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  1. It's standard, running semi slicks (road legal) and yes I drive it to the track, and the supermarket!

    Now going to re-bush all the suspension, and get a full alignment, for next year, and try a set of Nankang tyres. See if I can shave another second off.

    There's a bit more left in the driver, but not much. I've had fun.

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  2. Anyone tried these Nankang tyres yet? 

    The AR1 looks a bit ambitious for any road use, wouldn't look forward to driving that in the wet.

    NSR-2R looks a little tamer. A guy was running them at a hill climb on the weekend and they looked to be working well. Looking to replace these Federals.

  3. Had the real live event at Grafton, NSW today.

    Class 1   1st Roger Harris  Lotus Elise.

    Not the world championship, but a good day at 66, and faster than I thought I could go.

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  4. I've been curious for a number of years now. How many Lotus 125's (that ridiculous track day non event) did they actually sell?

    Up front, here's what I think, they had one letter of intent before the Abu Dhabi test, that fell through and they never actually sold a single car.

    So where are they, and what happened to the engines?

  5. DSC_3408.jpg

    The guy who bought my Esprit reckoned it had the best brakes if any Lotus he had ever driven. It took me about 4 rebuilds before I got them that good, but they did work well.

    This Elise however has the best brakes of any car I have ever driven. The rotors where made by Disc Brakes Australia to specification, groved but not drilled, and the pads EBC Greenstuff.

    If I were being super critical I'd rate them about 5% harder than ideal, but the temperature window is spot on, they've been on for a few months, and been through a few heat cycles, and as you can see the pads are still clearly green, so not got too hot, no fade, if I'm really clumsy I can just lock a wheel, but under the heaviest of braking the car just decelerates at an amazing rate. I highly recommend the setup for "Spirited" road driving.

  6. I don't believe in coincidences. If was not happening before the pads were changed, then 90% it's the pads.

    I have found that some of the new self adhesive rattle/ squeal, shims don't leave enough free movement for the pads to completely release.

    Had the problem on the Esprit. Peeled the shims back off, problem gone.

  7. Remembering 1962 I think the Lotus 23 that ran away from the competition on it's debut at the Nurburgring.

    Antone know the lap times and how fast can a standard Elise lap the Nurburgring? Might be one for Kimbers.

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