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  1. I think he is..... Hamilton is gonna love that!
  2. I think that I should express an interest in this. 1&2 : GGHC87 3: Bazza 4: 910esprit 5: Botus 6: Molemot 7. SimonE 8. Thom_77 9. Evil_Dr_Fish 10. jimmybondi 11. rlc 12. Robert 13. markd 14. Mr _John111 15. Paul Cleary 85 Turbo Esprit 16. Michael Hayes 17. ChrisJ 18. MPx 19. Stephen Whyte 20.Matt Slayton - 1984 Turbo Esprit 21. Scoville -1983 Turbo Esprit 22. Kevin - Esprit84 23. TAR - 1982 Turbo Esprit
  3. Please don't let it get broken! The dry sump cars are really very rare. I have a car in similar condition which I don't doubt will cost thousands to restore and won't be worth in resale what its going to cost to fix. If you are prepared to invest the time and money it will surely be worth the effort. If you don't want to commit, try to get the owner to advertise it on the forum so someone else can save it.
  4. Its already been said by many sorry to see this and glad your are OK. I think if it was me I'd be devastated. I do hope you get the insurance sorted without any hassle and get back to driving these fantastic cars.
  5. Excellent news. Keep up the good work and enthusiasm
  6. Its been a long time coming.... and now I have an update..... its only a very small update, but it is progress none the less. I received news of my pump today and a quote for its repair. This is very great as it means it will be fully refurbished and as good as new. The plan is to machine the faces which got damaged, fit the new rotor & annulus and then rebuild it. The company concerned are also possibly in a position to machine new rotor and annulus' for the scavenge pump (the obsolete ones) from billet aluminium should there be a demand. So now I wait the return of my pump with baited breath and crossed fingers. I'll try to get some pics of the pump rebuild as it happens.
  7. I spotted a silver S2 (I'm pretty sure it was an S2 not an S1) Esprit heading out of Aston Clinton towards Pitstone. Was it you?
  8. I'm sorry to hear you've had more problems, it seems to be never ending. Try to stay positive and I'm sure that the rewards will be great. If you need any help, even just someone to swear at, give me a shout. Tim
  9. OK so shoot me if I'm being silly....but have you contacted Monroe or Armstrong directly? They may be able to tell you a source for these?
  10. I would be VERY interested in this, as I suspect my car will need a full respray, and anything I can do in preparation would save some cash!
  11. It's been a while since I last posted. I have been scouring the planet for parts for my pump. The pump is now obsolete and neither Lotus or the main dealer network have stock of any parts. The smaller rotor and annulus are still available if you know where to look & I now have a spare set of the smaller rotor (B910E1457F) and annulus (A910E1459F). I've found a company who have my pump and are looking at the possibility of overhauling it. Its been with them for several weeks and they are trying to identify the original manufacturer (Lotus were unwilling to disclose this information). If things go well, I will pass on the name of the company. If anyone is able to locate the larger rotor and annulus sets, I would be very pleased to hear from you. I haven't done any further work on the car, as I think that the bill for the overhaul, if possible will be rather large! I'll keep you posted.
  12. That looks like fun. The small plastic item inside the coiled up door seal, is that one of the door catch surrounds? If so where did you get it? I need one of those.
  13. Name of participant: Tim - TAR Name of team: abandon hope! DRIVER SELECTIONS Group A - Select 2 F Massa (Ferrari) L Hamilton (McLaren) Group B - Select 2 H. Kovalainen (McLaren) N Heidfeld (BMW Sauber) Group C - Select 3 J Trulli (Toyota) M. Webber (RBR) S Vettel (RBR) Group D - Select 1 J. Button (BGP) Group E - Select 1 G Fisichella (Force India) TEAM SELECTIONS Group F - Select 2 Brawn GP Toyota Group G - Select 1 Ferrari Group H - Select 1 BMW Sauber
  14. Its always good taking on that first job, before you know it you will one on the slippery slope to a full on restoration Keep posting the things you do, and lets have some pictures of your pride and joy.
  15. I suggest that you pursue him through the small claims system. Have a look here you can use this for amounts up to
  16. Simon, is it the same as the turbo esprit dash, if so I have a new one which I could trace out for you?
  17. I started the oil pump disassembly today. Its not my original one, that somehow got lost. This one is from a car which had a very big hole in the block, so I expected there to be some metal in it; I was not disappointed I cleaned it with some degreaser bought from Aldi - which I highly recommend. It is fairly straightforward to dismantle requiring some gentle persuasion with the wooden handle of a lump hammer (just to tap the sections apart). After removing the pulley, the housing which mounts onto the sump will come away from the pump (undo 6 nuts). This uncovers a small rotor and annulus - unfortunately the annulus was broken. The annulus is a loose fit in the housing and the rotor is fixed to the shaft by a small bolt and a woodruff key. The woodruff key has a rounded end which faces down the shaft. To get the rotor off the shaft, I used a small drift which fitted onto the shaft and tapped it, this causes the rotor to lift off the shaft until you can get something flat on the underside to prize it off. Rotor secured with bolt and woodruff key. There are 2 large annulus', one at each end of the pump which can easily be removed. This will leave the main pump with the to remaining rotors fixed to the shaft. I believe that the shaft can be removed from the pump housing by removing the bush (at least thats what I think it is) from the (right hand end as viewed in picture below) end of the shaft. I have yet to remove the shaft for fear of breaking it as I'm not sure how it will come apart. Large rotor and annulus in the pump body. I gave it all a good clean and removed a large amount of metal filings and small lumps of engine casing This has caused quite a lot of wear on the faces of the pump, rotors and annulus'. The shaft in the pump also has lots of play in it - I'm not sure if this is wear or just because the the shaft isn't held into the other housings? I think that the rotor and annulus parts are still available, but the pump body will have to be repaired. If anyone knows of a good engineering shop, let me know. So here are some pics of the cleaned up parts. The only other issue I have is with a small bolt with a pin protruding from its threaded end. This is bent and the thread in the housing is damaged, i'm really hoping that I can get away with re-tapping the thread on both the bolt and the housing. So I'm now on the hunt for the new parts and a good machine shop to see if the faces of the housing can be smoothed.
  18. Ambrose, guess what, I'm doing much the same - a full restoration on my home as well!! I would however, be much obliged should you wish to avail me of your tools and experience. Trevor, I'm in Aylesbury and I'm sure I would take you up on your kind offer at some point in the future. The next little job I'm going to do is clean, dismantle, clean some more and then reassemble the dry sump oil pump. Pics to follow soon.
  19. Excellent, I need to remove my binnacle and dash some time soon. Looking forward to your guide.
  20. BRASS - an excellent conductor. Sorry to hear about your bad experience, but at least you know you will NEVER do that again.
  21. I have already contacted Lotus and they have confirmed that the car is all original and has matching numbers. It left the production line on 26th Feb 1982 (nearly 27 years old!!) and it was sold by Motorway Sports Cars Ltd, Faversham, Kent. I wasn't told who bought it though.
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