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  1. I got my cable in the mail, but I don't know wher it plugs in (I have did a search). What does it plug in to and where, exactly, is that item located?
  2. OK. I got new plugs, but I can't gap them. They're at 0.35 and should be 0.4. As you know, they have dual pins, but the pins are rounded. I tried to pry them farther apart but I was ruining the "roundness" of the edges on the pins. ???? How do I gap these? Will I hurt the car by having them too close?
  3. Quikr, I talked to the previous owner yesterday (briefly) and the timing belt was done 3 years/1500 miles ago. I'm debating on waiting a year or so to do the timing belt (it looks brand new) and simply concentrating on the rest of the car next Friday. I can read manuals and how-to's all day long for weeks but it doesn't compare to a few hours hands-on with someone who is very familiar with the car. I still can't believe how good a 14-year-old car can look B) .
  4. OK. Apparently, ths car has been fitted with a water pump for the chargecooler. Unfortunately, I don't know where it is or what it looks like to check wiring. Also, after a 10 minute drive (easy drive, no high revving) I turned the car off and 10 seconds later water came gushing out of the vent line from the chargecooler water reservoir. Any ideas, gentlemen? I know I shouldn't be driving it right now until I find out why the CEL is on, but when you've wanted a Lotus for 20+ years and finally get one, it's hard not to take it for a spin.
  5. Thanks, Artie. I may take you up on that if we don't determine the problem(s) next week at Quikr's.
  6. If the engine is good, do you think it's worth the price? I called the guy but got voicemail.
  7. As some of you may have figured out by now, almost every drive I take in the Lotus is a troublshooting trip. Today, whilst trying to see if the boost would get over .25 (which it didn't, of course), I stayed in 3rd to let the revs come up to see what it was like. It stumbled/shuddered at around 5000 RPMs. I'm trying not to rev it high as the check engine light is on and my cable hasn't arrived yet. I have did a search on this forum, but I don't know what this is called...stumble/shudder/hesitation/death-of-a-Lotus/ ? ? ? Any ideas? Even a link to a similar problem would be great.
  8. I have the twin tank. The chargecooler tank was empty so I filled it and went for a drive. Boost still at .25, and chargecooler still hot. Also, my water/antifreeze in the chargecooler tank was flowing out after said drive. One day this car will be tip-top....but until then I will continue to get frustrated .
  9. Well, crap. I went to work yesterday and when I turned the car off I immediately felt the chargecooler....HOT. The turbo hasn't went above .25 bar since I acquired this car. 1. Will I damage the car by driving it like this? 2. Does someone have a write-up on how to replace the impeller? (assuming that's the problem). This car sat idle for 3 years until I bought it 2 weeks ago, so I assume I will find more stuff wrong with it soon.
  10. I have 2 temp guages. Do I go by the oil temp or water temp when determining if the car is "up to temp"? Also, has anyone compiled a list of places in U.S. where I can order parts? Which parts dealer(s) is/are the best (price and/or service)? Is the cam belt the same as a timing belt? I am a complete idiot when it comes to cars, but I'm about to learn a lot now I have a car that I am interested in. I can't find the transmission oil anywhere. Where can I find it?
  11. Thanks, Quikr. I'll have to come down there. 230 miles, but I have to run this thing as it sat idle for 3 years. Bibs, I'll order a cable. How do I get a price in U.S.D.?
  12. 2 pins of the diagnose connector in your boot? Where is this, and what does it look like? I am wet behind the ears, here.
  13. Well, my new '94 has some problems (that I knew when I bought it). 1. Brakes "need bled". They are better than a truck, but not great. 2. Anti lock brake light on. 3. Check engine light on. 4. Turbo won't spool very high. The main thing is the CEL. How do I read the code?
  14. Cambelt? What is that? I'm new to the world of high maintenance cars.
  15. Just got a '94 Esprit last week. So Excited!!!!! Not a scratch!!!! B) Anyone else in the area? I live just north of Dallas.
  16. Thanks. I went to a local Hyundai dealer....idiots!!!! Then I went to the Suzuki dealer. The guy found some that were a bit longer so I just used extra washers. $5 and 5 minutes and we're all fixed!
  17. I have Wilwood brakes. Would these be Lotus bolts or Wilwood bolts? Local hardware shops didn't have the exact threads. Close, but not close enough. I have tightened the bolt that's there quite snug to where the car is driveable until I have to make an emergency stop. So...Would these be Lotus bolts or Wilwood bolts?
  18. Caliper came loose. I'm off to find a bolt!!!! Thanks.
  19. I just bough a 1994 S4 about 20 hours ago . I have quite the rubbing noise coming from the rear brakes (both sides) at low speeds. The previous owner said the E-brake needs adjusting and it will be OK. However, the inside of the wheel is being damaged. I don't know if shrapnel is coming off the discs (they don't look damaged) and/or the brakes just need adjusted. Any ideas?
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