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  1. the cooling fan suddenly started making noise has anyone had this problem and is there any lubricating at any place or does it have to be replaced 1990se
  2. Hi, does anyone know what type of material and size of the bushings inside the gear of the headlight motor in my 1990 se , I took it apart as it would not stay up and well white plastic pieces came out.
  3. perfect thank you exactly what i was looking for
  4. yes this is the diagram on the car but I see a screw in a black hose and the red one is being connected somewhere else and i don't see one connected to my cranck blowby. I just wanted a diagram with modifications on what makes it run better according to other owners
  5. does anyone have a schematic for the freescan connector cable i'd like to make one as I cannot find one here
  6. greetings! I have an se turbo 1990 and looked everywhere for the right schematic for my vacuum system on my car, there is one on the car itself and is no where near what is physically there. Is there a modification for this or did someone go guessing on my car and has anyone re-done theirs, I don't see where some lines which go under the manifold go,thanks
  7. well, adjusted manually and now it disengaged seemed to have been locked there but now all is well thank you
  8. clutch was worn out and there is play enough to move the bearing and fork i'm just wondering if there could be some other issue like wrong bearing, defective pressure plate and has this happend to anyone else
  9. replaced clutch, pressure plate and bearing and finally got it in place but now no matter how much i press or adjust the clutch it is always engaged
  10. anyone know the diameter size of inner and outer shaft
  11. dropped it from the bottom no problem but now having a great time trying to align it into the bearing!
  12. Hi, was wondering if there was anyone out there who may have a diagram of the hoses for the catch can modification
  13. was wondering is 12mm the thickness of the part of the clutch contact ring
  14. I'm assuming that this is why the mod with the oil catch can was imposed cause it is wet right now and i have cleaned it
  15. That's what i did, cut out a gasket and used a sealer. Needed to know if anyone knows where that oil over the cover is coming from, there seems to be a pipe coming from the top into the engine and it looks wet just above the opening for the cover
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