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  1. Hi Wayne, Do we know if these would fit an S1? Am I correct that this is a complete carpet set? Thx, Jim
  2. The kit does come with instructions. They were good but not perfect. You definitely want to read everything carefully and think ahead. Steve at Lotus Marques was also very responsive. The bushing and the bearings are very high quality. I had to make some shims to preload it (per the instructions) I used a mix of oil and grease. I read that suggestion somewhere (probably on here unless it was in the instructions).
  3. For my S1, I purchased a steering rack rebuild kit from Lotus Marques in Australia. I did not love the rivets they included for locking down the end caps so I used split pins. The kit includes a nice brass bushing and a new tapered bearing. I found the inside of the bushing was a little bit snug on the shaft so I sanded it just a little bit to open it up. Good luck!
  4. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this old thread. I was not able to get an open end wrench (sorry - spanner) to move more than once. After that, it wouldn’t fit again and move. And even a 1/4” drive socket would not work. I found a very short, closed 10 mm spanner in the the drawer. Probably what my dad used to call an ignition wrench. The sides were so narrow that I could get it on and move the bolt about 1/12 of a turn. Once the bolt was out about 3-4 mm, the pulley was in the way of removing the spanner to make the next turn. So I got out a small single handle (close quarters) hacksaw and cut the head off the bolt (actually, I cut until i could use a screwdriver like a chisel and busted off the head). Finally, I used a crowbar to push on the water pump and bend the remaining bolt so I could get the water pump off. Even getting the pump out of the engine bay was a bit of a trick! I will replace it with a cap head screw Jim
  5. Here are some photos of mine: The pull handle is at the back of the driver’s side door (left hand drive and the photo appears to have rotated). I had to order a pull with longer threads on the handle - I think from Demon Tweaks The bottle is on the left hand side of the engine (opposite the battery in my S1). The plumbed bottle is the one close to the bulkhead over the gas tank. The back bottle is just a spare handheld. The 4 sprayers are 1) Left rear pointed towards exhaust header (hard to see). 2) Right rear pointed towards the distributor and carbs. 3) Center rear close to the carbs pointed over the distributor. 4) Right side pointed up under air filter towards carbs. Obviously (?), I’ve never used it. I hope I never do. I now how a stock air filter on the car. Jim
  6. Is that a tow rope underneath?
  7. Pete, I did not find the package, but I found the receipt. It says Trico 45-240. This is the rubber refill. I bought it at Advance Auto Parts in the US. Their website says it is 8 mm wide. A Google search showed it appearing several places (including Amazon). Sometimes they say "Narrow" but they all seem to be the same 8 mm wide. It has been about 3 years since I did it, but it took a little bit of effort to install it. But I made it work. On my car, the wiper blade holder (the metal part that holds the rubber blade) actually has a small "Trico - patented" on the side. I hope this helps. Jim PS - I actually bought both 45-240 and 45-260, but I measured the length of the blade on the car and it is 24"
  8. On my S1, I bought a Trico refill blade (in the US). If memory serves, it was 26” long. I might have the package in the garage if you want details. JTM
  9. jtmco


    Bob, Thank you for this post. It helped a lot. I had nearly same problem and eventually found that the o-rings on mine were flattened from age. I put new o-rings on one side and anti-popping carb spacers on the other (basically just o-rings attached to aluminum plates) and it runs a treat. Jim
  10. He has an Esprit (looks a lot like mine!) and he just talks about Ferraris!
  11. I don’t consider myself tall (5’10” before I lost my hair), but while sitting in the driver’s seat of my S1, I cannot see the dashboard warning lights including the turn signal indicator. I even thought that the TOP TRIM for INSTRUMENT PANEL (or Instrument Panel Finisher) (A079U4347K) was some crazy addition by the previous owner (until I popped it off the light mounts and realized how it was attached). The lights have not been working but the instrument illumination is working Do others have this problem? Does everyone ignore it? Is my binnacle tilted down too far in front (I’ve not tried to move that). Am I just exceptionally tall from the waist up (ok - my inseam is only 28”-29”) Has anyone who had this problem tried to resolve it? I can probably just hide the wires under the trim and my car is already non-original enough (replacement engine, plumbed-in fire extinguisher, future cockpit radio) such that removing this is not a big deal (plus, it is off already!) but I wanted to see what the consensus is Thanks in advance for the feedback Jim
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