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  1. The belt came in various sizes both plus and minus the standard length. SJ have (I believe) have only a couple of the variations available. You'll want to check the length of your existing belt.
  2. That is a very generous offer Bibs. It would be sad to see it fold however, I have read on there that a few people are very determined to keep it running.
  3. You can buy a paper copy from a Lotus dealer.
  4. TAR

    Esprit questions

    That sounds like a good price for an SE. Keep us posted when it arrives.
  5. TAR

    Front bumper S3

    How about LotusBits?
  6. The chrome surround is for the rear side marker lamp ( I think federal car only) Fits may classics.
  7. TAR


    looking forward to seeing your progress.
  8. That interior looks like a lovely place to be.
  9. @Millobrush Have you seen this for sale on ebay?
  10. You'll need to measure between the holes as they made several different lengths.and they are handed. The parts listing shows - Support Stay, Radiator Duct. RH
  11. you only drove over him once? He's almost in the classic dead shillouette shape
  12. There is no shame in wanting a N/A car. If no one wanted one, they would soon disappear for good. I agree that prices are higher in Europe but I also think you should try and negotiate down based on the gerabox issue.
  13. Buying an unknown 2nd hand gearbox could work out just as expensive. Parts are available from the UK or Harry Martens @dsvitesse1 I would investigate fixing it first.
  14. TAR

    S3 steering wheel lock

    Welcome to the forums. have you tried SJ Sportscars?
  15. It has the wrong headlamp masks. Sill mounted ashtrays have also been deleted. Wrong seatbelt stalks (although original type are NLA). The interior looks very well done but far from original.
  16. lol, only air through the turbo. I'd be worried about having atomised fuel passing through a turbo at 1400 degrees!
  17. 12 degrees BTDC is correct for static timing. Once done you need to set the dynamic timing using a strobe light to 28 degrees at 4000 rpm. The turbo doesn't really cut in, it starts to add boost pressure as the exhaust gas spins the turbo faster. The max PSI is dependent on the wastegate spring. The wastegate should have the rating printed on it. This is the max pressure before it opens.
  18. You have got to video the initial start up. We are all willing it to fire up and purr like a kitten, or roar like a lion (whichever you prefer)
  19. You'll be hard pressed to buy a parts only car for £1000 these days. It's going to be worth a fair bit more than that. As others have said, the restoration costs may sprial when you get into it.
  20. Yes... Service parts list - Workshop manual -
  21. I had a similar pile of rust from both my doors. That finishing piece is very rare (unless I'm much mistaken) treat it with tender loving care.
  22. What a beauty. Silly question but, has it had a retrofit for power steering and thats not working?
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