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  1. Just had a similarly poor experience with newly fitted tyres on my Zafira. The pressures were wrong and the bolts over torqued; so tight my gun wouldn't shift them. I needed to change the rear disks and pads on my Zafira along with the tyres as they were advisories on my recent MOT. Only 1 bolt came out and I soon discovered that the thread was totally destroyed on it. 

    They promised me that they hand tighten every nut and then torque up so it must have been me that ruined the bolt. After some further discussion, they checked their video footage of the work and could clearly see the guy using the air gun to refit the bolts. 

    It ended up costing them for a replacement rear hub. 

    It was the assistant manager who did the damage and I do expect a tyre fitting company to do a proper job with the requisite care. :) 

  2. There is no such thing as a Lotus Esprit R3 model.

    If you want a modified car, so long as it's been done professionally, with proof, then it maybe a worthwhile purchase. 

    Most people looking for a Lotus seem to want originality.  Lotus have always been superb handling cars and the V8 is a good engine if properly serviced so the changes may not have helped the handling.

    Good luck with your search. :) 

  3. @Kimbers That's the best way to manage shares along with diversification however, it's important to consider moving away from high risk investments as you approach retirement or you might find your retirement coincides with a dip in the market. Someone who was due to retire in 2008 would likely have not been happy with their life savings tied up in shares at the time :)

  4. 3 hours ago, RobinB5 said:

    what minor manual adjustment/modification could you easily make to render the car undrivable after hotwiring that wouldn't be identified easily by the thief?

    The ignition switch just connects the battery to the rest of the electrical systems so it would a be a case of fitting a switch inline after the ignition in a suitably obscure position, or you could just isolate the fuel pump. :)

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