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  1. “And a long shot question, but does anyone know if there's a machine shop in Ohio familiar with building 907 motors? ” send a PM to TonyK. He is in Cleveland and if anyone would know, he would.
  2. Are the springs at SJs not Euro spec? Seem pretty inexpensive as well. SJ079D0003. £47.04 including VAT
  3. Hi Jack, That would be terrific! So do you have an old and a new that don’t match? I guess if you can just tell me the dimensions of the one you bought and maybe shoot a photo so I can see the fittings and the thickness, then I can try to see if it will fit in my car. Ive seen some for some older Porsche 911s that look like they might fit but I have looked closely. Thanks in advance. Jim
  4. The interior is high but I can get it. But was the car itself worth £28.5k as purchased?
  5. I watched this. The end was result was stunning but £28.5k for the car at the beginning (and it needed a roof?) seemed really high ($37.5k). Is that the going rate in the UK? if so, does anyone want to buy a running federal S1 with a perfectly good roof 🤣 Jim
  6. I did the job on my S1 over the summer. I messed up the trim pulling it off. I have it all back together except the trim. I used Velcro to hold down the arm rest so I can at least access the choke cable without pulling it all apart.
  7. Congratulations Jonathan. What a cool find. TonyK is in the Cleveland area and is one of the greatest authorities on S1’s. You can probably PM home through this forum JAE and RD Enterprises are both good. I think of JAE a bit more for upgrades and RD Enterprises more for OE parts. But both carry some of both and are quality folks. SJ is a good source as well. I’m in Richmond, VA. Reach out if I can answer any questions. Jim
  8. My S1 has aftermarket fiberglass bumpers that the previous owner painted body color. At the suggestion of someone on this forum (I think), I painted them with black Plasti-dip spray paint. Now they look like rubber and it has been quite durable. It is also fairly easily reversible. Good luck with your project. Jim
  9. Hi Simon, I don’t see a reply. Did you get this sorted? I put the new cross-gate cable kit from SJ in my car. Adjustment at the back is pretty simple: Loosen the lock nut and rotate the rod. The adjustment is pretty sensitive - within 1/2 to 1 turn. if I recall, however, usually, the adjustment is between 5th and Reverse. I have my console off and first is not all the way against the left side. if you look up SJ502 GEARCHANGE MODIFICATION on the SJ website, they include a description of how to adjust things. i hope that helps Jim
  10. Allen, Options include RD Enterprises in PA and JAE Parts in California. Also Dave Bean in California. SJ Sportscars in the UK has a nice online catalog. Shipping is often quick when parts are in stock but the lockdown slowed them down for a while. Good luck, Jim
  11. Hi Tony, Have you set the timing on another car? if so… There are some marks on the flywheel that can be seen through an opening in the top of the transmission bell housing. You can jack up on rear wheel, the the car in gear and turn the engine to TDC so you can see the marks. I highlighted mine with a silver Sharpie marker to make them more visible. There are marks on the crank pulley in the front but I don’t think you could see them with a timing light while the engine is running. I don’t remember the proper timing. Maybe 8-10 deg Before TDC at idle. If you have never measured ignition timing, you will obviously need a timing light. To change the timing, you need to loosen the distributor and rotate it. This can be a headache if you don’t remove the air filter housing. I have also found that the Esprit distributor is prone to “popping out” and coming off the drive gear which necessitates resetting everything. I don’t know if I have told you too much or too little. Jim
  12. Thanks guys, I had the radiator for my TR8 rebuilt at a local radiator shop. I have sent them an email and if that doesn’t work, I will stop by and talk to them. If I can get my interior back together soon, I will drive the Esprit this winter and work on the ac next summer when it is too hot to drive without the ac. I have added some relays for the windows, new speakers in the doors, and a Panasonic cockpit radio. I rebuilt the steering rack, the shifter rods and cable, and the choke cable. I also ran some large welding wire from the battery to the front and a new terminal block in the front. I just need to put all the trim back and I can get it rolling again.
  13. I have been thinking about adding AC to my Esprit S1. I’m thinking about upgrading the alternator and using an electric compressor so I don’t have to stuff something into the engine compartment. I’m trying to figure out the best option for the condenser. SJ lists one for an S2 (A079P4073F) and I have asked for dimensions and if it might fit in an S1, but I have not heard back. I suspect I could have something built to order but I have not yet found someone to do it. I don’t think there is room for a universal condenser (usually about 12”’x12”) in front. Does anyone have any good ideas for a condenser for a 1977 Esprit S1? thanks. Jim
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