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  1. CarBuff's post in Esprit radio was marked as the answer   
    The pic is fine.☺️  And helpful.
    I found the complete manual by Googling for Eclipse CD5423 manual PDF
    there are a few other aftermarket sources if that doesn't work.
    Installation instructions start on page 88 of 96. If you can't access, DM me I'll provide screenshots.
  2. CarBuff's post in Tire pressure? GT3 running 350 OZ Magnesio 5 spokes was marked as the answer   
    My research said the pressures you found are correct, even for a 1994 S4/S4s. (29PSI/2.0 BAR Front, 31PSI/2.1 BAR rear.)
    Those are the pressures I have been running since fitting our Esprit with larger wheels due to tyre availability.
    Beware of lowering the front pressures, you definitely don't want to bend those Magnesio wheels! 🙄
  3. CarBuff's post in 92 SE leaking out of front body was marked as the answer   
    You said it isn't water, but BE SURE that it isn't from a clogged headlamp bucket, full of water.
    They hold a LOT.
    (To be safe) unplug the pod motors and manually crank the pods up, with the knobs provided.
    If you see even a trace of moisture or debris, clear the drain holes with a pipe-cleaner or a long zip-tie. Usually easier to release the linkages so that the pods can be pulled up, fully.
  4. CarBuff's post in Headlight Spec question (S2 primarily) was marked as the answer   
    A US car would be fitted with 5 3/4" lights.
  5. CarBuff's post in Seating of washer on Engine Mounts -hot side was marked as the answer   
    The LF mount on our '88 TE has looked like your second pic for many years, no issues.
    Now, if you had an S1 or S2 without rear upper control arms, I'd worry.  <<DUCKS>>
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