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  1. I had to buy the socket set at Autozone that's especially for stripped bolts. Worked like a champion. $25 for a set of 5.
  2. My passenger window does this. It rolls down but not up, but it's the switch itself (broken and not making contact). I simply pull the switch body out of the console and squeeze it to make the contact whilst pressing the "up" arrow.
  3. Thanks, Simon. I think I would have started cutting before I looked underneath. I'll give it a shot. OK. That was the easiest seat removal ever...perhaps even easier than a Vespa. Problem. I adjusted it where it releases, and I increased the tension to the brakes. I am out of adjustment threads and there is some holding power on the right rear but not much (I can still push the car, and I'm a weakling). None on the left rear. Is it possible that the cables are stretched?
  4. Hand brake issues. I've searched, and the first step is to remove the seat. The only points where I thought bolts would be have welds. I can't remove the seat until I figure out where the bolts are. We've had hand brake issues since we got the vessel, but concentrated on the other stuff first. However, my domestic partner drove it without my presence and pulled the lever as hard as she could. It will not release. I've temporarily removed the hand brake calipers.
  5. I'm happy because the temperature hasn't gotten above 75F today!!! Also, my dog caught a wasp, it stung him inside the cheek, went to the vet....all OK. I think he just wanted a Lotus ride and found a reason to go to the vet.
  6. Scored 3 cans of R12 ($120). Blows out much cooler, but I still get hot. Got side windows tinted (22%). Much better, but the windscreen acts as a huge magnifying glass...still too warm. Get windscreen tinted (48%, 5% at the top for a visor). Perfect. When the temperature is under 85F, I don't even need AirCon. At 100, I'm comfortable with Air on, and I have no back sweat. Visibility is still good, even at night. As you can see, the sun is shining ridiculously bright on the 95F day these were taken (look at the wall).
  7. When I first got my vessel, it had several thuds in a row on acceleration. It was the intestines of the CAT that had came apart and were blocking flow at the EBPV. The EBPV couldn't open because of said blockage.
  8. We got 10 MPH winds out of it. We normally have 10-15 MPH wind with no hurricane. We got fine mist drizzle that reminded me of the motherland when I lived in Clydebank. That's about it.
  9. I live in Texas (I state this for credibility, here). I took mine to the mechanic I have used for 18 years (the one that took out my ABS system and put Wilwood Racing in). He hooked it up to his AC machine and it passed the leak check but was low on freon. The real AC machines are much more accurate than the take-home self kits (although I did that on my Passat with great results). 2 1/2 cans of $50 R12 later and it is cold. It ALMOST keeps up with the 100 degree temps, but not quite. I think it's because the windscreen is so big, by the time the air gets to you it has been warmed up by
  10. It is a square socket. Fits perfectly around the square drain plug and filler plug (this is assuming, of course, that your Esprit has the same plugs as mine). A 10mm spanner actually rounded it off enough to where I had to use those special sockets that remove rounded bolts. Snap-On tools are easy to find on this side of the pond.
  11. I use Redline MT-90. No problems...yet. Get the 10mm Snap-On socket, otherwise you'll probably round off the plug (like I did). It's a $22 part, but the plugs are also $22 (from JAE) if you bollocks it up. EDITED to add "Redline"
  12. Mine took 6L last week and is on the low end of the zone.
  13. My horn had a blown inline fuse that I was unaware even existed. I'm still not sure why it was there. Took me about an hour to find it by doing the old wire following trick.
  14. I failed inspection by a VERY narrow margin until I had an inline Cat (temporarily) installed. Keep in mind this car sat for 3 years before I rescued it. I believe Quikr passed his inspection by a narrow margin.
  15. Good answer. I like that. Not sure why it's good but I'll go along with the notion. Cheers. Dammit, Chris , that's not what I want to hear....but thanks for the info. I'll have to keep an eye on it.
  16. I have the same problem....almost. It doesn't do it at idle, but does when I put it in gear and move (even at 1 MPH). I can only hear it when the window is down and there's a solid object to reflect noise (pulling in to the garage, driving close to a guard rail etc...etc...). I haven't concluded where the sound originates yet.
  17. Why is it a good thing? I should have stated before that it only happens when the engine is hot (80+). Thanks for all the info, guys!!!!!
  18. Plugs have a little oil on is thought that this is from the valve cover gaskets leaking as there is oil in the plug wells. I have a gutless cat. It just recently started doing this. How should the plugs look? Would too little or too much gap cause this (which one)?
  19. Doesn't the EBPV open and stay open once it reaches a certain temperature?
  20. I have recently noticed a "pop", or a backfiring sound during gear changes. It's after the gear is selected, right when the accelerator is pushed. Even if I'm in 5th, let off the accelerator and then press it again, I get the same pop. Any ideas?
  21. Thanks, Auto. I was worried that it might be the rings. From what I've read, it looks like I can still drive it with no problems. I'd really like to wait and do this in October when it's below boiling point outside!!!
  22. Well, my spark plugs have oil on them. There is oil in the plug wells, but I think that'd just a cam gasket thing. However, the oil on the threads concerns me. The oil is on the bottom 2 or 3 threads when I pull it out (on all plugs). It still drives well, doesn't smoke, doesn't smell like oil. Is this bad? If so, is it an easy fix?
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