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  1. I threw in the towel and replaced with Wilwood Racing. I'm very satisfied with the setup. Hast2 also did it, but he's not too sure if he likes it.
  2. My other babies....I love the 4 speed wrist-style gearing. They also get between 70 and 90 MPG, depending on how I ride them. The pink one is officially my domestic partner's, but she never rides it so I take it to work occasionally to keep the juices flowing. Pink one has been GPS'd at 63MPH, and the Fireball at 67MPH.
  3. I have nothing but bad experiences with photos. I live in north Texas, where the driving test consists of driving an automatic around one block. You take that skill and combine it with a cowboy hat wearing, tobacco chewing, drunk redneck in a 7000 lb truck trying to take a picture with his camera phone that he can't operate without staring at...whilst driving...well, I've been forced to brake, swerve, and/or accelerate too many times because of those lane weaving idiots. Apart from that, I'm cool with them snapping shots when it's sitting still, or when they're not driving.
  4. Hey, Lou. The lady and I have been talking about going back to Austin to explore the nightlife. Perhaps we could go next weekend and we can troubleshoot your problem. I might not have much Lotus experience but 4 hands are better than 2. Is the Esprit still your daily driver? Scott
  5. I'm also interested in the racing seat/4 or 5 point harness setup. I'm only 5'5" but I never use the hand brake, I always leave it in gear. The Lotus has become my daily driver which is borderline unsafe as I live in Texas right now and all the other people drive land yachts, but they always complain about the fuel prices. David, please post back on this thread when you find a good setup.
  6. Gary, I have a similar system and I haven't had any issues. It definately has the race car brake feel (quite hard) but it's not that bad. I've did a few controlled emergency stops and I feel better with it now than I did with ABS. I have the Wilwood Racing proportioning valve and I really don't think I'm wasting much energy by having it, it just gives me the option of adjusting the rears if I find it necessary. Don't give up, buddy!!!! Keep it mechanical.
  7. "Please add your car in this format in chassis number order." Bibs, do numbers come before letters, or visa versa?
  8. 22 MPG (U.S. gallons) mixed. 50% highway, 50% city. I have only put 3000 miles on her so far so I am still at the "accelerate quickly" stage. I keep telling myself that my next 2 tanks will be conservative driving to see how well it can do, but I never stick to the plan.
  9. I considered mine as an upgrade. I wasn't about to shell out obscene money for an accumulator and pressure switch that may or may not have fixed my problem (that's all in my thread from a few weeks ago). Best case scenario, I would have the lousy Delco system in working order. I did, however, go with the same Wilwood Racing master cylinder and proportioning valve that my top mechanic has in his race car. My car just happened to come with the Wilwood calipers when I bought it, giving me the exact same setup as his. This really works well. I'm sure hast2's also works very well, and even
  10. Tony, my setup is very similar. You can come by and check it out for yourself. Hast2, well done!!! That looks really good.
  11. My air conditioner is blowing cool air, but not cold air. It could not keep up with the 75F day we had yesterday (not hot,I know, but I was testing to see if it worked), so I'm a little concerned that she may have trouble with the 95-105f days that are sure to come in a few months. As I am not a native of Texas, I get rather uncomfortable in hot cars in July and August. Is the air conditioning system the same as U.S. and German cars? Does the 1994 S4 have R134a? Where is the compressor located?
  12. Can someone let me know if the link to pics works, please? (2 posts up) Thanks
  13. I replaced mine last week. I already had the calipers and discs so it was under $200 for the master cylinder and proportioning valve.
  14. Link to pics. I have taken 2 pictures of the old parts to give you an idea of the size difference. The box with the old parts is rather heavy. The ABS module on the passenger (U.S. model) side...are all the wires in it ONLY for ABS? Can I remove this?
  15. My cat intestines broke into pieces and I removed them, so the cat is 100% hollow. EBPV is still there.
  16. Where is the throttle jack and how do I disconnect it? Cold starts aren't really an issue as I currently reside in Texas. The reason for this is that I am getting the occasional high idle on startup until I drive about 100 metres, clutch - neutral - key off - key on - start engine.
  17. Got it back....Totally Sweeeet. 100% mechanical. No assist at all. It'll just take some getting used to. Turbo seems to be spooling higher, but that might just be all in my head. Wilwood Racing dual master cylinder and proportioning valve - under $200. Labour - $1500. No more weak link in the Esprit...... I highly recommed this.
  18. The vessel goes in tomorrow. He is estimating 2 or 3 days. I'll let you know how it goes.
  19. So if we wanted new wheels, we'd simply shop for Taurus or Volvo wheels (assuming 5-108 pattern) and have a machine shop make spacers?
  20. Excellent info. 15 minute job (the dog was helping, a little too much). Thanks
  21. Driver (left) mirror is loose. It wasn't a few days ago. How do I correct this? I don't want to break it as it will probably be bloody expensice to replace. It is the whole unit, like the swivel needs tightened.
  22. He knows about brakes....and Chevy, Ford, Honda...etc..etc.. He's fixed my cars for 17 years. However, I will not have him work on any other part of the car, as he's never worked on Lotus before. But, going to a mechanical braking system, I think he'll be OK. He's predicting 2 or 3 days to do it right.
  23. Well, all 4 calipers are dual piston, and the master cylinder the mechanic had me order is tiny. After it's all done, the Lotus will have the same brake setup as my mechanics race car...the EXACT same setup. Can I just leave the wheel sensors where they are, or will this cause massive chaos?
  24. V8, I don't even know what a servo is . So, assuming all goes well of course, I won't have limited boost in 1st & 2nd? Sweeet!!!! Servo...what is that and do I need it?
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