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  1. Fuel starvation. I should have mentioned it was on 1/4 tank. Let it sit for an hour and it fired right up. Thanks, ninjas.
  2. After it died, coolant immediately started overflowing out of the reservoir. Is there a link on "how to" remove said box without unnecessary removal of other objects? Is there a link with a "how to" remove this the easy way? Is it a major ordeal if this is the case? Also, upon dying, water rapidly filled the chargecooler reservoir and overflowed. You might be on to something.
  3. 1994 S4. Coolant light was on. I had it backed up on ramps as I was troubleshooting a water leak. I ended up replacing the hose from the top of the chargecooler to the bottom of the chargecooler water reservoir which was clearly leaking. I filled the reservoir (still on the ramps) and started the engine. As it sucked the water, I kept filling the reservoir. For about 4 seconds, it idled rough and died. Will not start. Fuses good, starter turns over, temps were good (I drove it every day this week with no problems other than that coolant light). Inertia switch is in. Even with full re
  4. That how-to worked flawlessly. Excellent idea with the paper clips, Justin. I only suffered one cut knuckle on this one. Fortunately, it was only the driver side (U.S. model) that was having motor problems. That passenger side will be a proper bollocking when the time comes.
  5. Thanks, ninjas. Ordered it from Rodney Dickman. Trevor, my daily driver is a 99 Jetta TDI with 260K on it.
  6. Where did you get this kit, and what is it called? Better yet, a link? Mine started failing 3 days ago.
  7. My mirror had been vibrating for a few months, then it started shaking. After a 3 minute review, I found the problem. When I loosened the small Allen under the collar, I was able to wiggle the mirror off of the mount with very little effort. Where do I get this part and what is it called? http://i21.photobuck...Borzoi2/058.jpg
  8. After further review, the slave is leaking. Simple fix, I suppose.
  9. Thanks, ninjas. Just air in the line. I could not find a leak anywhere. This is the first time I've flushed that fluid and I've owned the vessel for 2 years. It has the braided hose. Works like new again.
  10. Thanks, Andy. I should also note that the clutch doesn't fully release, even when the pedal is to the floor. The car doesn't roll on a small incline when in gear and clutch pedal all the way down (engine not running). It does roll in neutral, though.
  11. Like the title says. I have checked the clutch master cylinder and it's about 4cm from the top. Car drives fine once I get going. It was fine on the way to work today, but when I went to lunch I had very hard time getting it into gear at the traffic light. That's when the clutch pedal started hesitating about halfway up before springing back to my foot. Could it be the slave? If so, where is it? I'm at work and can't be crawling under the car at the moment.
  12. So I'm OK? As soon I even slightly pressed the throttle (car not moving) the needle would come up.
  13. Changed the oil yesterday. Went for a short spin. Got caught in a construction zone for 30 minutes. 75 degrees outside. The water temp was reading 90. When I was stopped and idling, the oil pressure was dropping almost to the redzone, but immediately came back up to normal (centre of guage) when I started moving, even at slow speeds. Normal?
  14. Damn, Oogiboogie, you better not play the lottery with your bad luck. If you have a winning ticket, you'll get mugged and beaten on the way home. I hope it's the strainer, buddy.
  15. It's almost in the engine bay. You have to lift the engine cover up and it's on the only have to lift the near side of the engine cover to see it. It's right there. Red push button.
  16. If you're standing behind the vessel, looking at the engine, it's on the right of that relay box, it's red, and it sticks out the top. No need to remove the relay box to see it/reset it. In your case, though, I really have no idea what's going on. Is there a rogue hole where it should be?
  17. I had this happen. The intestines of the catalytic converter had crumbled and were blocking the exhaust flow. The EBPV couldn't open, either.
  18. Well, you'll notice that his head sticks out 2 feet. He did look just like Chewbacca when he was 9 weeks old. Even more so than now, at 9 years old, although he acts like a 6 month old.
  19. I thought "Sunwoof" was brilliant.
  20. It's her scooter...mine's the red one with flames. 4 speeds, fun, lots of fun. Genuine Scooter Company bought the Vespa plant in India and spit these out. Well, to tell you the truth, the missus doesn't ever ride hers. I have to take it to work occasionally to keep the juices flowing.
  21. These pics are not altered in any way. The boy is Irish, and he "sets".
  22. The pilot graduated from the same high school as me - Denison High School in Denison, TX. It's all over the bogus local news.
  23. I had code 26 last year. Ended up being a pinched wire that goes to the relay that goes to the vacuum. Correcting this solved a lot of problems.
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