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    '96 S4s Norfolk Mustard - National Concours Winner and GPS verified 307kph top speed/ Esprit GT300 (genuine) + Lamborghini x 3, Ferrari, Bentley, Porsche, Lexus and... Datsun

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  1. I was meant to post this months ago. Sorry Bibs Bibs not only made the covers for my Esprits as I posted in the past, but he recently made a cover for one of my Lambos and it fits perfect. It's actually WAY better in quality and fit than the factory item!
  2. GT3s and the 2litre S4 for the Italian market.
  3. Sounds so much like "Limp Home Mode"
  4. The quality and fit and finish is fantastic. The quality of embroidery is great, but overall the logo is a bit small. It kind of gets lost. Look at the Ferrari logo in the photo above or at the ones on the Lambos. I am super happy though
  5. Amazing! For years I've been looking for this and I just gave up. All my cars have factory indoor covers on them apart from the Esprits as all the custom ones I have made looked like crap and are ill fitting. Bibs, if you can make these for me, I'll give you a big kiss! The cart is not working correctly for me, so this is what I need: 1. For the S4s - UK spec S4s, Norfolk yellow cover, green piping, full colour embroidered Lotus logo 2. For the GT300 - white, black piping, full colour embroidered Lotus logo You have plenty of photos of the GT300. I think the front spoiler and the rear wing will cause problems. Let me know how to pay you
  6. That's my car. They are resin stick-on badges from SJ. They went on more than 10 years ago and they have survived perfectly well since, including high pressure water hoses.
  7. Flame is real. Photoshopped from a stationary photo. All the flames we got in the moving photos were crappy
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