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  1. on the southam ring road at 4.35pm ish, its the first one i have spotted away from the shows, its good to see people actually use them any one here?
  2. does the man at the garage have a car that costs
  3. seeing that dammage the first thing you want to be sure of is that the chasis is ok...
  4. ouch!... hope it fixes quick...
  5. the rear quater view looks verry exige... or is that just me?!...
  6. na i like the dimand cut... wait till you see it in a natural light before you decide...
  7. not a part i recognise... have you got a pic of the starter itself? no point referbing it if its not the right one... the spacer plate dosnt look thick enough to affect the position of the dog gear enough... i will have a look tomorrow to see if it has anything listed in the parts manual...
  8. one thing to remember when you improve the performance of the pre 85 setup is you will be putting alot more stress on your trunions...
  9. SJ's should do them, not the best quality carpet in the world but there is enough of it and its roughly the right shape... otherwise an excel one wont be far off... the diffrences in the floorpan are minimal, you might posibly need to get the piped peices redone... Whats on the acheivements list today?
  10. Apart from the thinner oils you recommend will usually seep from every orifice on a 900 series engine
  11. looks intresting!... be careful its not a jammer as these are less than leagle now... another trick to try would be to drop a de-humidifier in now you have removed the seats... have a little more of a rummage under the dash and make sure there isnt an imobiliser disableing your starter motor rather than it being faulty, and check there is a good earth at the block, another thing to corrode on the front engine cars...
  12. it depends on how stubborn all the self tapping screws are and if your seat belt anchors fall apart... but i have swapped a couple of excel SE interiours in a day, out of one into another, including dashes and they are far more involved... but to be fair if you need to strip all your switches down it mite take you a day for the electrics and a day for the interiour... getting the sound proofing material out really will speed up your drying out process though just a thought have you tried switching the switches 10 or 20 times, bit of a bodge but sometimes you can get the current to arc and clean the contacts...
  13. your going to want to take the interiour out and throw away the old sound proofing, otherwise you will never get the moistre all out and then it will be followed by a horrible musty smell... the window motors are readily available, but it is 50-50 it could be the SW, the latter is fairly easy to strip down and clean the contacts... same procidure with the hazzard sw and if that is gummed up the indicators wont work either the washer motor, go and get a new one from halfrawds... lights it will be moisture/corrosion in the relay or again a gummed up SW, a days work and you should be good... good luck mate...
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