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  1. Due to spinal shortcomings, I need to fit a removable steering wheel. It's a standard 2002 S2. It's important the wheel be no closer to me, so that may mean a flat rather than dished wheel. Any experience, suggestions? It's not for racing, it's simply being able to get in and out.
  2. Just fitted a new set, off to Grafton Hill Climb on Sunday. The run is a sub minute, so they are never going to get hot, so what pressures? I'm leaning toward 28psi, but info on an Elise is scarce in these parts, so any recommendations?
  3. OK, maybe it was a bit extravagant, but what the hell, I love it.
  4. It's standard, running semi slicks (road legal) and yes I drive it to the track, and the supermarket! Now going to re-bush all the suspension, and get a full alignment, for next year, and try a set of Nankang tyres. See if I can shave another second off. There's a bit more left in the driver, but not much. I've had fun.
  5. It was about this time last year I was diagnosed with cancer. Well what else does a man do ? he decides to race again of course. This shot from the final round at the Grafton Hill Climb, I won all 4 rounds, well pleased with that. Production Sports category. Analysis, discipline, focus, analysis, discipline, focus, analysis, discipline, focus. Faster next year!
  6. Anyone tried these Nankang tyres yet? The AR1 looks a bit ambitious for any road use, wouldn't look forward to driving that in the wet. NSR-2R looks a little tamer. A guy was running them at a hill climb on the weekend and they looked to be working well. Looking to replace these Federals.
  7. How's the weather down your way. Is your car safe?

  8. What tyres do you guys use over there for track days. Specifically hill climb and lap dash, ie, never going to get enough heat into them. Also has to be on the standard rim size front 175/50/R16 and rear 225/45/R17. (or close) Roger
  9. rogerch

    Come back

    In comparative terms, it was 4 seconds faster than the fastest Porsche.
  10. rogerch

    Come back

    Had the real live event at Grafton, NSW today. Class 1 1st Roger Harris Lotus Elise. Not the world championship, but a good day at 66, and faster than I thought I could go.
  11. rogerch

    Come back

    Went to the Grafton Hill Climb today, just practice, no prizes. First time on a track in 32 years. Fastest Class 1 time of the day: 96, Roger Harris, lotus Elise. I was told if I get down to around a minute that would be impressive. 3rd run produced 58.9. I'm well pleased with myself, not bad at 66.
  12. I used Travis's method, now use it all belts. Just about fool proof.
  13. There is no light, no way forward, no way back. Only pain and continued suffering, there is only one way to end the suffering. Came close.
  14. rogerch

    World Rally

    My grandparents lived in Port Talbot,,, trust me, Coffs Harbour is better.
  15. rogerch

    World Rally

    I want you all to watch the World Rally Championship this weekend. It's from sunny Coffs Harbour Australia, where I'm lucky enough to live!
  16. rogerch


  17. He took it with him. I cautioned him not to send me a photo if he ever put it back on.
  18. We used to have I'm wondering if that's where you sourced that wing?
  19. I'm watching with interest.
  20. !0-12 people spend a million quid on car, and not one single fanfare? Have we seen one on a track day?
  21. I've been curious for a number of years now. How many Lotus 125's (that ridiculous track day non event) did they actually sell? Up front, here's what I think, they had one letter of intent before the Abu Dhabi test, that fell through and they never actually sold a single car. So where are they, and what happened to the engines?
  22. The guy who bought my Esprit reckoned it had the best brakes if any Lotus he had ever driven. It took me about 4 rebuilds before I got them that good, but they did work well. This Elise however has the best brakes of any car I have ever driven. The rotors where made by Disc Brakes Australia to specification, groved but not drilled, and the pads EBC Greenstuff. If I were being super critical I'd rate them about 5% harder than ideal, but the temperature window is spot on, they've been on for a few months, and been through a few heat cycles, and as you can see the pads are still clearly green, so not got too hot, no fade, if I'm really clumsy I can just lock a wheel, but under the heaviest of braking the car just decelerates at an amazing rate. I highly recommend the setup for "Spirited" road driving.
  23. I don't believe in coincidences. If was not happening before the pads were changed, then 90% it's the pads. I have found that some of the new self adhesive rattle/ squeal, shims don't leave enough free movement for the pads to completely release. Had the problem on the Esprit. Peeled the shims back off, problem gone.
  24. rogerch

    Lotus 23

    But we can put Jim Clark in an Elise either.
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