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  1. I'm not entirely sure however the part quoted above replaced C907E6000F in 1995. I'm not sure where the N version fits in. Its been the same part number for the Esprit since the S3 I believe (A907E6000W is listed for the S3 and Turbo Esprit from 1980). I know how I would spend my money.
  2. I believe that you can still get Lotus oil filters. I'm assuming for a V8, for which the part number is C907E6000W Listed on and probably the best you can buy
  3. The module that you have there were originally available as replacement parts (I have 2 new boxed ones) they are now long obsolete. Its worth keeping as they are more prone to problems than the motors themselves. The motors themselves are quite basic are you sure its broken? Did you test the diodes, they are known to fail?
  4. Use a pair of tweazers or flatnose pliers to gently draw the copper strip flat again, then you can put a slight curve back on it. I did this with a set and managed to get a good working contact again.
  5. Sounds like fuel cut. The ecu protecting the engine. I have no experience of the fuel injected cars so can't really offer any help.
  6. I've not looked at my door carrds for some time but I think the screws are held in with spire nuts.
  7. SJ Sportscars also list these on their website.
  8. That pump looks rather untidy. The rotors and annulus' are no longer available. I have a new set of the thicker ones and I have a new pump body (both NOT for sale) but it may be possibe to copy and remanufacture them? The rotor and annulus would be the easiest to reproduce but the cast pump body would be much harder to remake. There was an engineering drawing for the pump shaft uploaded to the forums previously which I also have a copy of if its of any use. I'm sure the pump will be the hardest thing to repair but I know you'll get there in the end.
  9. @theelanman this is Oxford Blue
  10. Maybe we can have a race. I'm hoping to have my garage built this year so who knows, I may actually get a chance to start sorting mine out.
  11. was this the post?
  12. I don't think you can delete anything as its hosted. I think you'll only get a higher limit of you become a member. @Bibs could confirm. It'll be a real shame if we wern't able to see the final push to completion.
  13. Looking good. Were they the original trim bits or did you manage to buy new?
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