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  1. Add Marcos to the list. I even think the MOC had some bases cast?
  2. There have been a number of people who have fitted "an off the shelf generic one," but can someone tell me the make and model of these beasts so I can get one with some confidence? Scotty2 p.s excepting the one mentioned above which tells me it's not compatible on the website.
  3. My 89SE aerial no longer retracts and needs replacing. I searched the forums and have gleaned that a pretty standard aftermarket one will fit, but can anyone identify an exact make / model / type that will definitely fit? I am UK based by the way. Scott.
  4. I now have my car back on the road following a rather longer than planned maintenance period. It all began with a cracked exhaust manifold for the second time so I chose to have an Alunox tubular manifold fitted. Due to corrosion issues, the engine had to come out, and while the engine is out you might as well change {insert long list of stuff} as well. There were a large number of age related issues with perished hoses, cracked wiring and duff vacuum pump and siezed bolts. The new manifold looks the biz and following a major overhaul and a good seeing to by PNM the car is driving like a new one. I've since had to tweak the (new) wastegate actuator to avoid overboost but the overall feel of the car is such that I just want to go out for a blatt. So much smoother and refined. Thanks to Leon and Pete for getting the old gal back to tip top condition and a joy to drive. Will wait till spring to try and get the air con working again once the war chest has recovered... Might try a run on a rolling road to see power output.
  5. My 89SE is at Alunox now getting my manifold fitted. I bought it back in Sept 13 but decided to take the car over to get it fitted with a guarantee. Unfortunately the engine has to come out due to the dreaded rusty nuts.... Looking forward to trying out the finished product. Edit to add: It looks like the garage that fitted my last cast one didn't use the high spec nuts that I supplied them and just used mild steel. Damn.
  6. Yup. Impressive attention to detail Mr T. I am a convert to electric trickery.
  7. It looks like I can salvage the housing I have. What we found was that the pump outlet was blocked by vanes from a previous failure. We then checked the inlet outlet of the chargecooler and found they were also blocked with old vanes. Ironically the impeller we took off the car had all its vanes but was cracked. Next time I will go electric.
  8. Anyone got an unwanted chargecooler housing? Rebuilding the pump and found the hose connections very corroded. Rest of pump OK for rebuild, just the hose connections.dodgy.
  9. I just got it today (working away delay in sending cheque..) Looks a well engineered piece of kit. All gaskets and studs/bolts included. WHen I replaced my last one, I got a set of nuts from Garry Kemp which were aircraft spec and shouldnt have corroded which should make the swap easier. I am thinking of taking it to Alunox to get fitted to ensure there will be quibble on potential warranty issues. As you will read above, it may be delayed until I change the coil packs. - If that is the issue?
  10. Thanks guys. Two ordered. Knuckles prepared to get skinned if I remember from last time...
  11. Where did you get the MSD coil pack? Sounds like the best place to try next. Oops did some searching, MSD 8224 Looks like I need two and use the existing backplate?
  12. The O2 sensor was new when I bought the car so it's 10 years old. No fault code coming up. The coil pack was changed as one unit - all 4 cylinders. Not sure what I can do to alter the rich/lean wastegate issue?
  13. Changed plugs and leads but still get an intermittent misfire. Went for a logging run with freescan and it started around 600 counts. It manifests itself as almost cutting out, then really rough running for a few seconds, put your foot down and it stutters then comes back to life. It then disappears for a while sometimes coming back at the next junction, sometimes not. Has also happened while cruising at 70 on the motorway - as if the ignition has been switched off, backfiring a bit and comes back to life if you plant your foot. It had a new coil pack recently so I am tending to discount that - unless they have modern quality standards so don't last... No fault codes coming up apart from once - misfire. Anyone want to see if I am missing something on the log? I now know I need a chargecooler impeller Misfire 200913 - 01.xls
  14. Not one on the shelf now. I just bought it ! My manifold has cracked for the second time. The original lasted 40 000 miles, the replacement cast one lasted 3000 miles!!! Oh the joy of trying to fit this now...
  15. Another update... When air con is switched on on the dash, the fans start running, after the engine starts they keep running until the engine has gone through a warm up cycle, the revs drop to a smoother tickover and the fans stop. They won't restart again???? LO P cut out switch OK,
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