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  1. Nicolas Parsons.... I'll say no more
  2. Yes, Henry VIII decreed it in 1529.
  3. Aylesbury has a 15th Century coaching inn dating back to 1455, it's one of the best preserved in the country. Henry the VIII is said to have wooed Anne Boleyn there. Its first marketplace was established in the 13th Century. It was home to the Aylesbury Duck. Aylesbury played an important role in the Civil war with local man John Hampden partially responsible for starting it! The Cubit car was built in Aylesbury in the 1920's Aylesbury was the home to the Friars music venue which was where David Bowie first brought Ziggy Stardust to life. It hosted some of the biggest bands of the 70's and 80's and still survives today. The band Marillion were based in Aylesbury and wrote the song Market Square Heroes, referencing to the towns market place. Still on a musical note... John Ottway and Wild Willy Barrett were born in Aylesbury. Keith Richards appeared in Aylesbury Crown Court in 1973 on drugs charges. Stoke Mandeville Hospital (located on the edge of Aylesbury) was the birthplace of the Paralympic games. Dr Ludwig Guttmann was a pioneer in the treatment of disabled people and founded the National Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville Somewhat more obscure is that Rhoda Abbott was the only woman to fall into the freezing-cold water to survive the Titanic sinking. She was born in 1873 in Aylesbury. Finally, the England football squad played a warm up game ahead of Euro 88 against non-league Aylesbury United. We lost 7-0 EDIT: I just realised that technically, Aylesbury isn't a village...
  4. A multimeter set on a resistance scale must be connected in parallel not series. If you're connecting in series it definitely wont light the bulb do you have a voltage drop at the reverse switch? There should be a green wire feeding 12v into it and a green/brown wire feeding the reverse lamps from the switch.
  5. My car, new in May 82, has a pinstripe which I've asked about on here before. It appears it may have been an option at the time?
  6. Are you testing this with just a bulb or are you using the bulb holder as well? They are notorious for getting oxidised and causing connectivity issues. When you say the voltage disappears, do you just mean the bulb won't light or you measure zero volts on the multimeter?
  7. You have to lift the body slightly forwards and up as it catches on the bolts for the front suspension top mounts.
  8. screw in (will also have a plastic nut) - twist (fitted to later cars) -
  9. Black faced dials look like they'd be a good fit
  10. The only customers in party hats 😄 Wishing everyone a Happy and prosperous New Year
  11. Do an Internet search for show plates and you'll return lots of results. If you change the spacing, I don't think you'll have the option of adding the other legally required info. This is plate manufacturer and postcode details with the BSAU 145e stamp.
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