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  1. 1928 Brough Superior... heavenly. Is it an SS100?
  2. Did she get them painted as well?
  3. Hi and welcome. Have you been in touch with they say on their site that they have Elite and Eclat parts? If not, SJ Sportscars in the UK will ship to the US. We also have LotusBits in the UK but they don't do email so need to be called up. They may send overseas. Good luck in your search for parts.
  4. I gave a big thumbs up from my Zafira around 08:00 this morning to a red Esprit travelling through Weston Turville, bucks. It looked like either an S3 or turbo Esprit.
  5. I can only echo others' replies. Your videos are great and it's a worthwhile thing to save and drive a classic Lotus. Keep them coming and ignore the trolls.
  6. More money than sense as my old mum would say.
  7. It's probably missing a few bricks in the bulkheads.
  8. Could you have some head lift? Maybe the bolts are stretching with the increased boost levels?
  9. Odd that it's right hand drive from a French manufacturer.
  10. TAR

    S4S info

    Saw Steve about a week ago. I'd also thoroughly recommend his services
  11. Hi and welcome to The Lotus Forums. 40 years! it sounds like an interesting proposition. Have you ever seen it running and is that you in the picture?
  12. Did you spot the Vauxhall hiding behind the bin?
  13. try speaking to @Steve V8. He has made quite a few carpet sets for Esprit owners and may be able to help with the Elite.
  14. I've just switched to Avro Energy after my last fixed price ended. It's £59 pm more expensive, and that was the best deal I could find!
  15. I resolved this on an S2.2 Elite by tightening the armature, the nut on the cut shaft. That increased the resistance slightly and slowed the motor sufficiently for it not to run past the cam. I'm not sure if this is the right way to adjust it but they still work well.
  16. Looks like it was blue and resprayed green at some point?
  17. 504 was the automatic version of the Elite. 501 was the base model with manual steering and no air con. There was also 502 and 503 models. As mentioned, early cars didn't have badges but I'm not sure when that changed.
  18. No, much lighter, probably the same colour as the image posted by peteyg above. @rgh0 - we are a broad church
  19. Just had a similarly poor experience with newly fitted tyres on my Zafira. The pressures were wrong and the bolts over torqued; so tight my gun wouldn't shift them. I needed to change the rear disks and pads on my Zafira along with the tyres as they were advisories on my recent MOT. Only 1 bolt came out and I soon discovered that the thread was totally destroyed on it. They promised me that they hand tighten every nut and then torque up so it must have been me that ruined the bolt. After some further discussion, they checked their video footage of the work and could clearly see the guy using the air gun to refit the bolts. It ended up costing them for a replacement rear hub. It was the assistant manager who did the damage and I do expect a tyre fitting company to do a proper job with the requisite care.
  20. There is no such thing as a Lotus Esprit R3 model. If you want a modified car, so long as it's been done professionally, with proof, then it maybe a worthwhile purchase. Most people looking for a Lotus seem to want originality. Lotus have always been superb handling cars and the V8 is a good engine if properly serviced so the changes may not have helped the handling. Good luck with your search.
  21. Another former V8 SDI owner here. I think its was Sapphire blue metallic with a fetching beige interior. 1979 GBH 197T. I loved the car, despite a bit of body roll it was quick and fun to drive.
  22. TAR


    @Kimbers That's the best way to manage shares along with diversification however, it's important to consider moving away from high risk investments as you approach retirement or you might find your retirement coincides with a dip in the market. Someone who was due to retire in 2008 would likely have not been happy with their life savings tied up in shares at the time
  23. Do let us know how good a fit the SJ panels are as I need to replace mine.
  24. I'd still be really interested in one of the 70th screens that were attached to the barriers. Are Lotus willing to get rid of them now?
  25. The car belongs to a chap on here and it's listed in the classified section.
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