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  1. Hi everybody, Can anyone tell me if the cooling fans behind the radiator blow or suck;I
  2. Hi there, Have you got the switches from the dashboard,I need 2 of the white/clear plastic fibre optic holders which clip onto the back of the switches. Thanks.
  3. hi all, Can anybody tell me if the 5th gear syncro can be replaced with the gearbox in the car,as the 5th gear/O/D unit is a separate unit on the back of the gearbox.It crunches as I change up into 5th(Braided clutch pipe,new bushes on linkage,crossgate modification all done). Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for all the info chaps,and yes I have been looking at the head on ebay!
  5. Can anybody tell me if I can direct swop my S2 907 head assembly for a 1989 HC turbo head assembly without major issuses?,or should I just stick to changing the cam carriers!Thanks in advance.
  6. Can anybody tell me what 95 Burroughs is in Newtonmetres?Thanks in advance.
  7. Can anybody tell me what 55 lbs equates to in kg before I buy a timing belt gauge that only reads in kg. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  8. Has anybody got a Krikit gauge they
  9. Hi, 1980 Esprit S2 ,chassis 79050754G,Lower Austria,Austria.From Rich.
  10. Has anybody done this and if so where can I buy the parts? or does anyone know which car its from or where I can get a new one without remortgaging!The inner shaft slides up and downthe outer sleeve 1/8"-1/4". Sorry if this has already been covered!Thanks for any input. Rich.
  11. B) Seems to be some interest in the compomotives!They
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