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  1. TAR

    Poor old girl..

    thats a shame. I wonder if the missing bits are lost in a dusty garage somewhere?
  2. Thats not nice. The broken stud extractor will be very hard and difficult to drill out. The other broken one may be drillable and then retapped. Best of luck.
  3. Looks as if you got your window frame shimming sorted. I had a quick look at one of my doors but where it is (back of a dark garage) makes it hard to see. I only found 4 fixing points (I've got poor close up eyesight!) The shims are very thick as mentioned earlier and with the oxidation on them it was very hard to see how many there were. The only one I could really see with any clarity was the top frame mount by the rear of the window motor. It appeared to have 3 washers. The one forward of it looked as if it had 2 and the one below that (most forward point of the frame) seems to have 1 (but I couldn't really see it properly). The mount at the rear to the bottom of the door beam looked as if it had 2 washers but again it wasn't easy to see. Not a lot of help I suppose? I hadn't realised just how inaccessible they are unless removed.
  4. TAR

    Excel SE (1988) dashboard and binnacle

    @Grizzly I assume you have tried Lotusbits? I would also suggest asking on
  5. Fabian, my doors are still complete with windows in. I'll see if I can count the number of shims for you. The doors are buried at the back of the garage so may take a day or so to reach.
  6. Where they fit on the bulkhead is angled towards the cabin so they are flush with the body. You will notice that in the first picture I posted. The fuel tank sits a small amount further back. It's been a while since my tanks were in the car but I remember that I couldn't get my hand behind the tank to get at the door striker plate shims, so its tight.
  7. @Lotusfab I've just had a look back through some of my photos and I think you may have the wrong number of holes for the dash speaker. Mine has odd numbers of holes starting with 5 . So 5, 7, 9 and 11. Looking at the Bond car, I think you don't see all the holes because of the dash. EDIT!! It must be an age thing, I can obviously see yours is correct. I looked at your paper template and only saw the 4 hole diagonal. 👀
  8. more pics... In the first picture, its upside down as the hole in the centre would be at the bottom (as a drain I assume). I don't think the hole in the back is original, someone had run a cable into the rear using the speaker hole (if I recall correctly). The lower picture is oriented correctly. Measurements with respect to the bottom picture are as follows - Top edge - 275mm Bottom edge - 265mm Side - 220mm edging - 20mm although one edge has been cut at an angle which is why top and bottom sizes are slightly different. I think this was just poorly cut. height of back - 150mm Depth - 100mm I hope that makes sense
  9. Fabian, your attention to detail is epic! I'll surely be using your method to create the speaker holes when I finally get around to sorting my car.
  10. It actually looks OK to me. The flap that is screwed down on the left is only required for air-con cars. The freash air flap (shown open on your picture) id operated by the vacuum actuator seen to the left of it. I also think that the gaffer tape is a factory fit
  11. Sorry it's not a great picture. You can see the enclosure bottom leftof this picture. I have them loose somewhere, I'll try to get you a better picture.
  12. There should be some speaker enclosures in the engine bay. Tey are not pictured in the parts manual but the P/N is A082B4302K. They are made of ABS plastic.
  13. My 82 Turbo Esprit has dash speakers with perforated leather and rear bulkhead speakers.
  14. TAR

    Time to start explaining

    Am I the only person who found this mildly disturbing?
  15. TAR

    Wankles - an occupational hazard

    You sure that won't wash off in the bath?