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  1. Excellent project. Keep the updates coming.
  2. So sorry to be reading about this problem knowing how much effort has gone into getting the car finished. It's certainly made me consider carefully how I'll approach my engine rebuild. You clearly love the car and that'll help keep your spirits up.
  3. I think there is already a recognised religion which covers the things he does, its called Jainism.
  4. TAR

    Happy 2020!

    Happy New Year to all
  5. looks a little shorter than when you started?
  6. @ekwan you'll be wanting these -
  7. The only thing I can think of to mention about the pipes through the chassis is that some of them (small ones I think) have bits of pipe insulation around them to prevent vibration. I was able to get hold of and remove these via the opening where the gearstick goes.
  8. I bet theres some full on chair envy that goes on in there.
  9. The belt came in various sizes both plus and minus the standard length. SJ have (I believe) have only a couple of the variations available. You'll want to check the length of your existing belt.
  10. That is a very generous offer Bibs. It would be sad to see it fold however, I have read on there that a few people are very determined to keep it running.
  11. You can buy a paper copy from a Lotus dealer.
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