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  1. The ignition switch just connects the battery to the rest of the electrical systems so it would a be a case of fitting a switch inline after the ignition in a suitably obscure position, or you could just isolate the fuel pump.
  2. lovely car and I'm sure a very worthwhile purchase. SJ Sportscars are the place to go for the parts you need. Clock will be nigh on impossible to source. Keep the pictures coming
  3. So pleased to hear you got it back in a relatively good condition. Lets hope your insurance gets it back on the road.
  4. That's terrible news. I hope they catch those responsible and it's recovered safely.
  5. I thought I'd stumbled on a truly Emira free thread, but no! the evil has perforated every bastion of classic chat. Lets get back to what we really want, the lotus position, wry quips and a gin before bedtime
  6. TAR

    Euro ⚽️

    I don't know why anyone would consider these animals as fans of anything. They only turn up for trouble
  7. TAR

    Euro ⚽️

    I don't think it'll be a high scoring game but England for the win I think. Likely 2-0 or 2-1 after 90 mins.
  8. Are they doughnuts in the background?
  9. Looks like Stokenchurch Tower?
  10. 2 door reflectors for my Elite
  11. I'll wait for you to say its all done then Dan before I start on my garage
  12. I saw a gorgeous 2-11 this lunchtime driving out of Aylesbury on the A41 towards Aston Clinton. Was it you?
  13. I'm sure you could pick up a set from LotusBits?
  14. Window switches are on the dash on an S1 and by the handbrake on an S2. Engine is 2.2L on an S2.
  15. Happy Birthday!
  16. Using a mention can draw peoples attention to a thread. @Greg | ValetPro
  17. I believe the bionic visual sensors can be dampened by a liberal application of gin. 🙂
  18. Are the black door handles non-standard? I thought silver and black. 🙂
  19. I think the bolt heads should be tack welded to the runners. If they are spinning you'll likely need to cut the nuts off and replace the bolts on the runners. I could be wrong, my I haven't seen my car seats in a while (in storage) and I didn't remove them myself. 🙂
  20. In your image, the main part of the airbox that's fixed to the carbs is for a 912 engine (S2.2 Elite and Eclat). The part the pipe fits on looks homemade. 912 airbox has clamps, 907 airbox is screwed together. 🙂
  21. Sounds like you have a non standard air box. The original is plastic with a foam backed rubberized cover. 🙂
  22. I think most people would advise against this as any overflow from the carbs which would get caught by the air box has a direct path to the distributor and spark source. 🙂
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