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  1. 4 Post Car Lift

    There is a requirement to ensure the concrete base is strong enough. Seems as if 6" of 3000psi strength reinforced concete is required without a screed.
  2. Have you considered making centre caps with a lip which fits the smaller hole but with the diameter of the main cap set to the larger size?
  3. Gold FFM?

    Gold FFM accounts will now receive a free Certificate of Provenance (or CoC if requested) Whats a CoC?
  4. 4 Post Car Lift

    Me three. @MPx how high is your garage?
  5. 4 Post Car Lift

    I'm looking into this at the moment as I'm planning a new garage build. There are two main ramp types, the maintenance lift and the storage lift. They are subtley different. The storage lift has provision for catch trays to fit between the ramps which help to protect the car below. They also lock into place so offer some protection from dropping.
  6. I recall (I think) someone on here who discovered that the body on their Elite had come apart at the back. I think they suspected it had been in a rear end shunt. I'm fairly sure they used another body from LotusBits. Sorry I can't remember the guys name. There is no need to make a hole in the rear of that size so I suspect the plate is covering some damage?
  7. Badly written advert. Reg is M814 YCL if anyone is interested. It appears to have had very little use since MOT recording began in 2006.
  8. the rear bulkhead is smooth and has no holes. Here is a picture of mine (sorry, it's the best I have at the moment) and you can see the rear is smooth.
  9. Just got access but had to use this link The link didn't work.
  10. Lost Original JPS Esprit !!!!

    The black Esprit looks like an HC as it has the 2 vent bonnet. Looks like its also got the sunroof.
  11. Someone please help out and buy this car so Barry can get on with his next madcap scheme.
  12. I reckon you're going to buy that £30K red V8. Looks lovely and what could possibly go wrong?
  13. How could you? Stopping half way through a great piece on fibreglass repair. Can't wait to see the rest. Despite what you may think about the production, these episodes just get better and better. Keep 'em coming.
  14. Radiator refill

    If you haven't done it, make sure you have thoughly flused all the old coolant out. Mixing types can cause a build up of sludge which can block the cooling system. Distilled water isn't expensive and would be fine if you wanted to use it in conjunction with any antifreeze. De-ionized would be better though.
  15. This Barry, is turning into a Margate quickie.