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  1. Turns out that I have the same problem. I had purchased the SJ switch but when I opened the column last week, my switch was the smaller one and the SJ switch did not fit! thanks for the PM as well. Jim
  2. So should the armrest pull up as if it were a cubby or is it attached to the sides? I think when mine was retrimmed inside, everything must have been glued down. None of it wants to move. I'm afraid to pull too hard. I've managed to feed a new choke inner cable through the old sheath. The outer sheath is cut/broken in the engine bay. I will splice in an additional piece of outer sheath in the engine bay rather than risk damaging the interior (someday I'll have to do that). Thanks for the advice and guidance. Jim
  3. Thanks. The previous owner trimmed it in leather so perhaps he fitted new clips or did something else. I will have to move the seats. He riveted on the map pocket.
  4. I've read the manual and searched the forum but I haven't found the answer to my question. I am trying to replace my choke cable (inner and outer). Seems the outer sheath is clamped down underneath the center armrest trim (Trim Cover Assy, Tunnel Top A079V4072J). However, it is not obvious to me how this piece (or the sides A079V4072J) are attached. If I remove the seats, will the sides come free? Do they have screws or snaps or something else? What about the bright work (chrome piece) that runs up the side and then under the dash. How is that affixed? (I don't want to break it moving the other pieces. Of course, based on the other things that the DPO has done, heaven only knows what I will find! Any guidance would be most appreciated.
  5. My fuel tanks are waiting for me to find some time to reinstall them but reading this thread has convinced me that I need to tackle the cambelt before I start the car again (I have heard it run, but not for long). It has almost no miles but it has been well over 2 years since it was installed. I know of JAE and RD Enterprises in the US and S&J in the UK. Is any one source better in terms of belt quality? Are they all coming from the same supplier? If I am going to do all of the work, I want to make sure it lasts. Not trying to hijack the thread - just seemed like a good place to ask. Thanks, Jim
  6. If you decide you need a switch, S&J sells the electrical part. I have one waiting to be installed.
  7. When you apply the POR15, I encourage you to wear some Tyvek coveralls and some long gloves. If you have to paint above your head, wear some head covering and face protection. If it sticks to the car half as well as it stuck to my skin, it will last a LONG time. (Yes, I learned the hard way that it is thin and drips a lot when you paint with a brush over your head.).
  8. According to, the price of a 1977 Esprit S1 in the U.S. increased 35-60% (depending on condition) from May to Sept 2015. Better then my stock portfolio!
  9. Have you watched the Wheeler Dealers episode where they pull the engine? Looks like removing the hatch and a pretty steep angle are needed. Jim
  10. Webpage does not show all that they have and I don't know that the inventory is even as good as S&J, but it is a US option. Ray was friendly on the phone. - Again, you need to contact them to ask what they have. There is a "Links" page with more vendors. Good luck. Jim
  11. I'm glad you found an acceptable solution and that she was happy.
  12. Exactly! Or 4 of these: On a smooth surface, one person can move the car anywhere he/she likes. Fancy ones are expensive but I found some at a good price a few years ago and they are invaluable for moving dad's Jag out of the way.
  13. How about calling a tow truck to move the Jag? (Not sure what you call them in the UK). Or 4 go-jacks.
  14. Congratulations Jared! I bought my S1 last fall and intend to have it back on the road this summer. Post some photos when you can. What color is the car? Jim
  15. Paul, the car looks amazing!!! You and Mrs. Paul deserve major kudos.
  16. Brian, Thanks for the reply. I have mounted it in another place for now but will look into relocating everything once I finish another project and can get good access. Jim
  17. I have gotten parts from: RD Enterprises in PA ( and from SJ Sportscars in the UK ( Both were great. Talked to Ray at RD Enterprises and he was able to look for things I wanted. Steve at SJ Sportscars actually had some pieces fabricated after I asked about them. Shipping from SJ was quite reasonable.
  18. I don't have the dimensions but I have a 1977 Esprit S1 and a 1978 TR8 pre-production coupe in the garage. Seat belts look identical and the tab on the drivers side of both has the code: 2 62477. I am on my mobile right now but can post or pm photos later if it helps.
  19. Good Sunday Evening, I bought my S1 (307H) in November 2014. At the moment, it has an aftermarket fuel pump that is dangling from the fuel lines (literally on the ground). I have purchased a proper fuel pump from SJs but I am a bit unclear as to where to mount it. Something in the manual said "LH bulkhead" but in crawling under the car, I don't see an obvious location. Can anyone point me in the proper direction? Perhaps a photo or two with enough perspective so that I know where to go? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Jim
  20. Looks like a similar product. There is another one called DuPont Deep Freeze. And another one from Loctite. I guess the freezing point of the oil is below the temperature of the spray. I've also read that a 50/50 mix of automatic transmission fluid and acetone works well as a penetrating oils but I have not tried it.
  21. How about Freeze-off (by CRC or similar)? It is a can with penetrating oil that cools the part. This might break the seal between the rusted parts.
  22. jtmco

    Door Mirror

    Looking for a Raydyot E11 1303 door mirror that was used on some S1 Esprits (at least on mine!). I only need one. Thanks, Jim
  23. I recently purchased a 1977 S1. The choke cable terminates between the window switches in the center arm rest. From the photos I have seen, there is a black retangular piece that fits in this location. I am missing that piece. Is it a cover for the end of the choke cable or is it the actual knob to pull on the cable? Does someone have a close-up photo? Does anyone have a spare or know of a source? Thanks, Jim
  24. Anthony, They are only original once! Put some seat covers on it to protect what you have left and enjoy that it "drives well" Jim
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