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  1. SJ Sportscars still list quite a few parts for the 5 speed gearbox. You may be able to repair it.
  2. You've done the right thing. You'll know that as time goes by.
  3. 19 years is a grand old age! I've grown up with boxer dogs who, on average, have a short lifespan of not much more that 10 years. I've seen 7 of my loving companions pass away with the assistance of a vet. It's always heart wrenching but I guess you can see where I'm going with this. We always ended up with another one to fill the void. Since having dogs in my own right, I've had two pass away. I felt I needed some time to get over the loss and waited around a year before looking. A dog always brings huge joy and will love you unconditionally, they really are mans best frie
  4. TAR


    @red vtec Yes you can move your share holding to another broker. The new broker will complete the transfer on your behalf. It's usually just an electronic form. They'll also be able to move a stocks and shares ISA if that's what you have.
  5. TAR


    I thought Equinity was awful and expensive. Used them for a short while to manage shares I bought in the company I work for. I now use Halifax share dealing and it's great. I'd echo what C8RKH says and suggest using a shares ISA to protect your investments from the tax man, unless of course you can afford to invest more than the max yearly ISA limit. I've also got a managed ISA where the shares are all picked for me and it's designed to build a nest egg for retirement. I pay a percentage of the fund value as a management fee but it's still good value.
  6. I understand why you may want to do this yourself but it's not hugely expensive to get the injectors professionally cleaned with a set of results.
  7. I believe that both the coolant pipes have bends at the front of the car. I also think that the otter switch should be at the front of the car attached to a curved pipe just before the radiator. It sounds like someone has 'adjusted' your car.
  8. Not sure if it's a trick of the light in the picture but the clean spring looks to have a smaller diameter which would make the characteristics quite different to the other one.
  9. so long as it's above the starting price which is going to be the least that is expected for a sale. Not really a true auction sale.
  10. @Lotusfab had a similar issue on his car, he maybe able to tell you what he did to fix it.
  11. the window frames are no longer available however a few have been remade from the original material and forms, they are for sale on ebay - Get some before they're all gone.
  12. not sure if this is the correct side for you? or here:
  13. Lotus Esprit series 3 and Turbo Esprit window frames. Early Turbo Esprit door mirrors. Lotus Elite 1975-82 window trims.
  14. Dry sump pump was fitted to early Turbo Esprit cars 1980-1982
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