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  1. 🙂
  2. Can you get the covenant removed? It may have been setup for a specific and now outdated reason. 🙂
  3. Good luck with the search, there were only a handful of S2 cars made so you maybe better off trying to modify a series 1 part? 🙂
  4. the last image of the interior in the post by @stephenwhyte doesn't appear to be from the red car? It's got the Bond steering wheel (colour coded)? The car also appears to have a gold coach line, not a standard decal. 🙂
  5. @Kier I'm with you on this. Some small parts can appear to be somewhat expensive. This is likely due to the costs of the initial setting up of the production method and cost of a run of items. If more options are available it'll offer a choice which is always a good thing. I hope you get the info you need 🙂
  6. TAR


    A friend of mine got 2 rescue greyhounds a couple of months back. They are wonderful dogs but they'd never lived in a house before and needed house training. They've just about got the hang of it now. 🙂
  7. TAR


    Welcome Karl. This is absolutely THE best place for owners and admirers of the Lotus brand. Your choice of an HC could make your search harder as there were few of them made, in comparison to an already small number of 80's Lotus. I think many people believe that to be the pinnacle of earlier cars. It certainly had several updates from its forerunners. Parts can be hard to come by, but search enough and rare bits can still be found. Most consumable items are still readily available. Have a dig around on the forums, there's loads of useful info and when you're ready to
  8. If you love your dogs... you won't be one of those people @C8RKH 🙂
  9. Perfect conditions for a cracking car. 🙂
  10. These are available from SJ Sportscars - 🙂
  11. The metal relay looks like it's the flasher relay for the indicators. 🙂
  12. Happy Birthday! 🙂
  13. I think that looks a bit tatty, as if it's not quite finished. 🙂
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