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  1. The Series 2 Elite doesn't have the rear wiper motor attached to the window. It is mounted to the roof and has a detachable mechanism to connect the wiper to the motor.
  2. This is the only image I have.The pins sit over the tangs on the retainer .
  3. TAR


    If you don't find anything here you should give a call, they will most likely have those parts
  4. We need a live feed
  5. Its a fire path not a road. There will be signs at both ends prohibiting traffic. I think you've been caught fair and square.
  6. I know you are probably looking for a cheaper option but SJ Sportscars do sell the shims, retaining clips and pins. Not a bad price either.
  7. Does this help? The flexible line attaches to a little bracket which is held under the caliper bolt. The flexible hose then just goes in front of the coil spring.
  8. Great work Daniel and what a great space to work in!
  9. It's a real shame you don't have any pictures of the side or rear of the car. The easiest external indications of its age would be the 4 stud compomotives and a single support for the tailgate louvers. Unless anyone knows the car personally, it'll be a challenge to correctly identify it. I can say for sure that its prior to 1985 as it has the triangular finisher for the capping rail.
  10. @alan.phillips have you tried Angus on They were producing the last few made from the original extrusion on the original jig. They are supposed to be the same ones supplied to LotusBits but worth asking.
  11. Mine were also fine originally when removed. Are you sure this isn't as a result of changing the tanks? Its possible the fill pipe isn't exactly in the original configuration?
  12. I would wipe the oil from the places you have photographed. Take it for a drive and see it its returned.
  13. I spotted the low riding red Elite AKA the Panther in Norwich today ouside the football stadium. It looked and sounded really good. I know its changed hands a few times recently and not sure if the owner is an active member on here?
  14. Does it sit upright? I thought it needed a high angle base to acommodate the angle of the rear wing.
  15. You don't even need to send it off! If your vehicle is exempt from MoT testing you will need to fill in this form and produce it when you tax your vehicle at a Post Office
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