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  1. electric

    Never had an issue with DD for utilities. Been with several companies as I switch each time a deal ends to another. This save me hundreds of pounds a year. First Utility reduced my DD 3 times during the 2 years I was with them. Been with Scottish Power and now with the Coop.
  2. Two post ramp.

    I don't think I would be happy hanging the chassis under the car. Is it possible to get the lift to connect with the chassis instead of the body?
  3. try Steve - I'm sure they do next day delivery.
  4. water pump and alternator belts are separate.
  5. Bought a Porsche

    I noticed you didn't mention its stunning good looks in your list of positives
  6. Its good to know Miles is still trading. I thinks someone else on here was asking about him not so long ago. How about repairing your chassis' and then getting them hot dip galvanised like the S3 & turbo were?
  7. Not one for originality!

    Spotted this for sale on Gumtree...
  8. How much does it cost to charge up?
  9. Wow! thats a great price. I'm sure it would be a very worthwhile restoration.
  10. elite to ressurect

    The 911 engine was the one fitted to the Lotus Sunbeam so it will be a 2.2ltr. It should be the Getrag gearbox.
  11. elite to ressurect

    The advert is correct in saying its a series 1 (Type 75) Elite. The original engine would have been a 907 2ltr lump. The advert says its got the 912 2.2ltr lump from the S2.2 (Type 83) Elite. The rear bumper is also an S2.2 fitment, the rear valance at the back looks aftermarket. If its a 503 it will have power steering, 5 speed gearbox and air con.
  12. elite to ressurect

    Welcome, was that the S1 with the added S2.2 bits and later engine?
  13. I can't help you but it's great that your trying t make it factory original. I'm trying to do the same thing with my Esprit.