking plates. Don't remember the gaskets... I know we fitted the metal ones to our stock manifold on our '88. Interestingly, the '83 didn't have locking plates on the original manifold hardware!
  2. The cloth sags because the foam backing disintegrates. So, you can't just glue it back up. Just scrape it off with a putty knife. Don't know about UK sources, but 'headlining material' should be easy enough to find. Ask at an auto or boat upholsterer. Measure it, cut the new material, and sew a new edging (welt) around the perimeter. The best glue is an AUTOMOTIVE contact cement. (Craft store stuff will not stand up to hot car interiors) In the USA, I always buy 3M products.
  3. Tell your insurance company you have window etching. They want MORE than a tracker????
  4. You MIGHT want to install adjustable upper control arms. I bet your geometry is out-of-spec, even from the factory.
  5. Do the UK NA cars incorporate a Throttle Jack? (vacuum actuator that pulls on the linkage when needed) This could be inop, or you could have a vacuum leak that reduces its effectiveness. If you have A/C, does the idle increase when engaged?
  6. Is this what you used? Our first search turned up blue foam for doll houses...
  7. If you have done any cooling system work, it takes 5 - 10 drive cycles for all the air pockets to purge. So keep an eye on the (cold) level.
  8. Unless you install a recovery tank, it will settle-in at around 1 - 2" below the cap (30 - 50mm).
  9. Welcome to the fold. Lots of sources for USA parts & expertise at Lotus Ltd, the national Lotus club. Besides this Forum, LotusTalk, LotusEspritFactFile, and Lotus Esprit World are good sources of online information.
  10. I assume you have used a VOM meter to verify that the wires are not broken inside the insulation. BTDT. Those mirrors are not like the ones I have seen in the USA for that period Esprit, sorry.
  11. First, it would be good to verify that these are the "FORD"-marked mirrors. I haven't had an issue with our mirrors so I can't help, specifically. BUT, an auto glass shop should be familiar with glass removal and replacement, so perhaps one local to you could give you free advice. BTW, don't discount the possibility that a power wire or earth could be broken near the hinge, a result of the door opening and closing. Clue: both up/down and left/right operations don't work.
  12. I would be wary of buying kits/silicone hoses from unknown eBay vendors...I know of two owners who suffered issues where these hoses allowed coolant to permeate through them! Good quality hose has an inner liner. Here is an explanation from another forum: In the USA, JAE Parts sells good quality stuff. I didn't see any listings for silicone hoses at SJ. But even should buy different clamps (jubilee clips): Our JAE hoses have held up well for ten years. BUT, I didn't know about the hose clamps, and I DO have to re-tighten our hoses
  13. Great, Alan, I'm sure that MANY Evergreen Lotus club owners are aware of S Auto Parts already. PS: Removing the seat is a doddle, once you remove any rust from the threads sticking out under the floor pan. Here's an incentive: One time when I removed my passenger seat, I found a credit card in the sill! It's owner had cancelled it though, darn it.
  14. 1. Remove seat. (Use penetrant on bolts underneath first!) 2. peel carpet from sill (it is glued on). You might need to pull the door seal off. 3. unbolt seat belt (I believe you can access the bolt from an access hole in the sill) 4. replace everything in reverse order. Make sure you use an AUTOMOTIVE spray adhesive to reattach the carpet(these are resistant to heat). 3M makes good stuff. See if has any seatbelts. (S Auto Parts on eBay) They are in Portland OR.
  15. If you remove that stuff (there are other 'surprises' in the LH sail panel), offer it to USA owners, who may need it to pass a visual emissions equipment inspection. Parts callouts are in Section EM for the air pump version, and EMA for the pulse air injection version. EM - EMA - ++++++++++++++ As an aside, those air pumps were common on 70s and 80s carburetted cars of all makes, in the USA. "If the engine can't burn all the fuel, we'll burn it off downstream"
  16. Many folks have 'upgraded' to the V8 type bulkhead fixings, which dig in to the plywood and don't allow the movement that creates the clunk. SJ Sportscars sell them, possibly others.
  17. OEM type rubber mounts are best. The heat in that area is intense. I'll ask the S1/S2 guys: are Turbo style heat shields OK to fit? I have dimensions if they say YES.
  18. You guys could buy the white letter stickers, and put them over the Nankang area... here is one of several sources:
  19. My memory is spotty regards the pulley, but I remember that the key to removal of the vacuum pump is to create ANOTHER Lotus Special Tool. You need to cut down an 8mm hex wrench to be able to release that obstructed bolt.
  20. I had a quick look at the SJ Sportscar site, nothing 'off the shelf' unfortunately. When we restored a Spitfire many years ago, an auto (or boat) upholstery shop provided the service for us. Check locally. Be prepared to specify things like side bolster firmness. Often, that material differs from the main cushions. Don't make the cushions too firm, as you might limit headroom!
  21. When restoring a Triumph Spitfire years ago, I was directed to a local company that re-veneered old radio cabinets. That might be another source of a finisher for the dash...
  22. X2 on checking fuel pressure. Good Job ordering a new fuel pump. It seems as if many of the Esprit GM fuel pumps are failing these days. Hopefully your car's fuel tanks are not decomposing/flaking apart on the inside...some owners have been known to block off one tank to keep the debris at bay. But if that IS the case, Boyd's Tanks in FL sell aluminum replacements.
  23. I think you are correct then, sounds as if the gauges (or grounds/earths) are lacking a good connection. Old British cars (Esprits up to the Stevens body style) have a voltage stabilizer, but your SE doesn't. You should be able to remove the top cover of the instrument binnacle to check with a multimeter. But it might be easier to 'Assume the Lotus position' (head under dashboard, feet sticking out roof ) and re-seat the connectors to the binnacle. The cabin's 'earth' point is in the left A pillar. The 12V power comes in from the rear, in a similar manner, at the RH
  24. Nice looking Esprit! First action is to measure your voltage under those conditions. Post back with results. If it still has the OEM Valeo alternator, look directly below that, on the A/C compressor. If black goo has dripped onto the compressor, the voltage regulator is starting to fail (a common occurrence). This can shorten the life of the battery as well. +++++++++++++++ Did you buy the Alpine as a transmission parts source? (Just kidding...)
  25. Good work. Glad the outcome was acceptable! Our window saga included shimming the glass's tracks (guides) right at the bottom as well, because our windows would bind and slow in the last 5 inches of travel. I DIDN'T want to tweak the upper door frames, for fear of causing wind noise from poor sealing. +++++++++++++ The foam 'stopper' at the bottom was standard fitment. Originally when our window stuck at the lowest position, I thought that the foam had come adrift and the window went too far down. But, other experienced multiple owners have said that the
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