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  1. Looks like I'm answering all my own questions. I called in today at our brake and hydraulic specialist here in Coffs Harbour. They had some information on Remsa, even been known to use them, but not overly impressed. Consensus says if I think they are too hard they probably are. I'd prefer to be operating with more tangible information but in the mean time, I'm going with Greenstuff, a known entente from my Esprit, possibly a little soft, but they worked well on the Esprit, so we'll see how we go.
  2. The CD's pretty much dead, it's all digital files on hard drives, SD cards and such, I've got 18 gb just on this PC.
  3. And wearing his favorite cardigan. Looks like a cold morning at Snetterton.
  4. Legend has that Chapman described the 40 as the same as the 30, but with 10 more mistakes. But I remember watching Jim Clark race the 40 at Brands Hatch. Nice car.
  5. Surprisingly I have been able to identify the front brake pads on my 2002 Elise, Remsa, Unfortunately I've never herd of them so I have no idea if they are rated soft medium or hard. Does anyone know from the identifiers what rating these pads would be?
  6. I'm guessing that my 2002 K series will have the automatic tensioner?
  7. As above, had it since the 70's, still got it. Great sound, just can't get used to getting up and down to change the record!
  8. Mine's a 2002 Elise, Rover K engine. I'm looking for general comments, experience of different pad material. I can't identify the one's fitted, but I can say they're too hard. I'm a notorious light breaker, inclined to glaze the disks, so I'm not looking at hard material especially with no servo. Standard calipers by the way.
  9. Don't set them on full hard. First glean what you can from the manufacturer, then read up on other posts. We all have different preferences, mine is to put 40-50 miles on them on full soft, bed them in, work them on bumpy roads. Then go up by increments, depending on what you expect from the car, and the use of it. You will almost inevitably end up with the fronts harder than the back, the job of the shock is to keep the tyre on the road and control the weight transference around the car, not stop the spring from doing it's job. If you're going for outright speed your final adjustments will be against the clock, not comfort.
  10. I was there, look at 4mins, 40secs It's were I swore to own an Elan when I grew up.
  11. As opposed to Clarkson's egotistical behavior.
  12. Travis, AKA Vulcan Grey, has a huge amount of data on springs and shocks. And a good engineer, I'd message him.
  13. First question is why? What's it doing wrong. Have you rebushed everything? When changing springs and shocks, the wrong mix and match is costly. If I were doing my Esprit now I'd probably go AVO with adjustable spring colors, keep the existing springs. Do nothing until the bushes are replaced.
  14. rogerch

    Canada GP

    And all the wheels still on his car.
  15. rogerch


    Anyone remember Mosley and the FIA? Unmovable.
  16. I think mines too high @900rpm, but if your's is irregular, I'd start by looking for an induction air leak.
  17. All done, just adjust the tie rod and wonder why who ever fitted it didn't bother to clean the threads up to shorten down to 7cm. Nice gearbox now. (I hate sloppy mechanics)
  18. So what shocks would my 2002 Elise have come with? It has Bilsteins on now, but would they be aftermarket?
  19. Well I've identified it, it's made by CLF Tech, and has a Lotus part number. It also a flexi length in it under the sump, it's blowing ans adding to the noise, I'm thinking an exhaust bandage as presumably it needs to remain flexible.
  20. I think it only fair that one Mr Clark, AKA Sparky buy an Elise. When coming to terms with my then recently purchased Esprit, Mr Clarks biblical contributions where the foundations of my rebuild. Now I'm learning about Elises, but no god like hand to lead me. Come on Sparky, do your civic duty! (they're really good fun)
  21. I haven't messed with Windows in a decade, but, I recall something about pressing F8 during windows startup to get a "Safe" mode from there there's an option something about Last known good configuration, may or may not be helpful.
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