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  1. Im looking £100 plus postage...And yes have the backing plug and other bits....
  2. Ive got an Electric chargecooler pump with all the bits needed if anyone is looking for one. Its brand new and never been fitted.
  3. And I thought I spotted it first.....dammmmmmmmmmmmm!
  4. Did anyone see the Esprit in the Rimmel London make up ad last night. It was on between the X Factor results show. Orange s4 or Se done up like a police car.
  5. Does anyone know what the best outdoor car cover that would fit a V8 Esprit? Don't want to spend to much on it. Need it for a temperary measure until I get the garage sorted. thanks. Or what make of car is the best fit if there isn't any Esprit tailored ones??
  6. Pistonheads.....getting it on here soon.
  7. Im in Lincoln if its not to far for you. 07989401606. Could tell you all the bits to look out for when buying a lotus. Selling mine if your interested. £14000
  8. My S4 has started to leak abit around one of the half shafts. Ive been reading the different posts about this problem and still have some questions. 1. If one is leaking should I change both at the same time? Trying to keep costs down as im selling the car. 2. Apart from the new oil is there any other parts I need to buy apart from the O rings and seals? 3. Where is the best place to get these parts? 4. If I got a local garage to change these, how much do you think it would cost to do the job? Thanks
  9. Im having these symptoms i my car. Did you find out what was the cause of your problem. I need a new filler plug also which i cant find yet. P.s Rang Renault and they no longer stock this item.
  10. Just a quick email to thank Sparky. He did an excellent job on my S4 Lotus and I would like to recommend him to anyone who needs work done. I'm sure other people on this site would also like to add some of their own comments about the work he has carried out. Thanks Sparky..!
  11. I think i might buy myself a lottery ticket. I'm still gutted though as the car has been running really well before this. A stupid problem which could of cost me thousands and wasn't even my fault.
  12. That is mental.....I don't recognise the screwdriver but will be asking my last mechanic. I'm just glad it didn't wreck the engine. Im one lucky boy. Thanks for everyones help and especially Sparky who has done a great job....
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