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  1. Hi all, I am changing the oil on my 1999 V8 Esprit for the first time and do not know what size or type of bolt the drain plug is. What size and type of tool do I need to remove the drainbolt? Thank you in advance. -Marc
  2. Actually both my connectors are the same size and thread, but one of the metal lines is thicker than the other. The larger line which someone told me is the low pressure fill line is blocked by the oil cooler line. The smaller line (same thread) is easy to connect the fill hose to but the same person said that smaller lines are high pressure so not to fill there. What I am trying to find out is this true even on older cars where the fittings are the same size? Also is everyone else's also blocked by the oil cooler line? Marc
  3. Need some help with the AC system on my 79 S2. I have two ports on the back of the compressor. One line is larger than the other. I have been told by local that the larger line is the low pressure, is this true? If it is I have another problem. The fittings are the same but I can only attach my charge can to the smaller (outer) fitting because the larger one is too close to the oil cooler lines at the base of the oil filter. Are they all like this ? Marc
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