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  1. 1994 S4. Coolant light was on. I had it backed up on ramps as I was troubleshooting a water leak.

    I ended up replacing the hose from the top of the chargecooler to the bottom of the chargecooler water reservoir which was clearly leaking.

    I filled the reservoir (still on the ramps) and started the engine. As it sucked the water, I kept filling the reservoir.

    For about 4 seconds, it idled rough and died. Will not start. Fuses good, starter turns over, temps were good (I drove it every day this week with no problems other than that coolant light). Inertia switch is in. Even with full reservoirs (main and chargecooler), the coolant light stayed on until it died. Temperatures were cool as I had only backed it out of the garage and onto ramps.

    Freescan isn't giving me any codes, but the engine isn't running.

    Any ideas?

  2. Like the title says.

    I have checked the clutch master cylinder and it's about 4cm from the top.

    Car drives fine once I get going. It was fine on the way to work today, but when I went to lunch I had very hard time getting it into gear at the traffic light. That's when the clutch pedal started hesitating about halfway up before springing back to my foot.

    Could it be the slave? If so, where is it? I'm at work and can't be crawling under the car at the moment.

  3. Changed the oil yesterday. Went for a short spin. Got caught in a construction zone for 30 minutes. 75 degrees outside.

    The water temp was reading 90. When I was stopped and idling, the oil pressure was dropping almost to the redzone, but immediately came back up to normal (centre of guage) when I started moving, even at slow speeds.


  4. It's her scooter...mine's the red one with flames. 4 speeds, fun, lots of fun. Genuine Scooter Company bought the Vespa plant in India and spit these out.

    Well, to tell you the truth, the missus doesn't ever ride hers. I have to take it to work occasionally to keep the juices flowing.

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