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  1. you might feel a bit of a dick
  2. You'd better move house. I don't think I could just look at it after all that hard work!
  3. calling @Sparky who may be able to help?
  4. I've used Shiply a couple of times to move older cars and both times everything was fine. However, for a valuable car like yours, I would consider using a specialist recovery company, it'll be more expensive but you get what you pay for. If for whatever reason, something untoward happens, you'll probably spend less time fighting in court for compensation.
  5. yeah, you need a rectifier circuit to allow the polarity to be reversed. The actual led light will only work with the correct polarity but it's managed by the rectifier.
  6. did you notice that they are positive earth fitting? You'll need to reverse the wiring to the lamp holder.
  7. It's been quite a while since I removed the body on my car and I rather stupidly didn't record the spacers used at the body mounting points. I have to say however that they were a variety of sizes and upwards of 5 mm at a guess in places. I would assume when refitting the body, you'd need to align 5 through 8 first and then space out the others to fit the body position. I believe the body was drilled in place for 5 through 8 in the factory (if my recollection is right)
  8. Try wiggling the steering wheel whilst trying to put the key in. If you have some spray grease, you could try a squirt into the barrel.
  9. what size are they in comparison to the lengths originally offered by Lotus? Great news if these are a commercial reality. Well done
  10. My Boxer has just had a cancerous lump removed from her hind leg. It's the second time its grown back. I'm hopeful it's the last time she has to go through this.
  11. there's no such thing as too many pictures
  13. Looks just like mine. Excellent impulse buy.
  14. TAR

    Digital clock

    wow, do you know how rare these are?
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