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  1. I have had my GT3 for four years and all of that time it has had an erratic idle speed and throttle response. You definitely want to remove the IAC and clean the pintle on the end and make sure the machined hole in the inlet manifold is clean. If it has never been cleaned it will have a lot of dirt around it. This bit is just maintenance. The TPS should be set as per the manual, around 0.5v, using Freescan. I did this several times, but the idle speed was still unreliable. In the end I changed the TPS and now everything is perfect, all throttle and idle problems gone. It is not surpri
  2. I too have fitted the new suspension on my GT3, but still had this slightly vague feeling to the steering with a tendancy to wander on a straight road. I was waiting for the front suspension polybush kit to be issued by Lotus and then planned to rebuild the whole front end. But no. The answer is in the rear. I replaced the rear bushes with the new Lotus polybush kit and the front end is massively improved and it now tracks straight as an arrow. I am still going to rebuild the front end when the new bushes are available, but it is less urgent now.
  3. Hi, Ian Hancock here with an update on what I have done so far.....(please read the bit at the end!) Some months ago I pulled the code from Source Forge and stated to look at what we could do based the changes that Dermot identified, the improvements that I wanted and have a look at what other platforms could be used. So the first phase is to correct the errors and make some basic changes. This has been completed although it needs a little more testing because I have seen some other problems which need sorting before issuing it. The next phase would be to re-write parts of the program
  4. 1998 Esprit GT3 Azure Blue SCCEA0820WHC2 2249 Ian Hancock - Berkshire, England aka Mr Aitch aka gt3_ian
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